Victorinox Swiss Army Knife: A Portable Toolbox For Outdoorsy Types

April 20, 2022

Being outdoors is supposed to feel fun and free. It's just you going into the wild in search of game. Hunting in the water should evoke the same emotions. All you need is a rod, a bait, and a chair. The fun and the feeling of freedom comes when the sinker sinks, and you catch a live one.

But these outdoor activities have become burdened with bulky tools. And you feel as if you're required to bring them "just in case" even though you use them infrequently. 

Victorinox solves this problem by taking all the essential outdoor tools you'll need and reducing them to pocket-size, stripping away the burden of the heavy and the unessential. Here's what you'll get from the brand's swiss pocket knife and why it's a tool you must have to bring you back to the feeling of freedom and fun outdoors.

A swiss army knife with all the tools splayed out from the handle

What's Inside the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Underneath this amazing Swiss army foldable knife is a plethora of essential tools for a hunter or a fisherman. Let's dissect each of them to see if they can impress us more.

Army Knife ToolsDescription of use
Large bladeA 3-inch blade with a drop point profile is this multitool's biggest swiss army knife blade. It's meant to cut, slice, and fillet meat and fish. This blade can also be used as an alternative for a paring knife and will hold up when mincing, chopping, and slicing small food ingredients. 
Small bladeLike the primary blade, the small one also sports a drop point profile and measures 1.5 inches. It serves as a secondary blade, and its function is to cut and slice in a more precise manner. The short blade can also be ideal for use on the fish parts that need a smaller blade to cut.
Can openerThis tool helps you avoid using the large blade or any other blade for prying open canned goods. The can opener makes it easy and safe to punch a hole in a can and lift the lid and eliminates the risk of lacerating your hand or fingers.
Flathead screwdriver (3mm and 6mm)Screwdrivers can tighten and loosen screws and bolts of your hunting equipment. There are two in the Victorinox swiss knife: one has a length of 3 millimeters and is on the can opener's tip. The other one is a 6-millimeter on the tip of the bottle opener. These tools come in handy when trying to repair your bow, walkie-talkie, or other hunting equipment held together with screws.
Bottle openerOn the left side of the Swiss pocket knife is a bottle opener. It is the one with a flat tip and looks like the letter "J" but with less curvature. This design makes it easy to pop open the caps of bottled beverages such as soda or beer. It's also safer because opening a bottle using a knife may break its glass nozzle and cause injury.
Wire stripperThe kink at the bottom of the bottle opener is the wire stripper. It helps remove the coating surrounding the wiring and expose the copper inside. A handy tool for repairing electrical cables and plugs.
ReamerIf you need to pierce a hole on a tanned hide or leather, the reamer is the right tool. It will puncture precise, round holes on tough skins and let you insert strings and ropes. A convenient tool if you're setting up a sunshade or a tent for a comfortable and dry camping session.
Phillips screwdriverThis tool's cross-shaped tip can work on common screws in most equipment. The Phillips screwdriver is an important inclusion in the Swiss knife arsenal because you can use it to assemble and dismantle most electronic devices.
ScissorsCutting tools are on top of the essential items you need when you're outdoors. So the Swiss knife includes a small scissor in the tool mix for great measure. A scissor has a specific purpose, but its use is broad. You can cut threads, fabric, wires, nets, etc.
Fish scalerDescaling with a knife is inconvenient. But a scaling tool makes it easy. This tool has a serrated blade of the same length as the Swiss pocket knife's handle, and it removes fish scales quickly, leaving nothing behind the fish's skin. You can use it for any size of fish, and it will help you get your catch ready for grilling, frying, or steaming sooner.
Hook disgorgerFishing without a hook disgorger is challenging. You'll need something to unhook the fish without damaging its head and killing it. This tool is at the tip of the fish scaler and takes advantage of its length, which makes it easier to reach inside the fish's mouth. It removes the hook cleanly and keeps the fish alive, giving you the option to release it.
Ruler (cm and inch)Measuring ropes, hides, fabrics, and strings are a part of outdoor life, and when you're faced with this situation, a portable ruler is always useful. On the fish scaler's cheek are lines marked with numbers and are etched up until the spine's edge. It will help you cut the exact length of a material you need and save you resources.
Multipurpose hookHooks can be used to carry and lift things. You can pull the hook on the Swiss knife, and it will prop up in the middle of the handle. Then, you can insert a rope or a string on the hook and use the handle as a grip to pull or lift a net full of fish, a box, or even a game.
ToothpickWe often leave toothpicks behind because it's non-essential and disposable, but for good measure. Victorinox has included a metal toothpick for after-meal teeth hygiene. This tool can also be used for other things, like piercing a piece of fish or beef meat and perhaps picking out dirt in seams and hard-to-reach corners.
TweezersDeboning a fish or removing tiny hairs off a boar’s skin after a flawless hunt will be difficult without a tweezer. This tool helps remove small, inedible things on or underneath the surface of the meat without ruining it. This makes for a clean meal that's soft on the mouth.
KeyringThe Victorinox Swiss pocket knife has an added touch of a keyring that lets you attach the knife to your keys to make sure you carry it with you wherever you travel. You don't often lose your keys, and if you did, you'd be hellbent on finding them. So it's a smart move for Victorinox to let the Swiss knife hang with the most important small things you own.
A swiss army knife on a rock with all the tools splayed out from the handle 

The Best Part About Victorinox Swiss Knife

Victorinox is 18 times amazing, and every tool included in it makes it the best swiss army knife any outdoorsman can get. But we can sum up the best part of this multitool pocket knife in the following.

An excellent everyday tool.

Small, sturdy, and packed with usefulness. This makes it convenient to carry around because the Swiss folding knife has the right size to fit in your shirt pocket or your jean's back pocket. 

Because of its portability, it passes as an outstanding everyday carry tool not just for people who hunt but also for those who found a good use for it in their everyday lives.

Plenty of functions are housed on a portable handle.

Victorinox Swiss knife is not just a knife. It's a lot of different tools at once. And we love that it has almost everything a person needs to cope when fishing or hunting, save for a gun or a fishing rod. The range of functions of this knife is truly unsurpassed.

What the Victorinox Swiss Pocket Knife can improve on

If there's anything to improve for Victorinox's Swiss pocket knife, it's either the size of the handle or the number of tools. While it already has most of the essentials you need to get work done in the wild, it can do with larger tools. For example, if the length is a bit longer, the knife will have more slicing and chopping capabilities.

Victorinox will do even better in adapting other multitool technologies that allow for twice the number of useful tools. For example, multitools from the bicycle world have a split handle technology that lets you separate and combine two multitools into one. This effectively doubles the functionality of one multitool product.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is the Toolbox of the Outdoor Person

If you like to hunt or fish but don't like to carry around plenty of tools, you'll find the Victorinox pocket army knife a worthy partner outdoors. It contains 18 essential tools you'll need, and you'll be carrying all of them in your pocket. It's space-saving, it's effortless to carry, and it is light. 

You'll have fun with the Victorinox because you'll find a use for this miniature toolbox in almost anything you encounter on your hunting or fishing trip.

If Victorinox got you all pumped up to canvass more portable hunting knives, then browse around our website. It contains similar reviews from other brands with all the possible knives and accessories you can think of. So explore it and be a well-informed lover of knives and the outdoors

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