Swiss Army Kitchen Knives: The Most Durable of Them All

January 20, 2022

The Victorinox brand has long been making genuine Swiss Army kitchen knives. The knives were called such when Karl Elsener made multi-bladed pocket knives for Swiss soldiers in 1886. 

Since then, and upon Victorinox's acquisition of the rights to manufacture Swiss Army knives, they have expanded to making other knives. These are pocket knives, outdoor knives, garden knives, and kitchen knives.

Let’s check out Victorinox’s kitchen knives one by one.

Focusing on Victorinox Kitchen Knives

This article will focus on Swiss kitchen knives by Victorinox. If you're looking for a reliable and durable kitchen knife, this is the brand you should choose. These are durable for cutting and slicing meat, vegetables, and fruits. 

Reliability is not an issue because most of the knives are made from stamped stainless steel. The brand is also known for its craftsmanship. All their knives produce precise cuts, thanks to their balanced edges and handles. 

A Review of Victorinox's Best Kitchen Knives

Since there are different types of kitchen knives, this review will focus on the commonly used ones. These knives are chef's, santoku, and carving knives.

1. Fibrox Pro Chef's Kitchen Knife, 8 inches

The Fibrox Pro Chef's Kitchen Knife is best for all-around use. You can use it for slicing, chopping, mincing, and dicing fruits and vegetables. You can also use it when cutting up bread, pastry, and pizza.

Its blade is broad with a curved edge. This structure makes it easy for slicing with a rocking motion. The Fibrox Pro's stainless steel blade is wider compared to other kitchen knife blades. You may use its wide blade to scoop chopped food. It's also easier to smash garlic cloves with this.

Thermoplastic elastomers are used for this knife's handle, therefore contributing to its rough texture. Its roughness makes it resistant to slipping when in use. However, not everyone may like it because its texture might feel uncomfortable. 

What we love about it: We love that this knife is affordable for its features. Considering it's an all-around knife, it offers good value for money. 

Even though it has a rough handle, it's still comfortable to use. Of course, this will depend on your liking. 

If you're planning on getting just one knife to do all your everyday cutting needs, you should purchase the Fibrox Pro chef's knife. You don't need to worry about resharpening its blade now and then because it holds its sharpness for a long time. 

2. Victorinox Grand Maitre Chef's Knife, 8 inches

Aside from the Fibrox Pro, Victorinox offers the Grand Maitre. This chef's knife comes with an 8-inch high-carbon stainless steel blade and a handle made of polyoxymethylene (POM). 

Even though it's made from plastic, POM is stiff and durable. This material allows you to clean the knife properly, making it hygienic to use. Since the handle is made of plastic, it's more slippery compared to that of the Fibrox Pro.

Triple rivets connect the whole assembly. The knife blade is sharp and can hold its edge for a long time without resharpening. If you're going to resharpen it, you won't have a hard time since it has a bolster-less edge.

What we love about it: Of all the kitchen knives by Victorinox, the Grand Maitre looks the classiest. It combines a modern European style with an ergonomic design. 

Cutting or slicing meat, fruits, and vegetables will be fast and easy since its blade is sharp and can retain its edge for a long time. Even with its added handle weight, the knife is balanced and useful for long-haul cutting. 

Since it's a bit heavier than other chef's knives, some people might not be used to it. But that's a matter of personal choice, and the weight adds to its premium feel.

3. Victorinox Swiss Classic Santoku Knife, 7 inches

The Swiss Classic has some resemblance with the Fibrox Pro because Victorinox designed it to be the contemporary counterpart of the Fibrox Pro. Both knives have unique thermoplastic handles, which Victorinox has patented as “Fibrox.” 

The Swiss Classic comes with this Fibrox handle. However, the Swiss Classic handle and the Fibrox Pro handle differ in shape. The kitchen knife handle of Fibrox Pro has an oval edge, while the Swiss Classic has ridges on it.

The Swiss Classic santoku knife has a 7-inch high-carbon stainless steel blade. It is resistant to corrosion and has high edge retention. If you're looking for a smaller and lighter version of an all-around chef's knife, this is perfect for you.

What we love about it: We love that this santoku knife is a lighter take on the chef's knife and can do the same function. It's a “light” version not only in terms of size and weight but also in its overall look. 

The Victorinox Swiss Classic is available in different colors. You can get a santoku knife in orange, black, green, purple, and yellow. These Swiss Army santoku knives are also available in two different edges: straight and fluted. Fluted edges are perfect for peeling or slicing softer food, such as when you're creating food decorations. 

4. Victorinox Wood Carving Knife

The Victorinox Wood Carving Knife might be the most eye-catching of all. It deviates from the knives mentioned above, which all have handles made from plastic or synthetic materials. This aptly named knife gives off a rustic feel with its Italian walnut wood handle. Although wood requires higher maintenance than plastic, it is durable and can last for a long time.

It closely resembles a chef's knife, and it functions just the same. Its 7.5-inch straight-edge blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel. This carving knife differs, however, with its blade. It is a lot thinner compared to other knives.

A carving knife is also an all-around kitchen essential. This knife is perfect for making small and precise cuts of meat or poultry. Professional cooks usually use carving knives instead of chef's knives for cutting up smaller pieces of food, such as sushi.

Why we love it: The Victorinox Wood Carving Knife doesn't only look good, but it performs better too! Its wooden handle balances the shorter-than-usual blade without any problem. 

If you're looking for a knife with a more professional feel, this is the right one for you. We love that it gives off a sophisticated feel. It is designed for professional use; no wonder it gives off that quality and vibe. 

This high quality doesn't come cheap, however. The Wood Carving Knife is more expensive than those from other Victorinox collections. But if you don't mind spending extra on an exceptional knife, we recommend getting this one.

The Main Differences Between These Types of Kitchen Knives

We reviewed the three types of knives above. Still don't get how they differ? Here's a quick breakdown of each Swiss knife for the kitchen.

1. Chef’s Kitchen Knife

It is a go-to all-around kitchen knife. You can use it for cutting meat, herbs, and vegetables. It can also slice harder foods such as nuts and fruits. 

Although it is good for everyday cutting needs, it's not the best knife for making precise cuts. Its blade ranges from 8 to 10 inches in length, with its tip rounded.

2. Santoku Knife

Santoku knives (also known as santoku bocho knives) are for slicing, mincing, and dicing. Although their function is very much the same as that of chef's knives, santoku knives are shorter, with their 5- to 5.5-inch blades. 

You'll have better control over using different knife techniques with these knives. Their edges are also a lot sharper, making them easier to use for smaller and more precise cuts.

3. Carving Knife

Most people don't think they need a carving knife. But this knife is great for cutting meat and poultry, whether thick or thin pieces. It also makes precise cuts for food decoration. 

Chef's and santoku kitchen knives are only available in either straight or curved edges. Carving knives, on the other hand, are available in straight, curved, and serrated edges, which further expands their functionality.

Victorinox Swiss Army Kitchen Knives: A Brand You Can Trust

The Victorinox brand has long been producing superior army knives, and they've carried this standard to all of their knife collections, including kitchen knives. 

Professional cooks and chefs aren't the only ones who use these Swiss Army kitchen knives; Victorinox is a household name, after all! So it doesn’t matter whether you're a master at cooking or you're just a regular home cook—there's a Victorinox kitchen knife suited for you!

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