Safari-Inspired Cutlery: Stylizing Kitchen With Animal Print Kitchen Knives

May 24, 2021

Believe it or not, users across the internet have been going through a wildlife craze upon discovering that they can personalize their kitchen utilities and other cooking essentials. Experienced chefs and beginner cooks alike are mesmerized by the visual appeal of knives with prints; it’s almost like bringing the safari into the kitchen or matching your outfit of the day with your kitchenware.

Those who’ve expressed the greatest inclination towards animal prints on kitchen knives are, in fact, fashion gurus who are experts in blending and contrasting synthetic animal skin clothing with other pieces of fabric. At a glance, many have felt that they would like to start cooking in their homes if they’ve got stylish kitchenware. In this article, we will discuss what makes animal print kitchen knives popular, their key differences with regular kitchen knives, and what kind of prints you can choose from!

kitchen knives

Joining The Bandwagon

There is no explicit account as to which company invented the aesthetics of applying synthetic animal prints on kitchen knives. Some would say that this internet sensation started when Nigella Lawson’s series “Cook, Eat, Repeat” was aired. In one of her episodes, she takes out a kitchen knife with a leopard print that sends countless viewers wanting one of their own.

It is understandable why many were enticed by the knife. It is a rare find. When you think about it, it doesn’t seem like a chore anymore to start running errands like mincing garlic, chopping fruits, and dicing veggies when you are using the best kitchen knife set that also suits your fun personality. These types of kitchen knives have an immense semblance to nature’s most detailed patterns, which is why many people appreciate their appearance.

Do you feel like you need one of these in your home now? Scroll down for some highly recommended designs for your cutlery prints!

Choose Your Print

Now that you know why prints on kitchen knives are loved by many people, you can start exploring some of the most popular animal prints that may tickle your fancy and, of course, the brands that offer them.

Here are some of our favorite prints, brands, and a breakdown of why you should buy your own safari-inspired kitchen knife set:

leopard skin

Leopard Print | Kuhn Rikon

If you’re trying to get the best kitchen knife set and you identify as a powerful, confident, and fabulous chef, then this might be the perfect print for you. Capture your traits and associate your fierce and steadfast personality with a Kuhn Rikon Safari 3 Knife and Cutlery set in ferocious leopard print. Its impressive razor-sharp steel blade and lacerating power resemble that of a standard-quality chef knife, making everyone want it in their kitchen!

reticulated python skin

Reticulated Python Print | Taylor’s Eye Witness

Based on an old saying, pythons are mysterious yet restorative creatures. Acquire the best kitchen knives that assimilate these qualities, and extend your great liking towards exotic things with this print. Premium knives, such as the Taylor’s Eye Witness kitchen knives set, have tapered ground blades printed on the sides and come with an acrylic knife block. This particular collection is also easy to clean; just let your dishwasher take care of it! Coveting this knife print? Grab this fabulous set online or in kitchen essentials stores near you today.

giraffe skin

Giraffe Print | Kuhn Rikon

Deriving from Africa’s interpretation of giraffes, this print symbolizes a peaceful, gentle, and graceful human attribute. Perhaps you would want them on your knives too? This unique print is only available when you purchase knives at Kuhn Rikon, so rush to your nearest knife shop and experience the fabulous cutting-edge quality of this brand.

tiger skin

Tiger Print | Cuisinart

Do you characterize yourself as a strong and fearless chef who would take on different challenges in cooking, experiment with ingredients, and master proper cooking techniques in no time? These particular tiger-printed kitchen knives are made of non-stick color coatings to furnish the stainless steel blades. Claim this animal print set online or at select Cuisinart merchants near you.


Nature is too beautiful to be left in the wild outdoors. Take a piece of this wild beauty by incorporating wildlife prints in your home, whether it’s as literal as indoor plants or a nature-inspired painting that will take your guests on a wild ride. 

This article proves that you can even channel your nature-loving character into everyday household objects. If you’re a kitchen-holic and lover of nature at the same time, don’t hesitate to grab one of these gorgeous animal print cutlery and positively impact the ambiance of your kitchen! After all, the beauty of nature shouldn’t have to end once you shut the front door. 

Did this article help you in any way? We’d love to hear from you!

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