The Brand Behind The Swiss Kitchen Knives: A Victorinox Review

October 12, 2021

You might be familiar with the famous "swiss knife." Not all knife manufacturers produce these as they are proprietary. The original Swiss Army Knife was aptly named for its function. These are used for heavy-duty knife work. You can rely on these knives for durability, protection, and sharpness. These are commonly used when camping or staying outdoors.

The Swiss knife has been long around for over 130 years. Since then, it has expanded to producing various high-quality knives, some of which are Swiss kitchen knives. This article will talk about the brand and the best kitchen knife sets they have produced. Read on to know more!

Victorinox: The Brand Behind Swiss Kitchen Knives

It was Karl Elsener who invented the Swiss Army knife. In 1886, he was commissioned to make a multi-bladed pocket knife durable enough to be brought to the field and possibly, war. After back and forth acquisition deals, Victorinox had finally gained control over the Swiss Army trademark in 2002.

But even before they acquired swiss knives, Victorinox has already been producing knives since 1884 and is known for making penknives. These are small knives (even smaller than swiss ones) that can be folded and carried in a case. They have continued to produce durable and high-quality knives ever since. Eventually, the brand expanded to making kitchen knives and watches.

Today, Victorinox is one of the popular kitchen knife brands. It is up to par with other famous knife manufacturers such as Mercer, Wusthof, Kai Shun, TOG, and Dick knives. Below are the best kitchen knife sets from Victorinox.

The Best of Victorinox Kitchen Knife Sets

Victorinox knives are popularly known for manufacturing high-quality kitchen knife sets. They produce different kinds of kitchen knives used both in the professional and home setting. Although the knives are made by the same brand, there are still key differences between them. This review will discuss its key features, what sets it apart from other kitchen knives, and why we love it.

Victorinox 8-piece Fibrox Knife Set

The Victorinox Fibrox set has eight items, including these knives:

  • 4" paring knife
  • 6" boning knife
  • 8" bread knife
  • 8" Chef's knife
  • 10" sharpening steel
  • 10" slicing knife

The set also comes with kitchen shears and a slanted hardwood knife block with ten slots, which completes the 8-piece set. These are durable for both light and heavy-duty tasks. Chefs use sharp knives made from high-carbon stainless steel like the one used in this set. The whole set weighs approximately 2 pounds. With this weight, each knife on its own is lightweight and features an ergonomic non-slip handle.

What sets it apart: The Fibrox knife kitchen set can be used by both professionals and home cooks. Compared to other knife sets, this meets the National Sanitation Foundation's (NSF) strict standards. This organization helps ensure that the tools used for commercial cooking are safe for the general public.

The knives also have a smaller handle than those of other sets. Its small size and light weight is a matter of preference since some people might not like it. Some want to feel some weight on their knives, so this set might not be for them.

Why we love it: The Victorinox Fibrox kitchen knife set is reasonably priced. That is also considering all its features. It's incredibly lightweight, which makes it perfect for long periods of cutting.

Its sharpness makes it ideal for more precise cuts, so cutting up thin slices of boneless meat and fruits won't be a problem with this one. We also love that the set already comes with a sturdy knife block.

Victorinox 11-piece Rosewood Knife Block Set

This Victorinox Rosewood Knife Block set comes with 11 pieces. The knives included in this set differ from each other, which are:

  • 3.25" paring knives
  • 6" boning knife
  • 5.5" steak knives (4 pieces)
  • 8" Chef's knife
  • 8" bread knife
  • 10" honing steel

The set also comes with a 10-inch slicer and a ten-slot slanted oak knife block, which complete the 11-piece set. Its blades are made from high carbon stainless steel. The knives in this set are all finished by hand in Switzerland. Like other Victorinox swiss army kitchen knives, the Rosewood knife set has sharp blades. The set weighs a total of 5.4 pounds which makes it a bit heavier than usual.

What sets it apart: Its Rosewood handle is its unique characteristic. Most knife handles are made of wood, BPA-free plastic, or aluminum. The wood handles make the set more visually appealing.

The handles don't just look good; they add value to the knife's performance, too, although Rosewood adds a little bit of weight to the knives. But even with this added weight, it's still convenient to use in long haul cutting. Although the handles account for the added weight and aesthetic, this might not be for most people. Again, it's a matter of personal preference.

Why we love it: Its Rosewood handle gives this 11-piece set leverage among other knives. It's a heavy-duty swiss knife for the kitchen— with every aspect of it focused on its durability. We love the fact that this set has all the kitchen knives commonly used in the kitchen.

The 4-piece knife steak is also one of its key features. We won't hesitate to hold a steak knife party for four with it! Overall, it looks good, and it performs even better with its superior blade sharpness.

Victorinox Fibrox 15-piece Knife Set

The Fibrox 15-piece knife set is an extension of the 8-piece set listed above. It comes with the following collection of knives:

  • 3.25" straight paring knife
  • 4.5" serrated utility knife
  • 4.5" sear tip steak knife (6 pieces)
  • 5" utility knife
  • 7" Granton blade santoku knife
  • 8" Chef's knife
  • 8.25" serrated bread knife
  • 10" honing steel

Like its 8-piece version, the 15-piece Fibrox set has kitchen shears and a sloping hardwood block. The blades are made from high-quality European steel. The knives' handles are ergonomically designed and light to the hand, which reduces arm fatigue when using the knife for a long duration.

Different blades have various types of edges to maximize their functionality. For example, serrated knives have saw-like edges. This makes it perfect for cutting up thick materials such as bread, lemons, and tomatoes. The set weighs 3.15 pounds overall— not too bad for the knives included in it!

What sets it apart: The Victorinox Fibrox 15-piece knife set is an extended version of the 8-piece set. They only differ in the number and type of knives in the set. The make of the blades and handles are the same. The blades are curved, which may be used for effortless chopping, mincing, and slicing. Other Victorinox Swiss knives only have straight edges on them.

Why we love it: The 15-piece ensemble has every knife you may need. If you're looking for a cohesive set wherein all knives are included, this is the best set for you. It's also one of the cheapest knives in their line in terms of cost per unit.

This might not be for everyone as some are good with just a 5 or 8-piece knife set. But if you're looking for an "almost" complete knife set, this is perfect for you! You get the value for money with its quantity and quality.

Victorinox Swiss Modern Knife Set

The Swiss Modern collection has only two knives in it:

  • 8.66" wavy edge bread and pastry knife
  • 6.7" fluted edge Santoku knife

The brand's Swiss Modern set is very different from the Classic and Fibrox line. The Swiss Modern knives look more similar to their Classic set, with their difference primarily in handle and blade type. The blades are made from wear-resistant stainless steel, while the handles are made from synthetic polypropylene copolymers (PPC). The knives are light to handle, with only 0.46 pounds.

What sets it apart: The knives in this set are versatile for all-around kitchen use. Even if there are just two knives included in the collection, these are the commonly used ones. The knives are not heavy— just enough to make you feel a bit of weight while cutting. However, it can feel a bit flimsy to some.

Why we love it: We love that there are only two knives included in this set. If you're a beginner or you don't need many knives, this is for you. These knives are enough for day-to-day chopping and cutting of meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Unlike other Victorinox knife sets, this doesn't come with a kitchen block— but this is good for some! Knife blocks are not needed if you don't have many knives. Overall, this is a good starter knife collection set.

Final Thoughts: Get Swiss Kitchen Knives

Victorinox is the only manufacturer of Swiss kitchen knives, with no other brands that make these knives. Since 1886, they have been producing high-quality penknives, which later expanded when they acquired the Swiss Army trademark in the early 2000s. Today, the Victorinox brand is a popular name both in the household and professional settings. The swiss army kitchen knife sets listed above are one of the best in their collection.

If you are having a hard time choosing which knife set is perfect for you, know where you're going to use it first. Do you want an extensive knife collection, or do you want something you can use daily? Whatever it is, there's a suited Victorinox knife set for you!

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