Taking a Quick Look: What Are Laguiole Kitchen Knives?

July 12, 2022

Laguiole has a long history of creating some of the best blades worldwide. But what does it mean to own one of these knives? What distinguishes them from other brands? And why are they so well-liked by both professional and amateur cooks?

We’ll answer these questions by examining Laguiole knives in detail, covering everything you need to know about them.

The Historical Development of Laguiole Knives

The origin of the Laguiole knife is a mystery, although most scholars believe it was first created in the French village of Laguiole in the early 19th century. 

The story goes that a local blacksmith named Pierre-Jeans Calmels designed a new type of shepherd's knife, which quickly became popular with the villagers. The knife's unique design has a curved blade and a handle often made from bone or horn. Soon, other blacksmiths began producing their versions of the knife. 

Laguiole en Aubrac is still made in the same village using traditional methods today. Collectors and enthusiasts value it highly, and it remains popular for everyday use. Eventually, the success of this knife also found its way into the kitchen.

At a Glance: Laguiole Professional Kitchen Knife Set

The company prides itself on using only the finest materials and craftsmanship for over 200 years, which shows in their knives.

Technical Specifications

Laguiole en Aubrac’s kitchen knife set has various features that make them functional for a wide range of tasks.

Laguiole 5-Piece Professional Chef’s Knife Set
Blade MaterialAlloy Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Item Dimension10″ (L) x 1″ (W) x 0.3″ (H)
Item Weight4 pounds
Price $129.99

Product Set

This kitchen knife set has all the essential blades for preparing every meal, so there is no need to search for them individually.

Laguiole 5-Piece Professional Chef’s Knife Set
KnifeBlade Size
Chef8 inches
Slicer8 inches
Bread8 inches
Utility5.5 inches
Paring4 inches
Magnetic Wood Board

What Makes the Laguiole Stainless Steel Knife Set a Cut Above the Rest?

Any chefs who use them know they can count on these knives in many ways. But what makes this kitchen set so special?

  • Attractive Magnetic Wood Display: This set comes with a wooden Acacia block that keeps the knives neatly stored and within easy reach. So there's no need to rummage through a drawer or box when you need them. 
  • Seamless, One-Piece Construction Knives: Laguiole chef knives are made from a single piece of metal, which offers greater strength, stability, and seamless transition between blade and handle. This useful feature enables chefs to focus on cooking tasks that require delicate work.
  • Ergonomic Handles: Their handles won't quickly tire your hand since they are made to fit the shape of your hand. You can also maintain a solid grip even when your hands are moist because they are made of non-slip materials.
  • Fine, Sharp Edges: The blades are made from high-carbon stainless steel that adds to the knife’s sharpness, so you can easily slice through tough ingredients.
  • Easy Maintenance: The Laguiole knife set is simple to clean. No handles can get unfastened or allow dirt to collect in the tiny gaps.

Where Do the Laguiole Kitchen Knives Fall Short?

Despite the successive advancements of Laguiole in the culinary culture, a few minor inconveniences still need to be addressed to make it more beneficial in the kitchen area.

  • Visible Scratches: Laguiole knives gradually develop noticeable residues and scratches with wear, just like any stainless steel blade. Although it's completely natural and has no impact on the knife's functionality, some users might want their blades to look spotless and more professional.
  • Price Range: Despite the superb craftsmanship, many consumers believe that other manufacturers provide a better monetary value for their products.
  • No Guards: There is a chance of unintentional cuts if you're not careful because the knives do not have protections at the base of the blade.

Preserving the Beauty of the Laguiole Kitchen Knife Set

What makes a great kitchen knife? Fundamental factors are at play, and the knife’s appearance is one of them. A beautiful knife not only adds a touch of class to your kitchen but can also inspire confidence when cooking. 

So how do you preserve the beauty of your kitchen knives? Check out these tips below:

  • Handwashing is the best way to clean knives because it is gentle on the blades and prevents them from being damaged, compared to dishwashers. 
  • Dry the knives immediately with a soft cloth to prevent water spots.
  • Using a ceramic cutting board as a chopping block is not recommended, as the hard surface can damage the blade of your knife. Instead, choose a wooden or plastic board when prepping food. These softer surfaces will be easier on your knives and help extend their life. 
  • A diamond abrasive Laguiole sharpener and a whetstone are highly suggested when sharpening Laguiole knives. Whichever method you choose, be sure to use light, even strokes, and avoid putting too much pressure on the blade.
  • You should avoid using steel wool, steel scouring pads, or harsh detergents on your knife. These items can damage the surface, leaving it more susceptible to rusting.


A well-crafted knife is beautiful, and the Laguiole kitchen knives are some of the best on the market. Chefs and home cooks for centuries have prized these knives because of their sharp blades, comfortable handles, and stylish designs.

Of course, a few shortcomings are inevitable. Nevertheless, proper care and maintenance are essential to avoid this knife's downsides and keep looking their best. In other words, with great beauty comes some added responsibility.
Looking for more historical kitchen knives? Browse our reviews and buying guides at Knife Scout.

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