Owning Vintage Fish Hook Knife | Here Are Our Recommendations

May 11, 2021

A fishing pocket knife that satisfies everything a fisherman needs is difficult to find. There are excellent knives for filleting, but they cannot remove fish hooks, scale a fish, or sharpen a dull, overused fishing knife.

To make your search faster and easier, we have listed three of the best fish knife/pocket knife combinations. We are sure you’ll love them all. 

Uncle Henry 1UH Fish Hook Knife

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You can count on the Uncle Henry brand to bring traditional knives with traditional designs. You can only find classic fisherman’s knives in antique shops these days, but Uncle Henry still makes them. The 1UH fishing knife is proof. 

In just one pocket knife, you can accomplish four tasks.

  1. Scaling: The serrated blade is meant for fish scaling needs.
  2. Fish hook remover: The tip of the serrated blade has a V-shaped end used to remove the fish hook. Just slide the V-tip to the fishing line until it reaches and removes the hook.
  3. Bottle opener: Nothing beats drinking ice-cold beer while waiting for a catch or for washing down a fresh fish meal. This pocket knife has a bottle opener just for that. 
  4. Filleting and slicing blade: The second 3.32-inch blade in this pocket knife is meant for fish filleting and slicing.

All these functions are compactly and safely held together by an easy-to-grip Staglon handle. 

Case Yellow Pocket Knife

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Inside this 4.25-inch-long pocket knife are two magical blades that will make every angler and fishing enthusiast’s life easier. 

You can easily slip this compact pocket knife into your adventure backpack or your pocket, and it can help you do these four main tasks.

  1. Fish filleting and slicing: The 3.4-inch-long clip blade made of Tru-Sharp stainless steel will assist you in your filleting and slicing needs. 
  2. Scaling: The second blade included in the pocket knife is intended for fish scaling.
  3. Fish hook remover: Skip the hassle and potential injury from being poked by the hook. Use the tip of the scaler blade to remove the fish hook.
  4. Fish hook sharpener: The Case Yellow pocket knife has a fish hook sharpener at the side of the handle.

With just one tool, you can perform all these tasks. From the moment you prepare your bait, you are assured you have a sharp hook. Once you catch your fish, you can use this knife for fish to remove the hook and scale and prepare the fish. 

Rough Rider Black Bone Fish Knife

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Are you the type of fisherman or hobbyist who sees the size of their catch as a point of pride? Do you play a little competition with your fishing buddies on who gets the bigger fish? 

A bigger catch is a grand reward for sure. The Rough Rider Black Bone Fish Knife can be an excellent help in measuring your catch and other fish preparation tasks.

  1. Catch measurement: The second blade is engraved with numbers, acting as a ruler for measuring your catch.
  2. Hook remover: The same blade has a hook remover tip.
  3. Scaling: If you need to scale a fish, you can also do this using the same blade. 
  4. Fish filleting and slicing: The first 440 is made of stainless steel blade and 5 inches long. It functions as a filleting and slicing blade, which you can use for fish and other ingredients. 

You can fold these blades, and they will remain safe inside the black and gold bone handle. 

Final Thoughts

There are not many knife types like these today. Collectors even see them as rare items, especially those made a long time ago. Having these three knives will make your fishing life and catch preparation easier because they are convenient and portable. Just grab any of these 3- to 5-inch pocket knives, and you will accomplish a lot of tasks. 

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