Forschner Victorinox Kitchen Knives: The Most Trusted Name in the Kitchen

February 2, 2022

Even if you’re not outdoorsy, you’re probably familiar with the Swiss Army knife. 

The Swiss Army pocketknife is more than a pocketknife. It has different tools tucked in its body. Aside from being a marvelous invention, the Swiss Army knife is famous for its reliable durability and outstanding quality.

Did you know Victorinox, the creator of the world-renowned Swiss Army knife, also makes knives for your kitchen? Luckily for you, the company has been selling kitchen knives for decades! Thus, you can expect the same Swiss Army knife quality and durability from these kitchen knives.

Do you want to introduce luxury and class into your kitchen countertop? Then, Forschner Victorinox kitchen knives might be the right choice for you! 

Before you rush to the store, continue reading and discover what Victorinox can offer you and your kitchen!

What Are Kitchen Knives?

You should be familiar with kitchen knives if you're a home cook. However, you might have missed the different specialized kitchen knives. At home, one or two kitchen knives may be more than enough. However, if you wish to do more delicate tasks, you should consider specialized kitchen knives.

Aside from their purpose, kitchen knives differ in shape and material. Some kitchen knives are made of carbon steel, making them easier to resharpen and maintain. Others are made of ceramic material that retains their sharpness longer than steel. It’s up to your needs and preferences which material is the best for you.

Why Should I Purchase Kitchen Knives?

Unless you live under a rock, you might be familiar with Chef Gordon Ramsay. Deemed as one of the most famous celebrity chefs globally, Chef Gordon sees the value of having a collection of different kitchen knives at your disposal. Particularly, he recommends having a boning knife, chopping knife, paring knife, and bread knife.

A kitchen knife specifically designed for a single task performs way better than a general-purpose kitchen knife. That’s why chefs recommend having a kitchen knife set with specialized knives meant for different tasks in the kitchen. 

Fortunately, Victorinox has a wide range of kitchen knives for sale.

What Makes Victorinox Stand Out?

forschner victorinox kitchen knives - Victorinox storefront

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about this brand is the Swiss Army knife. Victorinox has left an indelible mark in history by coming up with this multibladed pocketknife. However, they not only make knives, but they also design and produce luxury watches. As you can see, Victorinox is not your run-of-the-mill brand.

Judging from the quality of their products, whether it’s a premium wristwatch or a professional kitchen knife, the level of craftsmanship and attention put into them is evident. They have a reputation to live up to, and they do so with consistency and class. That’s why Victorinox has become synonymous with quality and high standards.

What Is Forschner?

Victorinox makes knives from Switzerland. But as World War II loomed, R. H. Forschner, a scale manufacturer based in the United States, approached them. R. H. Forschner made a deal with Victorinox to sell their products in North America, opening up an entire market for the Swiss company. 

Since 1937, the partnership between the two companies has prospered. In North American restaurants and professional kitchens today, Forschner has become synonymous with premium knives. Whether you’re a neophyte or a veteran chef, you can always rely on Forschner-Victorinox knives for consistent and reliable quality and performance. 

What Knives Can You Buy from Victorinox-Forschner?

Chefs respect the names Forschner and Victorinox. The cutlery brand offers a wide array of kitchen knives for enthusiasts and professionals alike. But are their offerings enough to create a well-rounded collection in your kitchen? 

Depending on your needs, you may find their selection of kitchen knives (including the iconic Victorinox 8″ chef knife) more than enough. Here are some of the specialized Victorinox Fibrox kitchen knives that you can purchase from Forschner.

Boning Knife

You remove the bones from your meat for many reasons. Separating the bones from your fish, beef, and pork speeds up the cooking process. Aside from that, you can better work with the flavor using seasonings. Lastly, by doing the deboning yourself, you can learn a new kitchen skill and expand your abilities.

A boning knife is specifically for deboning. As such, it has an extremely sharp and finely pointed tip to make a wedge between the meat and the bone. In addition, it features a narrow blade to complement your dexterity. With a boning knife, you can easily pull off your best knifing skills to remove the bones with great precision.

Bread Knife

Can’t get enough bread and pastry? Using an ordinary knife to slice bread will put pressure from the top and compress your bread, a big no-no if you want to enjoy your croissant with your coffee. Besides that, if you want to serve pastry to your guests, flattened bread is just an awful and unprofessional presentation.

That’s why a bread knife looks the way it is. This knife features a serrated edge, unlike other kitchen knives. You can liken its edge to a saw—it works its way through a piece of food, from the crust of the pastry to its soft center.

Butcher and Breaking Knives

While vastly different from one another, butcher and breaking knives often work in tandem. They are useful in dealing with large pieces of meat. Small knives like a boning knife won’t be of any use when slicing meat and poultry into smaller portions. That’s why you need to have either a butcher or breaking knife at your disposal.

Essential for chefs at any level of proficiency, butcher and breaking knives make working with meat a whole lot easier. You can easily tear through meat with tough skin and stubborn cartilage using a breaking knife’s curved tip. On the other hand, with a butcher knife, you can effortlessly handle delicate meat without ruining it.

Chef Knife

Prep work will be a breeze with a high-quality chef knife. The Forschner chef knife can handle chopping, mincing, and slicing veggies and fruits with precision and speed. Make sure your kitchen has one!


Another essential knife for your kitchen, a cleaver is useful in a myriad of basic yet important tasks such as chopping ingredients for sauteing. If you work at an Asian restaurant or have a strong liking for Asian cuisine, you will greatly appreciate the things you can do with a premium cleaver at your disposal.

Other Knives

Aside from the knives mentioned above, you can purchase a fillet and utility knife, a paring knife, slicing and carving knife, and an oyster and clam knife from Forschner. Whichever Forschner knife set you to pick, you can expect the same quality that chefs and enthusiasts the world over have come to love about a Victorinox knife.

Final Thoughts

Out of the countless knives and knife sets in the store, finding the perfect one can be daunting. The most important thing you have to consider is your needs. What tasks in the kitchen do you usually do? Using kitchen knives designed and created for those tasks can make them easier and faster.

Undoubtedly, Forschner knives live up to their reputation. Chefs and enthusiasts everywhere trust the brand, making it an easy purchase to make. However, if you’re still weighing your options, explore our blog to discover budget kitchen knives!

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