5 Storm Electric Fish Fillet Knife Alternatives You Can Buy

June 16, 2021

Brands and products come and go. When an old model suddenly stops manufacturing, it could mean a huge adjustment for you. This situation is familiar to those who have been using a Storm electric fish fillet knife. They badly need a replacement, but they can’t find one now.

Are you one of them? Maybe it is a sign from the universe to try newer models from other trusted brands.


To help you in your search, we have listed five alternatives to your Storm electric fillet knife. We assure you these are the top electric knives today. Let’s begin!

Rapala Heavy-Duty 

If you are ready to invest in a quality electric fillet knife, invest in Rapala. This brand produces innovative tools to help fishing enthusiasts, chefs, and anglers. 

They have products such as fishing lures, fillet knives, and boards, as well as different accessories such as fish rulers, line removers, digital fish scales, and more!

They also offer different types of fish knives, from manual ones to electric and cordless types. However, we recommend the Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife. 

Pros Cons
The 7.5-inch blades are made of stainless steel.You can use it for a long time without corroding because of its durability and rust resistance.The handle provides a cooling system to the motor.The 8-feet power cord is long enough for you to move around your filleting area.The motor is quiet and capable of heavy-duty work.
Only one blade is available for this model.

American Angler Pro Titanium

American Angler’s flagship product is its electric filleting knife. They also produce electric fillet knife blades to replace the blades of the electric knives they produce. Since the 1990s, American Angler has been a leading brand when it comes to electric fish knives, making it worth your trust and money. 

Pros Cons
With a black blade and titanium-carbon gray handle, the design is visually pleasing.The 8-inch blade is made durable by the 420 stainless steel and titanium coating. It can easily cut small and soft fish and slice big ones with more rigid bones.The motor, powered by 110 V electricity, remains cool despite filleting tons of fish for long hours.
No sheath is provided for the blade to keep the blade extra safe. It only comes with a nylon mesh bag.Only one blade size is included. Extra or blade replacement is sold separately.

Bubba Li-Ion

Knives that can withstand freshwater and saltwater are the defining strength of Bubba. They offer a wide variety of traditional and electric fish knives, as well as different tools such as shears, hook extractors, nets, sharpening steel, and gaff.

However, one of Bubba's best products is the cordless fish knife. It brings huge convenience to users who are constantly on the move.

Pros Cons
The electric knife is cordless.It is highly portable and moveable.Two rechargeable batteries that can easily be attached and detached are included in the kit.Four blades (7, 8.5, 9, and 12 inches) made of stainless steel are included in the kit.Blades are coated with titanium nitride, making them durable.All parts are placed in compact storage for portability.
 It takes adjustment to get a good grip on the handle and trigger design.


Whether you engage in saltwater, freshwater, ice, or competitive fishing, Berkeley has got you covered with all the tools you’ll need. Berkley's products consist of different types of fishing lines, rods, baits, hooks, and carts. It has also innovated its fish fillet knives to automatic and electricity-powered knives. 

You can buy the electric fish knife Berkley offers with a single blade or deluxe. Two blades with 12 V battery clips and vehicle plugs are included. 

Pros Cons
There is a set that includes an 8-inch blade.The deluxe set has two stainless steel blades, one 6-inch and the other 8-inch.It can be powered by vehicle plugs and batteries when used outdoors.Blades have a lock for safe removal and attachment.  It’s not portable because no bag or storage is provided

Smith’s Electric Knife

Mr. Smith provides everything you’ll need to prepare your catch. There are six items in this kit: 7-inch and 4 ½-inch stainless steel blades, sheaths for each blade, a glove, and a bag to keep all the items. It has 120 V power, and the handle is designed to cool the motor while in use to prevent overheating. 

Pros Cons
 The kit includes the basic tools you’ll need in fish preparation. You can use the two blades alternatively according to the size of your catch. Your safety is ensured with the sheaths covering the blades.  The electric fish knife is not cordless, so you need to stay close to the electric outlet while filleting. 

Final Thoughts

While it’s difficult to let go of your old knife and adjust to using a new one, it will all be worth it because these are the prime knives today. Whichever you choose among these five knives, we are sure that they’ll give you the same high-quality results—if not better—you get from your old electric knife. 

Electric knives today are crafted to perfection, from the handle to the blade and the motor capacity. The blades are made of sturdy materials and coated with more layers of protection to make them last. Innovators also now understand the need for motors that can withstand wet environments, so most are waterproof. Lastly, there are cordless models that give you unparalleled convenience. All these benefits should be enough for you to consider new brands. 

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