For The Pros and Beginners Alike: Victorinox Fibrox Kitchen Knives Review

October 18, 2021

Finding the perfect kitchen knife that's of high quality at a reasonable price is challenging. But you may want to consider adding the knives we're going to talk about to your list of kitchen tools to buy. If you've heard or used Swiss Army knives before, you're most likely familiar with the Victorinox brand. Aside from pocket knives, they are most known for their Victorinox Fibrox kitchen knives. This article is a comprehensive Victorinox kitchen knives review which focuses on discussing the set inclusions from the Fibrox line, its pros and cons, why you should buy it, and who it is for. Read on to know more about this particular collection.

Knives In The Collection

The great thing about the Victorinox brand is they sell the knives in their collections individually. Although they offer it as a set, there are eight knives included in the Fibrox collection. This quantity is relatively less than other knife brands, with sixteen knives included in one set. However, while this quantity might not be an issue for some, it can get pricey.

Often you might find yourself only using six at the most. So, Victorinox offering their Fibrox knives collection individually is great news. At least you can pick the knives you use the most. But, at the same time, they also have sets that other customers like more because they don't have to go through each knife one by one.

With that, here are all the knives included in the Victorinox Fibrox line:

  • 4" paring knife
  • 6" utility knife
  • 7" carving knife
  • 7" kitchen cleaver
  • 7" boning knife
  • 7" Chinese chef's knife
  • 7" filleting knife
  • 8" filleting knife, flexible
  • 8" chef's knife
  • 8" carving knife, extra wide
  • 10" carving knife
  • 10.25" bread knife

You can curate your kitchen knife set by either buying individual knives or getting them in sets. It might also be a combination of both! For example, if you're looking for something to use daily and you don't do much knife work, getting the 3-piece chef's knife set is the perfect one for you! This includes only the three most commonly used knives: the chef's, carving, and paring knives. But if you also fillet regularly, you can get either the 20 cm flexible filleting knife or the 18 cm one. You're not "forced" to get them just because they belong in one set. Take whatever you need!


All knives included in the Victorinox Fibrox knife set are made of stamped high carbon stainless steel. These knives feature a partial tang which makes them lightweight to touch but not flimsy when in use. Although some pros might not like the fact that it does not have a full tang for more control, this design appeals more to beginners and home cooks. Its design and build are suitable for long-haul cutting. You won't feel arm fatigue when chopping or slicing over extended periods.

The handle is made from plastic, which may not appeal to some, but the material choice greatly contributes to its affordable price and its light weight. The "belly" or the area before the widest portion of the blades are deep enough, which coincides best with the knives' high handle. All edges are slightly curved and straight, making them easy to sharpen when they get dull. In addition, this design allows for the gentle rocking motion when working with harder food items.

The Blade

The Victorinox Fibrox kitchen knives are equipped with blades that scored 56 on the Hardness Rockwell C (HRC) scale. With its affordable price point, you'll be surprised how hard and sharp these are. Of course, you'd expect to get an HRC to score less than that.

In terms of the Hardness Rockwell scale, the higher the number, the harder the material is. When looking for high-quality knives, working around 57 to 59 HRC is already considered a great number. The Fibrox line is within the range, making it not too hard or soft for beginners and pros.

With this hardness level, you can expect its sharpness to last for a long time. That said, you don't have to worry about sharpening it any time soon!

The Handle

As previously mentioned, the knives in the Fibrox kitchen collection line are made of plastic. Although this might not work for some, getting a knife with a plastic handle has many benefits. For one, it has a slip-free grip. So even if your hands are wet when you're preparing the ingredients you need to cook, the knives won't slip away from your hand. In addition, the handle is firmly attached, which makes it more resistant to falling off when you've placed significant pressure on it.

Even if you have large hands, the knife handle is still comfortable to hold. The contours on the handles fit any hand size perfectly, may it be large or small. In addition, these are ergonomically designed, requiring only a pinch grip to provide you utmost comfort.

Aside from these, plastic handles don't retain moisture and food debris. Cleaning these knives is also a lot easier— wash them with dishwashing liquid and you're good to go! No need to do any other special cleaning instructions aside from hand washing them. The only downside of it, though, is that these are not dishwasher-safe. So make sure to clean them only by hand.


All individual knives in the Fibrox set cost less than $100. This is relatively cheaper than other kitchen knives of the same quality and makes like these from Victorinox. It is more affordable, and we love that you don't have to buy a set with knives you don't even use. You're going to save more money since you're only buying ones you use regularly.


  • Hard blades can retain their sharpness for a long time.
  • Easy to clean; food debris doesn't get stuck on the knife handle.
  • Affordable at less than $100 for each high-quality knife.
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed.
  • No need to add excess pressure with its "pinch grip" handles.


  • It may take some time to get used to the rough handles.
  • Some may not like that it doesn't have much weight on it, but this depends on your personal preference.

The Knife Set That Beginners and Pros Will Like

The classic Victorinox chef knife would not be the well-known knife it is today if it weren't for its high quality and performance. Even professional chefs swear by its quality. So if you're looking for a knife that can pass in the professional level without it being too overwhelming to use for beginners, this is the best knife kitchen line you can buy.

Even though it does not come with a hefty price tag, the knives do their job perfectly. Indeed, it makes them the best kitchen knives without breaking the bank. Don't look any further— you won't be able to find knives of the same quality as this that are also reasonably priced!

If you are looking for kitchen knives for personal use or as a gift, you will not be disappointed with Victorinox Fibrox knives. There are numerous dishes you can perfect with your knife skills with these knives. So get one today and see how well it performs yourself!

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