Get Your Dream Knife From These Top 3 Hand-Forged Kitchen Knives Makers

October 1, 2021

A certain charm emanates from handmade kitchen knives, reflecting the stories embedded with every strike of the mallet. Despite not being as glossy as commercial blades, several characteristics make custom-made kitchen knives extraordinary—these include authenticity, originality, and strength.

If you have a design in mind, you can tell the knife artisan about it, and they can make it for you. To make your search easier, we’ve listed here the top 3 makers of custom kitchen knives and the hand-forged knives you should get from them. So let’s jump right in!

Chef’s Armoury

If you are looking for Japanese knives, Chef’s Armoury has them! Gyuto/chef’s knife, usuba and nakiri/vegetable knives, sujihiki/slicer, or yanagiba/sashimi knife—you can get these from their physical store in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, or order online through their website. The process is easy! Visit Chef’s Armoury’s website, pick the knife type you want, and fill out your design preferences.

Our Recommendation

For knife enthusiasts looking for custom chef knives, you can get your handcrafted chef knives here. Then, you can have it customized by choosing the blade length and materials—Damascus, stainless steel, or carbon steel.

For the handles, you can also request a size and shape that will perfectly fit the size and curves of your hands. Once you have your custom-made knife design finalized, place your order, and a knife artisan will hand forge the blade and customize everything for you.

You can customize the following knives:

  • Chef’s knife/Gyuto
  • Multipurpose knife/Bunka Bucho
  • Utility Knife/Petty
  • Vegetable Knife/Nakiri
  • Long Slicer/Sujihiki
  • Boning Knife/Honesuki

Pros and Cons

Chef’s Armoury’s knife customization is not only limited to the chef’s knife but all other knife types as well, so you’ll have plenty of choices. The only disadvantage of buying Chef’s Armoury is that you have to order the knives separately as customized sets are not yet offered. Nevertheless, the additional clicks are worth it with the quality and unique knives you will get.

Salter Fine Cutlery hand-forged Kitchen Knives

Salter Fine Cutlery’s hand-forged knives are not only limited to tools you can use in the kitchen, as they also customize hunting knives and knife storage. Whatever you can imagine, they can create. The ideas will not stay in your head, and the different collector’s series and product samples on their website are proof.

Our Recommendation

The Salter Fine Cutlery creates handmade knife sets, and that is what we recommend you buy. 

You can make the order by contacting them via email, through their website, or via phone call is the way. Be prepared with the following information:

  • Knife type to be included in the kit
  • Blade lengths
  • Blade material
  • Type of finish
  • Wood type for the handle and the knife case/block/rack

Although the company has ready-made designs you can choose from, you are assured that your choices are not limited to those. It is your vision that they will follow.

Pros and Cons

Prime among the offers that make Salter Fine Cutlery a standout is they make knives based precisely on what the customers want, and they have ready-made options for those having difficulty deciding. However, you won’t get your customized orders in just a few clicks. To make this happen, you need to communicate your knife blueprint thoroughly by talking to the artisans themselves.

Florentine Kitchen Knives

Florentine Kitchen Knives derived its name from Florentin, Tel Aviv, Israel. Timer Botner's founder admits that the designs of their knives, especially the handles, take inspiration from his heritage. You can check out their blades and see that the handle patterns are reminiscent of Middle Eastern markings.

Our Recommendation

Florentine Kitchen Knives can customize the following:

  • Chef’s knife
  • Paring knives
  • Slicer knife
  • Bread knife
  • Table knife
  • Gyuto/Japanese Chef’s knife
  • Sujihiki/Japanese Long slicer
  • Pankiri/Japanese Bread knife

But we recommend that you get the Florentine handmade chef knife stacked handle, among this assortment.

Customizing the knife is easy. You just need to visit Florentine Kitchen Knives’ website, choose the handle design, handle material and colors, blade material and finish, and whether you want the blade to be etched. You can also get additional knife accessories like a sheath or a blade guard. Place your order, and wait for the hand-forged chef knife delivery.

Pros and Cons

The founder himself mentioned that it takes a couple of weeks and even months to finish orders, especially bulk ones, so you’ll have to be patient in waiting for your set or chef’s knife to be delivered. Nonetheless, you are assured that the knives are handmade.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are thrilled to know that there are plenty of ways to source your ideal knife and maybe bring your sketches to life. Be prepared to be in awe upon receiving the hand-forged knives of your dreams—now a reality.

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