Fillet Any Fish Like a Pro with The Bubba Fillet Knife

February 14, 2022

Every skillful chef needs the perfect knife to do what they do best: serve food that makes your eyes and tummies full. The secret to perfect cutting is a technique, and this lies in the blade you use. That's why there are different variations of kitchen knives. There's one for vegetables, peeling, chopping poultry meat, and many more. 

Today, we will focus on a knife that will help you fillet any fish with ease. You don't need crazy skills to wield the Bubba electric fillet knife. So let's examine this knife a little closer and know why you should add this to your arsenal. 

An In-Depth Review of the Bubba Fillet Knife 

Have you ever seen master chefs on cooking shows fillet fish as if they’re cutting through butter? But somehow, when you do it yourself, it's a disaster. It's because professionals use a specialized knife just for filleting fish. So, if you’re into angling and preparing fish from boat to kitchen, maybe it's time to complete your knife set with a fillet knife. And we’ve found one of the best knives available in the market! 

Here are some of the unique features of Bubba’s Pro Series fillet knife. 

Designed for the hardcore angler 

Equipped with heavy-duty features for the pro-angler, this fillet knife is not exactly for the kitchen. But, if you're an angler, then this tool is a must-have. With the use of the latest technology, the power and performance of this knife are unmatched; cutting efficiency is at its maximum. This knife can also fillet any fish caught by the end of your hook, from a small sardine, a medium-sized salmon, to an enormous tuna fish. In addition, many reviews have claimed that this is the most powerful electric knife available in the market. 

Knife blade 

The electric knife includes a Bubba fillet knife set of blades when you purchase. Each package comes with four different blades in different lengths and thicknesses so you can fillet your catch with ease. In addition, the knife's blade is coated with titanium nitride to further improve the quality of the blades. It adds wear and tear resistance, rust, and corrosion resistance and provides a layer that protects the blade from any chemical or toxic reactions that would ruin its quality and edge retention. 

The blades are also non-stick, so you can ensure that the cut is clean and no meat is wasted when you fillet your fish. Furthermore, that blade package comes with two pieces of Bubba blade flex fillet knife blade and two pieces of a stiff knife blade, so you can choose the right blade for filleting your fresh catch. 

Ergonomic handle 

The handle of the electric knife is intelligently designed for easy use. The ergonomic trigger is on the topmost part of the handle, which is safely distanced from the blade for optimum precision and convenience. In addition, the handle is made from a non-slip material so that you can use the knife safely in wet conditions. A LED light indicator is also placed in the handle to show the knife's battery capacity. 

In addition, the handle's design has designated curves for your fingers so you can grip them tightly not just for safer use but also a better butchering and filleting outcomes. 


Isn't it a hassle when your electric tools are hindered with cords? Sometimes it's too short, other times it's too long, but more often than not, it gets all tangled up in your workplace. Fortunately, the Bubba cordless fillet knife is wire-free! You can take it anywhere with you to do your knife work. The Bubba electric pro series fillet knife has a lithium-ion battery that you can recharge so you can use it wirelessly. One battery charge can run up to 2 to 3 hours of filleting. When stored and rarely used, the knife's battery can last up to 3 weeks before it drains out. 

Brushless motor 

The Bubba electric knife is named one of the most powerful electric knives in the market. The brushless motor of the knife makes it more energy efficient. That's why anglers and fishermen prefer this brand over any other knife available in the market. It has 21% more torque power, 22% motor efficiency, and 100% more motor power compared to other brands. And if you're worried about overheating, the blade’s handle has committed vents for ultimate airflow, which prevents your knife from overheating so you can work for longer periods. 

Before Your Purchase the Bubba Electric Knife 

Before you finalize your electric knife purchase, there are some lowlights you may want to know about. It's important to note them to determine if this is the most suitable knife for you. 

  • The Bubba electric knife has a universal blade mount. And according to some users, there are better blades than those included in the knife set. If you want a better quality, you can opt for a different blade, but it may come at an extra cost. 
  • The electric fillet knife is heavy. When working in slippery and wet conditions, the weight of the knife can make it hard for you to work efficiently, causing you to move slower. 
  • The electric knife has only one power option. You don't have options for the blade to go slower or faster. So, if you're a beginner when it comes to filleting, you may want to start with a manual fillet knife first because the power of the motor can overwhelm you. 
a large filleted fish in a wooden board  

Fillet Knife Vs. Kitchen Knife 

Many people are wondering, why do you need a fillet knife when you already have a kitchen knife set? If you're hesitant about committing to a fillet knife, here are some reasons why you should: 

  • Different knives have different blade flexibility. There are stiff blades for chopping meat, poultry, and dicing vegetables. For filleting fish, it requires a more flexible blade so you can curve the knife against the bone of the fish to separate the meat. If you try this on a stiff knife, it can break the blade or give it a permanent dent. 
  • Fillet knives, generally, have longer handles compared to standard kitchen knives. The handle allows the user to control the blade better to get the most out of the fish meat. This is especially useful when cutting soft and delicate types of fish. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you're an angler or just someone who loves to cook, filleting is one of the skills you should possess. Unfortunately, making your filleting skills perfect will take years of practice. Good thing there's a Bubba fillet knife and other great selections in the market to make the job easy for you. With a high-quality fillet knife, you can just glide the knife through the fish, and the job is done. 

We hope this review gave you the important details for your next knife purchase. You can also visit our blogs for more knife buying guides and reviews. 

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