The Tanto Pocket Knife as the Alternative in Worst-Case Scenarios

July 27, 2022

For nearly 42 years, the Tanto knife has demonstrated its superiority in the knife-making industry. Since then, its style and structure have developed, but the extraordinary short blade, known as the "Tanto blade," has stayed unchanged for centuries. In other words, this small knife is a constant in speeding up our daily lives up to this day, particularly in the event of an emergency. You can expect it to deliver like the original one.

With this, let’s delve into a quick rundown of the Tanto knife’s history and its function when encountering the worst scenarios. You’ll also learn about choosing the right Tanto pocket knife and taking care of it. So, if you're a Tanto knife user and need more mastery of this item, it's time to know more and read on!  

Stroll Through: The Tanto Blade in the Making

Before the development of Tanto swords, most warriors preferred to fight in massive conflicts with large and long swords such as katanas. But because they are hard to use in cramped spaces, making it easy for enemies to defeat the warriors, swordsmiths had to develop smaller blades like the Tanto. From that moment, this style became one of the traditional blades used by the samurai class of feudal Japan and was worn with armor under clothes for self-defense. 

The knife makers in the early 80s then decided to create a knife based on the Tanto sword. Today, the Tanto pocket knife has all the features that made the original blade so feared and respected. The design has also gained popularity in American culture due to its ruthless effectiveness as a close-combat weapon. It's mainly used by sailors, military personnel, hunters, and police officers.

This origin is one of the reasons why Tanto pocket knives are among the sharpest and most durable blades that still exist.

Unforeseen Mishaps: The Underrated Use of Tanto Pocket Knives

an example of a tanto pocket knife

Tanto knives are characterized by blades usually manufactured with a convex grind that enhances their cutting power. The tapered point of the blade is also designed to be effective at puncturing hard materials such as glass, wood, and bone.

Following its great strength, the Tanto knife has increasingly become a smart alternative in times of urgency, such as:

  • Earthquake: The Tanto knife is ideal when most people are stuck inside buildings during earthquakes. Its strong blade, comparable to an ax or sledgehammer, can easily smash through any glass.
  • Abduction: This pocket knife will let you cut fabric if you’re being pulled or held captive by someone else. You can also use its sharp blade to cripple an attacker.
  • Fire emergency: A Tanto pocket knife makes cutting hoses and puncturing pipelines easy to get to the water and extinguish the fire when firefighters are still on their way.
  • Car accident: This tactical folding blade can cut seatbelts and break windows in the event of accidents.
  • First aid: It is an alternative for cutting bandages, puncturing packages open, eliminating splinters, and more, especially during outdoor activities like camping or hunting.
  • Cutting a rope: It can cut through rope and other materials in no time, especially when your hands are tied up.
  • Locked door: Trapped in a locked room? The Tanto knife can be your alternative key to unlocking a door.

The Next Move: Choosing the Best Tanto Pocket Knife

Now that you know everything there is to know about Tanto pocket knives, it's essential to discover its useful factors before introducing one to your survival kit. Consider the following factors when selecting the best Tanto blade pocket knife.

  • Blade Shape/Sharpness: The Tanto blade shape is a Japanese style known for its strong, sharp point. With this, you need something that can pierce tough materials.
  • Blade Material: You should search for a Tanto knife that follows how it was originally made. It would be best if you look for a sharp one made of high carbon steel that offers hardness and corrosion resistance. 
  • Handle Material: The handle material is another part of the consideration, as it will affect your grip and comfort of holding the knife. It’s paramount to find one with an appropriate handle if you plan on using it for extended periods.
  • Pocket Knife Features: A few other features should be considered when choosing a pocket knife, apart from the ones above. These include a locking blade for safety purposes, a thumb stud for easier opening, and a belt clip for easy transport.

A Small Note to Remember: Taking Care of Tanto Knives

The Tanto knife isn’t exceptional to damage despite its conducive features. Therefore, you must know how to preserve and take care of the knife’s steel. Follow the advice below and let that blade show its excellent craftsmanship in an emergency.

  1. Avoid leaving your knife in direct sunlight or high temperatures as this can cause the metal to dull over time.
  2. Keep your knife in a safe place where it will not be destroyed or used by children and other people.
  3. If you notice some oxidation or corrosion, clean the affected area with a knife cleaning solution.
  4. Practice sharpening your knives to maintain the feature that they are known for.

Your Tanto knife will be good for a long time with a little bit of care and attention.

Tanto Pocket Knife: Short Sword, Big Changes

Making the most out of this blade is vital for all those looking for a very useful tool during an emergency. It's relatively affordable and easy to use, and it carries that cool status of being one of the survival equipment. Also, don’t confuse this small knife for just any normal blade because it can save and protect you when you find yourself in deadly situations.

In the long run, the right knowledge of usage and maintenance will ensure that both the knife and the user are protected from unintended mishaps. So buy one today so that you'll have no regrets. 

Also, feel free to visit Knifescout if you want to broaden your knife knowledge and be the best blade owner you can be!

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