Victorinox Fishing Swiss Army Knife: The Fisherman's Back Pocket Toolbox

January 6, 2022

As fishermen, we want to carry what is necessary for our current fishing trip to save space. We take what we don't need out of the toolbox and put in what we need to budget space. We create a mess if we forget to put back inside the tools that we need for the next fishing trip we plan.

Wouldn't it be convenient to carry everything we need in an organized manner without saving space? Like a small-scale toolbox that has all the tools, you need for a fishing trip? Fortunately, the Victorinox Fishing Swiss Army Knife exists. Here's what you need to know about this knife—a fisherman's toolbox that can fit right in your back pocket.

Unraveling the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Fishing Tool

The Victorinox is a marvelous pocket knife with almost every tool a fisherman and a camper need on a fishing trip. So let's unravel what is hidden inside the handle scales of this awe-inspiring knife.

Pocket Knife ToolsDescription of use
Large bladeThe drop point blade that measures about 3 inches serves as the primary tool of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. The blade's main function is to slice, cut, or fillet a fish. As with many pocket knives, the large blade of the Victorinox can also be used for general food preparation, like slicing soft food ingredients when cooking a sumptuous fish meal. 
Small bladeThe small blade also has a drop point profile and measures about one-and-a-half inches. It’s the secondary blade that’s used for more intricate slices, especially on delicate parts of the fish.
Can openerThe can opener is a food preparation tool. Most of us tend to carry food ingredients in a can. Knives can be a dangerous tool to open a can as the blade may slip out from the rim and cut you. In addition, using a knife as an opener can damage the knife's edge. The Victorinox swiss army pocket knife included a can opener, so you won't have to use your knife blade for opening cans, making opening canned food safe and efficient.
Flathead screwdriver (3mm and 6mm)Screwdrivers are included in the arsenal of tools in the swiss army fisherman pocket knife. One is 3mm in length that’s situated at the top of the can opener, and the other is 6mm on top of the bottle opener. Both can be used to unscrew fishing equipment, such as the fishing reel. These screwdrivers could also be used to disassemble other fishing-related parts that are held together by a screw.
Bottle openerThe bottle opener is flipped on the left side of the swiss army knife, and it is the one that has a flat top. The appearance looks like a less pronounced letter "J" with a blunt edge, making it efficient for opening beer or soda bottles. This is not to be confused with the can opener with a well-formed J-shaped groove and a sharp edge.
Wire stripperThe wire stripper is the kink at the bottom end of the bottle opener and is used to remove the rubber or plastic coating on an electric wire to expose the conductor inside.
ReamerA reamer is a tool used if you want to punch a hole in leather or any similar material. Reamers help you create precise holes where you can insert ropes and strings. This tool is not only used for fishing, it can also be used for camping.
Phillips screwdriverThe Phillips screwdriver has a cross-shaped tip that can loosen any common screws that match. This screwdriver is often used for electronics and other related hardware devices. It can also be used to unscrew fishing reels with a cross groove.
ScissorsScissors are one of the essential tools you'll need on a daily basis. The purpose is specific: to cut. But the range of use is broad. Having scissors can help you gut a fish quickly, cut wires and threads, paper, cloth, and other food ingredients—a handy and important tool to have on your swiss army pocket knife.
Fish scalerThe fish scaler swiss army knife blade is serrated and just as long as the pocket knife's handle. Its sole function is to remove the fish's scales quickly, clean the fish of its protective layer, and make the skin suitable for pan-frying or steam.
Hook disgorgerThe hook gorger is located at the tip of the fish scaler. Its purpose is to unhook the fish that is caught efficiently and will do little to no damage to the fish—a great fisherman's tool for catch and release fishing fun.
Ruler (cm and inch)This measuring tool is etched on the Fish scaler blade's cheek and sits right on top of the spine. You can use this to translate the length of an object you're going to cut into something quantifiable. For example, it can be used to measure how long a wire or string should be before it gets cut. It can also measure the length of the fish catch.
Multipurpose hookThe hook on the Swiss Army pocket knife can be pulled from the side and erected at the very center of the pocket knife's handle. This hook allows you to efficiently carry stringed objects all at once by putting the string into the small hook and gripping the horizontally oriented handle. This works well when you've caught lots of fish and want to pile them all together by using the fishing strings.
ToothpickDisposable toothpicks are a waste of space and resources if you're only going to use them for your after-meal oral hygiene. The toothpick tool of the Victorinox swiss army pocket knife lets you carry just one toothpick that could be rinsed and reused. It is portable, environmentally friendly, and space-efficient.
TweezersThis tool functions as deboning equipment that helps a fisherman pluck out fish bones off the flesh of any kind of fish. If you plan on making a good fillet, this tool will guarantee you'll sweep the fish meat off all its thorny bones for a pleasurable bite later.
KeyringIn this model of Victorinox swiss knife, a keyring is included where you can attach keychains for style or use a key holder for all your essential keys.

What Makes the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Fisherman's Tool Amazing?

There are 18 ways the Victorinox is the best swiss army knife for fishing, but its benefits can be broken down into two.


The small build of the pocket knife makes it convenient to carry around inside your back pocket. It measures 19.5mm in height and 91mm in length. In addition, it's lightweight and weighs only 99g—perfect for a back pocket carry.


This Swiss Army knife is not just a knife. It's a miniature fisherman's toolbox with several functions fitted into a small and handy red handle. The knife already has many uses, but the addition of another 17 tools makes this knife unsurpassable when it comes to versatility and usefulness.

What You Shouldn't Expect From the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

The Victorinox is top-notch in terms of its utility. But, due to its wide range of use, there isn't enough room for a highly specialized feature on each of the tools it carries.

The Victorinox is a tool to help you get through unexpected situations during a fishing and camping trip. However, if you need something extensive, like doing a fine quality fish fillet or a thorough fish cleaning, it's best to use a separate and larger tool to do the job well.

The Tool for the Unexpected

The Victorinox Fishing Swiss Army Knife is a must-have pocket knife for every fishing trip. Often, we tend to pack our fishing gears in a hurry in our excitement and haste, only to find out we've left a few essentials behind. Plans change, and situations may take a different turn, and if you haven't organized the right tools to respond, the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife can help.

This pocket knife fills in for the fishing equipment you forgot to pack. It’s a quick and handy fix in case something unexpected comes up. A buddy brought a few bottles of beer? Pull out the swiss knife. Do you feel the urge to cook your catch? Still, pull out the swiss knife. So long as you remind yourself to put this miniature toolbox inside your back pocket, you'll be alright. 

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