The Wild F​​ish Fillet Knives for Your Type-A Friend

August 19, 2022

Nothing compares to the flavor of fresh fish fillets. But if you're not careful, filleting can be a messy business. That's where the Wild Fish Fillet Knife Set comes in. If you're looking for the perfect present for your type-A friend, search no further than this set of knives. 

If you must know, type-A people are a bit driven and ambitious. They work hard and value being successful. They have an internal need to be in control and like to plan their lives. They are often perfectionists who strive for excellence in everything they do. They don’t like surprises or uncertainty and tend to be more critical of themselves than others.

This fillet set from Wild Fish is perfectly organized and provides everything a type-A person would need for fishing or cooking fish. The knives are specially designed for filleting fish and cutting meat and vegetables. The set includes a fillet board, a sharpening stone, and a storage case. 

This is a great present for a pal who enjoys cooking or fishing. Either way, they will undoubtedly value this gift’s thoughtfulness and quality. But before we share our thoughts on the Wild Fish knife set, it's important to ask what makes fillet knives a necessity for fishers and cooks. 

What Makes Fillet Knives a Necessity?

A fish fillet knife is a special type of knife used specifically for cutting fish. The specialized design of the blade allows it to be used in a way that makes it easy to cut through thick bones, scales, and other hard-to-cut areas of fish. While you can use different types of knives to cut fish, they may not work as well as a fillet knife.

When using this type of knife, it is important to remember that it is not designed for heavy-duty tasks such as cutting thick portions of meat or bone. Its purpose is to remove the skin from the sides of the fish without damaging the flesh inside. This function makes it ideal for removing smaller pieces of meat from larger ones before cooking them or filleting them in preparation for grilling or baking. 

It can also be used as part of a kitchen arsenal when preparing meals with seafood that is served whole but is cut into smaller pieces before cooking, such as scallops or shrimp.

What Makes Them Useful?

This set has long knives that are perfect for cutting through bones and meat. The thin blades are also ideal for filleting fish, which makes them the perfect knife for any fisherman or chef.

Most of the blade on a fish fillet knife is made from high carbon steel, which means it will stay sharp for a long time. High carbon steel is easy to sharpen as well, so you can get back to work immediately after every use. If the blade becomes dull, simply leave it in a kitchen sink filled with warm water and some soap to clean it off. You can also use an oil stone to sharpen the blade if needed.

With a fillet knife, you can also:

  • Cut a flatfish into four fillets (e.g., a sole fish)
  • Slice a round fish, such as a red mullet, into fillets
  • Slice two flat fish fillets so that they resemble sea breams

The knife isn't limited to seafood cutting jobs; it can also do the work for fruits and vegetables. Do you notice those beautiful fruit decorations on dishes at parties or functions? You can also achieve that with a fillet knife. You can also: 

  • Cut eggplant into thin slices
  • Cut orange or citrus supremes
  • Slice off the outer layer of tomatoes

With this kitchen tool, you're confident you can do more. Pair it with your imagination and safety, and the sky is your limit! 

Who Can Use It?

Having a fish fillet knife is not only for fishers but also for people who love to cook. In addition, it is a good gift idea for type-A people because it can help them in their daily lives.

The first reason fish fillet knives are good gift ideas for type-A people is that they can help them cut meat and fish more easily. They appreciate organization and efficiency, which this set will provide. 

There are also different types of fish fillet knives depending on the material utilized. For instance, while some are composed of carbon steel, others are made of stainless steel. The steel type will determine how long the blade will last and how well it can cut through meat or other food items.

The second reason fish fillet knives are good gifts for type-A people is that they can save time when preparing food. This applies to preparing meals and achieving certain kitchen tasks such as cutting vegetables or fruits, chopping herbs, and even slicing cheese. 

For example, suppose you have tried cutting meat without using a knife. It may be because you forgot to bring one on your fishing trip or your knife broke on you. In that case, you know how difficult it can be, especially if you do not have the proper tools, such as knives, available in your kitchen pantry.

Item Highlight: Wild Fish 6-piece Multipurpose Fish Fillet Set 

Product Specifications

The Wild Fish 6-piece Fish Fillet Set is advertised as a collection of tools that can handle everything from cleaning fish and trimming meat to dicing and prepping fruits and vegetables.

This set from Wild Fish includes fillet knives that are 6 inches and 7 ½ inches and a two-sided serrated utility knife that is 5 inches long. With it, you are guaranteed to have the ideal-sized fillet knife for various sizes of fish. In adidtion, each has an ergonomic handle made of proprietary sure-grip soft rubber and blades made of sturdy 420 stainless steel.

You won't ever have to worry about having a dull knife, thanks to the inclusion of a sharpening steel rod. It will keep your blades sharp and prepared for use.

For convenience, a carrying case measuring 8-3/4 inches by 14-3/4 inches by 1-5/8 inches can store each knife, the sharpening steel, and a sturdy cutting board. So you can just grab it and go when you're ready to go fishing or cooking.

It’s a great present for the cooks or fishers in your life. You simply can't go wrong with this exquisitely structured Wild Fish knife set as a gift for birthdays and holidays.

Customer Verdict

Despite the overflowing positive reviews, a couple of 1-star critiques rose above. As much as people loved the case and cutting board that came with the set, some were not too pleased by the knives' integrity.

It initially functioned well, but there have been moments when it lacked sharpness. One review suggested getting a whetstone to make sharpening easier. 

While the previous suggestion may make a difference, it's futile to some. A few people commented that their sets had defective knives. After one use, rust spots appear on the surface despite being cleaned immediately after. 

Another buyer reported that their fillet knife broke in the dishwasher, which is dangerous. Do note that some knives are simply not designed to withstand dishwashers. They are usually recommended for handwashing only. 

The last disadvantage would be the quality of the knives. Again, the fillet set's case proves to be worthy of purchasing. Unfortunately, this cannot be stated of the knives because maintaining them would be too complicated. Some reviews have revealed that there are instances when the knives can no longer be sharpened. 

The Class A Fish Fillet Knife Set for Type-A People

For type-A people who plan their trips down to the smallest detail, this class A wild fish fillet knife set is perfect for them. Suppose they are the kind of people who consistently maintains their space through organization and upkeep. In that case, they can fulfill that desire while cooking with this set. 

It has a couple of setbacks, but with its price point of $26.95, you can't complain about its affordability. If you do the math, each knife is priced at around $9 each. This cost-effective set will prove to be a good gift for your type-A friend if they want to make filleting easier for themselves. 

If you decide to buy this set for your friend, add a little note about maintaining the knives as best as possible. This is especially important since one may break on accident while doing a couple of rounds at the whetstone.To know whether a particular knife is the best gift for a loved one, read more of our buying guides and explore all the options!

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