Get a Glimpse and Taste of Japan With the Yoshihiro Japanese Knife Set

May 13, 2022

When most people think of Japan, they think of sushi, samurai, and Mount Fuji. However, this amazing country has so much more than just its popular tourist attractions. For example, did you know that Japan is home to some of the best kitchen knives in the world? Many professional chefs consider Japanese knives to be the gold standard. 

If you're interested in getting a taste and glimpse of Japan in your kitchen, we highly recommend picking up a set of Yoshihiro Japanese knives. Let’s look at why they are a must-have in every kitchen and why you won’t be disappointed having them.

Yoshihiro Japanese Knife Set Highlights

Nothing beats experience, but before you slice and dice using the Yoshihiro Japanese chef knife set, let us give you a glimpse of its best features first. There’s a lot to love—from the blade and handle to the knives’ looks! 

Set Inclusion

  • Petty utility knife
  • Santoku multi-purpose chef knife
  • Nakiri vegetable knife
  • 8.25” Gyuto chef knife
  • 9.5” Gyuto chef knife
  • Sujihiki slicer

A Colorful Brand Story

Knifemaking in Japan dates back to the centuries when knife smiths were still swordsmiths. During that time, the blades they hone are the samurai's katana. Yoshihiro shares this same history. The skills of Yoshihiro knife artisans root their skills in the samurai makers of Japan. 

The brand is located in Sakai, Japan, where knife artisans use their skills to produce the knives included in the set. Many brands claim to have Japanese knives and even have Japanese names but aren’t made in Japan. But if you are looking for knives straight from the country, Yoshihiro is a great choice.


Japanese knives are made of VG-10 stain-resistant steel, the signature steel for Japanese knives. So, if you want to check for authenticity, the steel used for the blade is a good start. 

These 16 layers of steel are forged and hammered using a Damascus tradition to achieve their shape and Hardness Rockwell C. Each blade is also hand sharpened to ensure that the edge shape and sharpness are all according to the brand’s superb standards. Each knife is sharpened and honed using whetstone and water only to ensure precision.


The blade material screams Japanese signature, but the Yoshihiro brand proudly flaunts that they also inject Western inspiration into the knives in the set. Each knife in the set is made with Western-style handles that are hammered to be friction-free to avoid any materials and ingredients sticking to it. The handle hosts a full-tang blade that ensures you have a knife that is easy to handle and is steady whenever you slice and dice.

The mahogany material used for the handle makes the knife's appearance visually pleasing with shades of red, brown, and even black. 


Each knife in the Yoshihiro set has a silver color, but because of the hammered Damascus steel, the texture of the blade makes it look natural, standing out among other knives. Keep in mind that Japanese knife artisans handcraft each knife, which only adds to the knife's value. You know that no knife is the same, unlike the ones that are mass-produced.

Complementing the natural looks of the blade is the mahogany wood handle. These knives are better placed on acrylic or magnetic stands to flaunt their beauty.

japanese chef knife

A Taste of Japan Prepared Using Excellent Knives

Each knife is named and shaped after the task they are meant to do. You will see what this means when you check out some of the inclusions in the Yoshihiro set. The Yoshihiro set has the proper blade for any kitchen use, from vegetables to meat to fish. 

Petty utility knife

As the name suggests, the petty utility knife is a smaller version of a utility knife that cooks can use to perform all-around peeling, slicing, and dicing of small ingredients in the kitchen. You can shape garnishes for your dishes using this Yoshihiro petty utility knife as it can slice in detail.

Santoku multi-purpose chef knife

The santoku means “three virtues” named after the three main kitchen tasks—dicing, slicing, and mincing. This is the Japanese chef knife you can rely on in the Yoshihiro knife set. The santoku has a flat edge and has no tip compared to the Western Chef’s knife’s tapering edge and pointed tip. 

Nakiri vegetable knife

The nakiri is known for its rectangular shape and smooth and efficient cuts when preparing vegetables. With the Yoshihiro nakiri knife, you can cut through cabbage, spinach, kale, and other vegetables in one slice. You can also scoop the sliced vegetables with its wide blade.

8.25” Gyuto chef knife

Gyuto can be translated to “cow,” and true to its name, it’s the knife type for beef and other thick, red meat. You can utilize the Yoshihiro 8.25” gyuto chef knife for this task and cut other midsize ingredients in the kitchen. Just soften your meat first and make sure the knife is sharp enough. This is to avoid dull and hard presses, resulting in blade damage or kitchen accidents. 

9.5” Gyuto chef knife

If you are preparing larger meats and ingredients, you can go for the longer gyuto chef knife, which is 9.5”. Perhaps you have whole meat, and you are tasked to slice the flank, brisket, shank, rib, loin, and other parts—in this case, the Yoshihiro 9.5” chef knife is your hero. You can now prepare the meat for your steaks and other meat dishes with ease. Your output will surely have a pleasing look because the ingredients are sliced excellently. 

Sujihiki slicer

You’ll find the Yoshihiro sujihiki slicer most helpful when your goal in the kitchen is trimming fat and fibrous tissues from meat or if you want to remove fish skin and fillet in a single slice. The long blade can cover the whole meat or fish and slice in a single movement. As a result, you can serve dishes that are healthy, free from unnecessary fats, and visually pleasing because they are sliced using razor-sharp knives.

best japanese chef knife

Social Proof Sneak Peek

You already know the features that make the Yoshihiro set the best Japanese chef knife set, but as a responsible buyer, you still check what people who have bought and used it have to say. Here are some of what current users have to say that can help you decide if the Yoshihiro knife set is for you. 

Reasonable price

Prime among the comments of clients who have purchased the Yoshihiro Japanese knife set is its reasonable price. It may be more expensive than other knife sets, but it is still affordable at $849.99 because it is an authentic Japan-made knife forged and honed by Japanese artisans in Sakai, Japan.

Quality Japanese knives

You’ll see many knife sets sold everywhere claiming that they are Japanese knives. However, when you look closely, they are manufactured elsewhere and use steel that is different from the signature of Japanese knives. Clients have said that they got high-quality Japanese knives from Yoshihiro.

A complete set

Customers who bought the Yoshihiro set also appreciated that the set comes complete with vegetables, meat, fish, small ingredients, and all-around knives cooks will need in the kitchen. Cooks can conveniently get what they need from a single knife rack with the bonus that they all look classy.

Top-notch customer service

Aside from the quality of the Yoshihiro Japanese knife set, successful clients have also commented on the brand's customer service. When customers face brands and products that are almost the same, customer service serves as the deciding point. Yoshihiro customer care representatives will not fail you.


  • Authentic Japan-made kitchen knife set
  • Visually pleasing design
  • Robust and sharp
  • It can be easily purchased on Amazon
  • Handcrafted by artisans


  • Does not come with a knife block, stand, or rack
  • Requires sharpening using whetstone and water only

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a top-quality Japanese knife set, the Yoshihiro brand is one to consider. We gave you a glimpse of what's included in the set and showed you how beautifully each of the six knives could accomplish various kitchen tasks. We’ve also shared a few thoughts from customers who have already purchased the knives. 

Your research about the Yoshihiro Japanese knife set is now complete. Yet, if you want to read more, you can always check out our buying guides and reviews. If you decide to buy this, we assure you that you are getting the best. 

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