Beyond the Edge: Using a Whetstone for Kitchen Knives + Gourmet Tool's Sharpening Stone Review

March 31, 2022

Most chefs and cooks are obliged to practice basic kitchen etiquette like taking care of their essential tools. One way to do this is knowing how to sharpen your knives regularly using the best kitchen sharpener like a whetstone. This product helps in keeping your kitchen knife sharp and secure to use. 

By understanding how to use a whetstone properly, you can improve your slicing and dicing skills in the kitchen and make cooking much easier.

Kitchen Lesson 101: What is Whetstone?

A whetstone is a tool that is used to sharpen knife blades. It is made of two pieces of stone, usually with a gritty and smooth side. The coarse side is used to grind away the dull edge of the knife, while the fine side is used to give it a sharp, clean edge. 

Whetstones can be made from different materials, such as diamonds or ceramics. They come in different sizes and shapes, and some even have a built-in stand for holding the whetstone during usage. Using a whetstone properly takes practice and patience, but it is a great tool for anyone who wants their knives to last long. 

What Sets Whetstone Apart from the Rest

While different sharpening tools are available in the market, using whetstone can make a big difference in refining your blade. Here are some of the benefits of using a whetstone to sharpen your knives: 

  • Less accidental injury - Having a dull knife is one of the reasons why knife sharpening devices are a kitchen necessity. Using this sharpening stone has a higher chance of increased productivity in cutting and slicing your ingredients. Furthermore, you do not need to use force when wielding your knife—there is less chance of cuts and bruises.
  • More precise - Unlike electric sharpeners, whetstone allows you to give more control over the angle and level of sharpness. You are free to customize it to meet your specific needs. Moreover, you won’t have to. It's also easier on your blades, so you won't risk damaging them.
  • Doesn't require any special skills -  Anyone can learn to use a whetstone with practice. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions, and you'll be able to keep your kitchen knives sharp and effective.

Going Over: Best Whetstone Grit for Kitchen Knives

Gourmet Tool’s Dual Grit Whetstone for kitchen knives.

Now that you look into the great aspects of using a whetstone for the kitchen, it's time to introduce the best sharpening stone for kitchen knives that can make a big difference in your cooking, slicing, and dicing lifestyle.

Product Information:

Presenting Gourmet Tool Dual Grit Sharpening Stone, this 2-in-1 sharpener will quickly and effectively sharpen your blades to get back to cooking with confidence.

  • Name: Gourmet Tool Dual Grit Sharpening Stone
  • Product Dimension: 8.5 x 8.5 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Material: Corundum
  • Grit Type: Fine
  • Choice of Color: White Blue
  • Knife Angle: 15°, 20°
  • Price: Starts at $33

Key Features and Highlights of Using Gourmet Tool's Kitchen Knife Sharpening Stone

With a Gourmet Tool's whetstone knife sharpener, you can get the perfect edge on your knives every time. Listed down are some of the highlights of this product.

  • Complete Set - This is an excellent beginner set and grit combination for sharpening knives. It consists of the following: 
  1. Pro-level two-sided 1000/6000 grits: The 1000 grit establishes the edge, while 6000 grit shines it. 
  2. Non-slip silicone base: This base firmly holds the stone in position for effortless sharpening.
  3. Anti-skid bamboo base: This base raises the stone comfortably and secures it.
  4. Flattening stone: This maintains a level surface on the whetstone after usage by leveling it.
  5. Angle Guide: This material assists you in determining the optimum angle for side-to-side sharpening.
  6. Instructions: Describes all of the phases in the sharpening process with pictures.
  • Sharpens All Edges - Whether it's for kitchen knives, hunting knives, Japanese knives, chisel blade clippers, cutlery, paring knife, or an ax, no framework can match the sharpness performance of this set. Thus, it really stands out from the other sharpening tools.
  • Durability - Some stones are known to wear quickly in terms of endurance. On the contrary, water stones from Gourmet Tool do not grind as quickly. Having said that, this item is sure to last you a long time.
  • Simple maintenance - The biggest advantage of Gourmet Tool's whetstone knife sharpener is that it doesn't have any electricity or complicated components that prevent you from cleaning. Therefore, cleaning is a breeze. All you need is to wipe it down with a damp cloth after each use.
  • Space saver for your kitchen - Keeping your knives sharp can be a challenge, especially if you don't have a lot of counter space. That's where the Gourmet Tool Whetstone Knife Sharpener comes in. If you need to resharpen or polish your knife, you can place it near you since it doesn't take up much space in your kitchen. 
  • Excellent tool for newbies - Using whetstone is one of the oldest and most reliable sharpening methods. That's why most people, whether professional chefs, home cooks, or aspiring kitchen enthusiasts are already familiar with how it functions. The instructions from Gourmet Tool are clear & easy to follow. All you need to get the job done is to run your dull blade through the stone at a consistent angle.
  • Doesn't need oil - Contrary to what some people believe, the whetstone does not require oil; using oil can damage the knife. Instead of struggling with other electric/manual sharpeners, this best whetstone for kitchen knives can only be done by soaking in the water, and you can sharpen the knife right away.
  • Produces great edge - Unlike a honing rod, a whetstone grinds away metal to create a sharper edge, which only straightens the blade. This means that your knives will stay sharper for longer, and you'll be able to take on more challenging cutting tasks.  

Lowlights of the Gourmet Tool Dual Grit Kitchen Knife Stone

While great reviews are discussed, some users didn't have a stellar experience in using this item. Below are some of the lowlights users report:

Missing parts

It's highly recommended that you double-check your item with the seller since there are reports that some parts of the sharpener are missing.

Terrible blade guide

As you sharpen portions of long knives, grinding debris will build up between the guide and the blade's surface, causing it to scratch the sides when you take it on, off, or slide it down the blade.

Damaged components

There are reviews indicating that some items from this honing steel are broken, cracked, or appeared to be used already. That's why most people who purchase are hassled into returning the item.

Quick Guide: How to Use Gourmet Tool’s Stone Sharpener

Here's a step-by-step if you want to turn those dull knives into better, sharper ones:

  1. Soak the stone underwater for 5-10 minutes. If the bubble stops, it's the sign that it's ready to be used.
  2. Seat the stone in a rubber base.
  3. You can use an angled slide to correct the knife angle.
  4. Sharpen on the 1000 course side for the sharp edge.
  5. Polish it up on 600 fine sides to hone the blade.

Finally, you can use your kitchen knife whenever you want! It's time to prepare that delicious meal you've meant to serve for your family and friends.

Final Thoughts

That wraps our overview about kitchen knife sharpening stones. Kitchen knives are an essential part of any cook’s arsenal, and keeping them sharp is key to ensuring a smooth cooking experience. We’ve outlined the basics of a whetstone for kitchen knives—what it is and how it works. 

We also took a look at Gourmet Tool’s Dual Grit Sharpening Stone; while it has some great features, there were also a few lowlights. Overall, we think that using a whetstone is the best way to keep your kitchen knives razor-sharp and perform their best in the kitchen, and Gourmet Tool’s product just might be the thing you need. Remember, practice makes perfect when using a whetstone, so be patient and keep at it until your knife edge returns to its almost brand-new condition

If you want to explore more types of whetstone for your kitchen needs, feel free to browse through our reviews and buying guides and see what items will cater to your cooking requirements.

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