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21 Survival Skills For Urban & Wilderness Survival

Surviving life-threatening situations comes down to two things:

What you carry and what you know.

Even the best survival gear doesn’t help if you don’t know how to use it. And if you know how to start a fire you won’t get far if you didn’t bring any tinder.

It’s their knowledge though, their survival skills, where most people fail. It’s easy to buy an overpriced survival something and be proud of yourself.

But studying survival books and practicing what you’ve learned? Shouldn’t that be reserved for school kids?

The truth is you could spend your whole life learning and still be a dabbler. There are hundreds of dangerous situations and a thousand ways to brace them.

But some skills are so critical to your survival that you shouldn’t even think about leaving your house before you’ve mastered them.

So what do you need to know before you next adventure?

Basic Survival Skills

To ensure your bare survival you need to know how to:

  • Find a good place to set up camp
  • Build a survival shelter
  • Start a fire from tinder and a heat source
  • Locate water and purify it to make clean drinking water
  • Be your own doctor (first aid)
  • Signal rescuers your location
  • Stay mentally tough in frightening or painful situations

Outdoor & Wilderness Survival Skills

If you plan for a multi day outdoor adventure you should know how to:

  • Navigate using maps, your compass and read the sky and stars for directions
  • Use a knife without injuring yourself
  • Make a basic weapon (wooden spear)
  • Tie useful survival knots
  • Forage for wild edible plants, tubers and mushrooms
  • Catch fishes
  • Snare trap, hunt and clean game

Long-term And Urban Survival

What if SHTF or your community got hit by a natural disaster? You better know how to:

  • Parkour and free-run to escape from immediate threats (riots, looters)
  • Defend yourself with a gun and hand to hand combat
  • Grow a garden
  • Keep small scale lifestock like bees and chickens
  • Steal a car to get away from danger quickly
  • Start prepping so SHTF won’t surprise you
  • Trade and barter with and for everyday items

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The more you learn the better the chance that you’ll know the right technique or skill at the right moment and make it through the day.

But since you can’t learn everything I’d advise you to always carry around an Amazon Kindle filled to the brim with survival books. This way you’ll have the knowledge of hundreds of experts at your fingertips whenever you need it.