The Starting Knife for the Cooking Husband’s Wusthof Knife Set

June 21, 2022

Good food will always melt your wife’s stress and worries away, so it’s always a good idea to serve her a delectable dish after a long and busy day.

But being a cooking husband to a stressed wife is no easy task. The knife you use for preparation and cooking is a big part of serving delicious food that brings tears of joy and relief to her eyes. So surely you dream about collecting the perfect set of kitchen knives. The ones that make you feel like a master chef and cut spring onions and other ingredients to garnish your meals and make your dishes look and taste divine.

Here's one that will steer you in the right direction: the Wusthof Ikon. Check out how this will make you excel, your wife’s stress evaporate, and her heart melt.

Wusthof knife set - Wusthof Ikon 8-inch chef knife with black handle scales

Details of the Wusthof Ikon

An excellent cooking knife is more than just a fancy-looking one; it has to have all the right features that make food preparation easier and better. Check out how the Wusthof Ikon embodies it below.

Precision Edge Technology (PETec)

Wusthof Ikon's PETec is more than just a technical term because it conveys the knife's immense sharpness. Simply put, the Precision Edge Technology is proprietary to the production process of the Wusthof knife. It uses lasers and robots to determine the precise angle the knife needs accurately.

Compared to other knives with the same precision standard of around 17 to 20 degrees, the Wusthof has achieved a thinner, more powerful edge of 14 degrees. This 20% additional sharpness to the blade's edge doubles the fun of slicing while retaining the sharpness for a longer time.

Single Forged

As with all premium Wusthof knives, you'll have a full tang blade from the blade's tip to the handle's bottom. The knife is cut out from special steel, making the Wusthof Ikon knife durable and long-lasting. You'll want to test it out on more challenging food ingredients.

High-Carbon Stainless Steel

The Classic Ikon's blade material is made of X50CrMoV15 steel. It involves plenty of elements that make the knife more durable.

For instance, it has 0.5% carbon, which makes the knife hard and improves its corrosion resistance. The 15% Chromium element gives the knife the proper tensile strength while supporting edge retention. The remaining elements make the steel machinable and add to the blade's toughness.

Stain, Heat, and Crack-Resistant Handle

Handle scales can be prone to damage, especially if used frequently. And if you're a cooking husband, you will use knives a lot to make the best dishes. That's why Wusthof's Classic Ikon handle scales are fitted with a tough plastic that will remain solid and scratch-free even after exposure to heat or impact.

Aside from being heat- and scratch-resistant, the black-colored scales have a texture that makes them resistant to stains. So you won't have to worry about ruining your knife's appearance while it's out or in the knife block. 

You'll Enjoy the Following Wusthof Characteristics

Ergonomic Handle

It has an easy-to-grip handle. The way the knife feels in your hand is natural; it’s like your palms are meant to grip it butcher style from beginning to end of being used. 

The Wusthof knife's curved handle is meant to give less resistance when chopping food ingredients. Additionally, it encourages a loose wrist when you're holding it. A loose wrist means you'll lose the uncomfortable tension while using it.

Extended Edge

Due to the thick bolster clearance removal, you can fully use the entire knife's edge. This allows you to efficiently cut larger food ingredients with a wider diameter because the blade can cover it from tip to heel.

Be Careful About This One

Chipping Risk

A knife with a Rockwell score of 58 will be a tough cutting tool, but this hardness may also be prone to chipping. One wrong chop on a stubborn bone, and you can injure the blade’s delicate edges. This will make it uneven and ineffective.

Be meticulous when dealing with food that has bones. Also, use a soft chopping block; don't ever cut anything without one.

Wusthof knife set - A chef holding chef knives in both hands

Wusthof Classic vs. Wusthof Ikon: Differences

Among many Wusthof chef knife collections, the Classic and the Ikon are always compared. These two knives have a lot of similarities, yet they have their differences, making them both splendid knives in their own right.

This naturally arouses curiosity from cooking husbands adept at the technical aspects of a knife. So we're here to break down the differences between these Wusthof knives.

Full Bolster vs. No Bolster

Classic's Full Bolster

The Classic is designed with a full bolster. This thick part at the blade's heel gives a balancing weight for traditional grips (butcher style). It also gives the user more control when they use the pinch grip.

This profile makes the Classic a favorite of chefs, cooks, and butchers. The thickened bolster feels right in their grip, allowing them to give their best.

Classic Ikon's No-Bolster

One change that Wusthof made in the Ikon is it removed the thickened bolster. It's flat between the blade's heel and the handle's top part. This reduced the weight, making the blade lighter when held. The absence of a thick bolster also made it easier to sharpen.

Straight Handle vs. Curved Handle

Classic's Straight Handle

Pinch grippers will love the straight handle. This design makes their thumb and index finger comfortable when using it on the chopping block. 

Aside from this, the handle’s shape is designed to support difficult chopping action. For example, slicing a thick chunk of tender meat requires a repeated back-and-forth movement; the straight profile makes it easy.

Classic Ikon's Curved Handle

The Classic Ikon's curved handle design is enjoyable for professionals and home cooks. This handle is meant to be gripped by its scales. It has easy and balanced handling to support the normal knife grip. Ikon is great for those who like to keep their hand wrapped on the knife's lower part while they chop, mince, or dice ingredients.

The Classic has its own strengths and drawbacks, just like the Ikon. But if there's any notable difference between the two, it’s the price. The Classic is cheaper. This price drop can be very attractive. So if you want to get to know the Classic better, you can read this Wusthof Classic Chef Knife review and see if it's your kind of knife.

An Excellent Starting Knife for Your Wusthof Knife Set

A chef knife is the primary cutting tool in any knife set, and the Wusthof Ikon proves it’s a good starting knife for any collection. It can help make delicious food that will chase away your wife’s stress and woo her heart (and stomach). 

From the precision edge to the full tang and the ergonomic handle, this knife is a dream. The kind that lets you feel like you're slicing the softest cake with the toughest blade. See why the Wusthof Ikon makes a good flagship knife here.

Wusthof is among the elite knives from Solingen, Germany. But there are more like it. If you want to explore more premium, German-made knives, you can browse our blogs. You'll find in-depth information about other knives similar to Wusthof. Explore our website here.

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