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21 Survival Skills For Urban & Wilderness Survival

Surviving life-threatening situations comes down to two things:

What you carry and what you know.

Even the best survival gear doesn’t help if you don’t know how to use it. And if you know how to start a fire you won’t get far if you didn’t bring any tinder.

It’s their knowledge though, their survival skills, where most people fail. It’s easy to buy an overpriced survival something and be proud of yourself.

But studying survival books and practicing what you’ve learned? Shouldn’t that be reserved for school kids?

The truth is you could spend your whole life learning and still be a dabbler. There are hundreds of dangerous situations and a thousand ways to brace them.

But some skills are so critical to your survival that you shouldn’t even think about leaving your house before you’ve mastered them.

So what do you need to know before you next adventure?

Basic Survival Skills

To ensure your bare survival you need to know how to:

  • Find a good place to set up camp
  • Build a survival shelter
  • Start a fire from tinder and a heat source
  • Locate water and purify it to make clean drinking water
  • Be your own doctor (first aid)
  • Signal rescuers your location
  • Stay mentally tough in frightening or painful situations

Outdoor & Wilderness Survival Skills

If you plan for a multi day outdoor adventure you should know how to:

  • Navigate using maps, your compass and read the sky and stars for directions
  • Use a knife without injuring yourself
  • Make a basic weapon (wooden spear)
  • Tie useful survival knots
  • Forage for wild edible plants, tubers and mushrooms
  • Catch fishes
  • Snare trap, hunt and clean game

Long-term And Urban Survival

What if SHTF or your community got hit by a natural disaster? You better know how to:

  • Parkour and free-run to escape from immediate threats (riots, looters)
  • Defend yourself with a gun and hand to hand combat
  • Grow a garden
  • Keep small scale lifestock like bees and chickens
  • Steal a car to get away from danger quickly
  • Start prepping so SHTF won’t surprise you
  • Trade and barter with and for everyday items

Read more here: Urban Survival Tips

The more you learn the better the chance that you’ll know the right technique or skill at the right moment and make it through the day.

But since you can’t learn everything I’d advise you to always carry around an Amazon Kindle filled to the brim with survival books. This way you’ll have the knowledge of hundreds of experts at your fingertips whenever you need it.

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33 Urban Survival Tips You Should Know

Tip #23: Find abandoned places to create secure backup hideouts.

You can divide most preppers into two categories:

Outdoor experts and city dwellers.

But life is unpredictable and you’ll never know where you are when shit hits the fan.

All your preparations could be for worthless if you are caught in a bad situation you couldn’t foresee.

Most preppers will agree that it’s best to get out of the city as fast as you can once things turn ugly. But what if you’re stuck for some reason?

Maybe you got caught shopping at the big mall, have to aid relatives who live in the city or your bug out vehicle got stolen.

In these situations it pays to know as much about urban survival as possible.

To give you a head start here are 33 urban survival tips you should know:

Escape & Everyday Carry

#1 Move out of the city if you can. Your chances of surviving any disaster instantly increase tenfold.

#2 Have a get home or everyday carry pack with you all the time to make it safely from your work to your house on a weekday.

#3 Ccreate small “get home bags” for your children and your wife. Teach them basic survival skills and set a meeting point in case you ever get separated.

#4 Pack a bug out bag, create a bug out plan and buy a bug out vehicle. Be ready to leave the city at first signs of trouble.

#5 Move FAST: Don’t wait until someone declares a state of emergency. Trust your instincts. Better to have a three day vacation in the countryside for no reason than to be trapped in a city full of hungry, violent people.

#6 Know how to “bug in”: Don’t put all your chips into leaving the crowds behind. You might be forced to stay in the city. Have a plan ready to fortify your current location and hold out until the situation improves.

#7 ALWAYS have a PLAN. When you have to react quickly there is nothing worse than not to know what to do.

#8 Arm yourself. It’s better to be a threat than a victim. Stay away from conflict but own multiple firearms, knives and pepper spray. Just in case. Also learn at least one self defense martial art like Krav Maga.

#9 Don’t be a hero if the odds are against you. Contrary to what you see in the movies it only takes one bullet to kill you. Permanently.

#10 Trust no one. Your best friends can turn on you like rabid dogs when they are afraid of their own life’s.

#11 Always carry a handkerchief to protect yourself from smoke and tear gas. Or to comfort your crying woman ;-).

Your Apartment / House

#12 Choose the location and neighborhood of your apartment carefully: Make sure there are safe routes to get to and away from it. You don’t want to live next to crowded places like supermarkets.

#13 Know your neighbors. Living next to a friendly couple of preppers can safe your life. Living next to an insane asshat with a gun is a really bad idea.

#14 Secure your apartment: Locks, sturdy doors, tripwires, battery powered burglar alarms, a decoy safe and bulletproof or barred windows make it far less likely that you’ll ever have to deal with burglars or looters.

#15 Hide your stuff. Have a hidden gun safe, a storage room that has no obvious door and build a safe room your family can hide in when things get really ugly.

#16 Keep a dog to alarm you of and scare away intruders.

#17 Prep at least for the “big three”: Electricity (batteries, solar), water storage and survival food. If you can’t last at least seven days with what you have in your apartment right now, you are in deep trouble.

#18 Keep stocked up on hygiene items like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Because, seriously, you don’t want to be boxed in your tiny apartment for weeks without a way to wipe your ass.

#19 Keep an Amazon Kindle ready for entertainment and to store survival books about topics too complicated to memorize like medicine or indoor farming.

#20 Keep your freezer full: The more packed your ice box is the longer it’ll stay cool after a brownout.

#21 Olive oil makes for a great light source (in candles) and a survival food that stores almost forever.

#22 Buy old, non electrical devices to combat brownouts. A hand crank generator is a real boon while an electric can opener is a REALLY bad idea.

#23 Find abandoned places around the city to create secure backup hideouts.

#24 Put a wireless battery powered camera into your apartment or your hideout so you can check remotely if it’s safe to go there.

Urban Survival Skills

#25 Be the “Gray Man“: Don’t stick out, don’t tell anyone about your preps. Dress simple, keep your survival gear hidden.

#26 Stay away from the crowds. Literally avoid crowded places like malls, subways, busy streets or places of worships. But also think outside of the crowd. If everyone does something, think very hard if you really should go along or if there is a better alternative.

#27 Know your city. Don’t trust your GPS. Know how to get from point A to point B anywhere in the city. Commit important routes to your memory and scout ahead for safe ways to get out of the city.

#28 Be fit. Go jogging or learn how to do parkour and free run. Traffic jams, fences and closed alleys will restrict your movements. You might need all the endurance your body can muster just to get home.

#29 Make friends. Not everyone is evil and wants to steal your stuff. You’ll need a second pair of eyes to keep watch while you sleep. Look for non preppers that you can help out once SHTF who can contribute to your own survival like doctors or Army veterans.

#30 Be a smart scavenger. Everyone will try to loot the big malls and supermarkets. Come up with looting targets that nobody else will think of early on instead like freight trains, cargo ships or fruit orchards.

#31 Identify nearby food sources: Are there ducks in the nearby pond? Doves on your neighbors roof? Or a zoo filled with goats?

#32 Learn how to grow stuff. Urban gardening, vertical farming, beekeeping: It’s hard to grow food in the city. Which only means you’ll have to work twice as hard.

#33 Cultivate a tough mindset that will help you to overcome obstacles. You can’t prep for everything. Learn how to not fall into panic and how to keep your mind sharp.

If you follow these urban survival tips I can guarantee you that you’ll be more likely to survive any catastrophe than any of your neighbors.

Don’t ignore the rules of urban survival: You’ll never know where you’ll be when SHTF.