A Closer Look at the Top 10 Highest-Quality Hunting Knives

August 6, 2021

Imagine going off on a hunting adventure. Everything goes well, but when it’s time to catch food and prepare it, your knife makes these tasks difficult for you. The problem is you brought the wrong knife with you.

A hunting knife is the answer to that problem. When choosing a hunting knife, you must check its size, blade, features, handle, and sheath. All of these factors will determine the right knife for the purpose of your hunting journey.

Still thinking about what to buy? With all the available hunting knives in the market, here are our top 10 hunting knife recommendations and their features.

10 Choices for a High-Quality Hunting Knife


Named after Frey, a god in Norwegian mythology, the Fallkniven Frey Fixed Blade Knife is the best hunting knife you can bring to your next escapade.

This handmade knife stands out for its quality. It has a 5.1-inch blade made of laminated steel, and the inner core has VG10 steel wrapped by 420J2 steel.

The combination of VG10 and 420J2 steel produces better knife quality and performance. The VG10 steel makes up the edge because it is good at cutting, while 420J2 steel makes up the sides since it is durable and equipped for long-term use.

Looking at the knife closely, you’ll notice the laminated line where the two types of steel meet. It shows that the Fallkniven craftsmen have put much effort into making a durable knife without any flaws. Its stacked leather handle has an aluminum butt cap for your comfort and safety.

Overall, this is an excellent hunting knife and very comfy to handle. For its price and use, this knife is a good choice!


If the price is not your primary consideration in looking for the best hunting knife, then the Fallkniven Volcano Knife is for you. This knife is not only durable and excellent, but it is also an exclusive, handmade, limited-edition knife.

Its excellent performance is due to its blade, made up of laminated cobalt steel with a convex edge. Also, it has a full tang, meaning the blade extends to the end of the knife handle. With this, the knife is durable and reliable.

Not only is Fallkniven Volcano durable, but it is also a work of art. Aside from its classy look, its ergonomic handle is really comfortable to use. This handle is made of highly dense cocobolo wood, known for its russet color. Do you know that this wood is the same material as Jerry Garcia’s guitar, Tiger?

Another trivia: though many people believe that this knife is made in Japan, the truth is it is made in Sweden. Only the laminated steel is made in Japan. Then it is shipped to Sweden, and Scandinavian craftsmen manufacture this knife.

If you are a knife expert seeking the best hunting knives out there, this knife should be a part of your list!


Benchmade brands manufacture quality-made knives of different types. They offer tactical, military, outdoors, professional, and even hunting knives. If you have used a Benchmade knife of any type, you should know how a Benchmade hunting knife works.

The best aspects of this knife are its shape and strong blades. It undeniably offers razor-sharp blades, where you don’t need to put extra effort in cutting or closing. Imagine: you can perfectly cut pieces of paper with this knife with minimal effort.

This knife is also reliable for long use. Hunters will surely love the S30V premium stainless steel, which resists rust after drastic usage. Its Dymondwood handle is also a plus, especially in wet conditions.

The slight issue with this knife is the sheath with a fixed belt loop, meaning it will just be in a horizontal position on the belt. Still, it’s a high-quality hunting knife with its sharp blade, size, weight, reliability, and price.


If you want to buy quality hunting knives without spending a high amount of money, the Schrade 165OT Old Timer Fixed Blade is for you. With its affordable price, this knife is a good deal.

The blade is high-carbon stainless steel, which should not even be an option for such an affordable knife. But Schrade offers it for a low price. Aside from the razor-sharp high-carbon stainless steel material, it has a full-tang design. A cheap knife with high-carbon steel and a full-tang design like this is a must-buy.

For hunters, this knife is efficient in doing different hunting tasks such as cutting, skinning, and wood splitting. Don’t forget to bring a knife sharpener to maintain its sharpness.

As for its handle, molded Delrin is a decent material, but it improves thanks to the brass finger guard.


Another option for an excellent hunting knife with a low price is the Gerber Moment Fixed Blade Knife. Though it is cheap, expect this knife to still have good aesthetics and an ergonomic handle.

Durability is one of the outstanding qualities of this knife. Its full-tang design, razor-sharp edge, fine-edged blade, and stainless steel material make this knife reliable and efficient to hunt with. It can also stay sharp longer and resist rust despite prolonged use, but it’s still a must to bring a knife sharpener.

Aside from its blade and performance, this knife offers a superb handle. It has an ergonomic shape, making your hand comfortable as you handle it. Moreover, the rubber handle has a great texture which prevents skin fatigue.

This Gerber hunting knife is a good catch. Since Gerber is well-known for manufacturing quality knives at a low price, this knife should be part of your next hunt.


It’s true that smaller knives are better than large knives in hunting. Large knives are too hard to carry during hunting activities. But the Buck Knives 0120BRS Cocobola Dymondwood General Knife is an exception.

Its 7.37-inch 420HC steel blade has a slight curve and is quite long for a hunting knife. However, its edge retention and sharpness are notable, making it the sharpest hunting knife on the list. Though there’s a maximum preferred length for a hunting knife, this knife is still acceptable. Its efficiency works for hunting large animals. Definitely, you cannot use a small knife for skinning a large animal in the wild.

Also, its Cocobola Dymondwood handle looks and works great. It’s a total package because it also comes with a brass pommel. This ergonomic handle gives the knife a classy and vintage look. It has a good grip and is very comfortable to handle—no need to worry about keeping it safe because it has an original leather sheath.

Sounds impressive? Its price sounds even better. Buck Knives offer a competitive price with high-quality performance. Both their expensive and affordable knives are well-known in the market because their durability and quality won’t disappoint.


This series is the latest innovation of Buck Knives. The Buck Knives 336 Paradigm Avid Folding Knife with Black Handle has a 3.25-inch stainless steel blade. It suits various hunting tasks such as skinning, bone splitting, and cutting wood.

The knife weighs 4.2 ounces. When closed, it is 4.375 inches long; when opened, it becomes 7.625 inches long. With its weight and length, this knife is an ideal portable hunting knife. It also features Advanced Spring-Assisted Performance technology for safe and reliable blade deployment.

Its black CNC contoured G10 handle works well while doing hunting tasks, keeping you comfortable and safe. This knife is undeniably a must for your next hunting journey. Looking at its features, price, portability, and blade sharpness, it is a perfect and highly recommended knife!


Do you want a foldable knife during your hunt? The Outdoor Edge Razor Pro gives you a foldable knife with two blades: one is a 3.5-inch-long replaceable blade with six replacements, and the other is a 3.1-inch-long gutting blade.

Its double blades are portable for your hunting tasks, and you can use them for skinning and hunting animals, making it an ideal survival knife. Its non-slip rubberized grip brings you comfort and reduces fatigue. Moreover, it has a nylon sheath, protecting the knife and making it easy to carry as you hunt.

Outdoor Edge is also well-known for its durability and overall quality performance. It is reliable for long and rigid use. With its price, features, and design, this knife is one of the top choices for a cheap yet excellent knife.

ESEE 5P Black Tactical Survival Knife

For a hunter, survival is a priority. That’s why a survival knife like the ESEE 5P Black Tactical Survival Knife is one of the good hunting knives we recommend. This knife is a valuable tool to have in field operations. It has a 5.25-inch blade and 11-inch overall length.

Designed by military Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape instructors, you can deploy this knife in drastic scenarios. It is like a military knife and can perform many hunting activities efficiently because of its full-tang 1095 high-carbon steel. 

Also, it has a Micarta handle and Kydex sheath, which can protect the knife in all situations. There’s no need to worry about its weight because it weighs under 14 oz. Its lightweight and heavy-duty material make this knife a top survival knife.


With its 4.5-inch stainless steel blade, the Snake Eye Tactical Hunting Knife is ideal for your hunting adventures. It’s great for skinning and can even work for open water fishing. The stainless steel blade also makes it a high-quality and durable knife.

You will surely love its handle made of black rubber grip, an ideal material to prevent fatigue and skin irritation. The sheath will also protect your knife,

Overall, this knife is so versatile that you can use it for recreational and kitchen tasks.

Wrapping Up

Have you found the best knife for your next adventure?

The recommendations listed above are just a glance at the quality hunting knives in the market. Always remember to use the right hunting knife for your next hunting adventure. Also, handle and use the knife with care and maintain it regularly to maximize its use.

Happy hunting!

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