Innovation in Steel: Cold Steel Kitchen Knives

February 23, 2022

For years, the only kitchen knives available were forged from steel. These traditional knives are still popular today, but they have been joined by a new type of knife made from more innovative materials. As a result, Cold Steel kitchen knives are now being used by home cooks worldwide who love their innovation, performance, and durability. 

Cold Steel Knives is a company that has been around for over 40 years. They have created some of the most cutting-edge steel knives and continue to bring new designs to market today. This blog post will look at the Cold Steel kitchen classic knife set and see what sets them apart from other kitchen knife brands. 

Cold Steel Kitchen Knife Set – A Review

A sharp knife is a must for chefs. It is used to prepare ingredients as well as for presentation, so the food does not only satisfy your hunger but your eyes as well. To that, let's take a closer look at the individual knives of the Cold Steel kitchen set, and the top-rated knives you should include in your kitchen. 

Cold Steel Chef’s Knife 13”

The first knife in the kitchen classics set is the 13-inch chef's knife. It's a multi-purpose tool that helps cooks work around food preparation quickly and smoothly. 

Good for: 

  • Cutting slices of meat, poultry, and fish 
  • Doing precision work 


  • The chef’s knife is a precision flat ground 400 series steel that is ice tempered and cryo-quenched to elevate the blade's cutting power. 
  • The knife has a re-designed handle with ergonomic curves for better grip. 
  • The blade is 8 inches long to allow long strides, with a 4.7-inch handle so you have enough space for your hands to hold the knife properly and at the correct angle. 
  • The knife is durable and has maximum edge retention at an affordable price. A great value for your money. 

Cold Steel Utility Knife 

This utility knife has a resin-coated blade with serrated edges for delicate ingredients. It also has an oak handle for a secure grip and durability. 

Good for: 

  • Cutting soft vegetables like tomatoes and bell peppers
  • Slicing bread and other pastries


  • The cold steel utility knife is crafted with the same steel and technique as the chef's knife to ensure consistent premium quality in the knife series.
  • The utility knife has a special serrated blade so you can cleanly cut ingredients that are soft and crumbly without crushing them, resulting in neater food presentation.
  • The blade is 6 inches long and the knife weighs approximately 2.4 ounces; this is the right length and weight for cutting delicate items while still providing good balance.

Cold Steel Fixed Blade Butcher Knife 

This butcher knife has a wider blade so you can cut through the bones of meat and an almost rounded edge to prevent you from puncturing the meat and ruining the cut quality. 

Good for: 

  • Butchering large fish and poultry
  • Breaking and separating chicken bones


  • This cold steel butcher knife is razor-sharp and can slice through the soft joints of poultry meat in one cut. 
  • The fixed blade means that the knife is forged using single steel, making the spine harder and ensuring the blade won't fall out of place. 
  • The handle is designed to be firm and steady in your hands even when you butcher slippery meat, preventing accidents. 

Cold Steel Meat Cleaver 

This meat cleaver can cut through tough bones and meat like beef and pork. It has a weighted blade for additional force and is good to use with an up and down chopping motion. 

Good for: 

  • Butchering large and tough meat and bones 
  • Dicing vegetables


  • The cold steel cleaver is made from alloy steel which is harder and can withstand more wear and tear compared to other metals. It also has anti-corrosion properties, so your knife will stay sharp with low maintenance. 
  • The weight of the knife is perfect for dicing vegetables precisely so that you will yield cuts of the same size. 

Cold Steel Boning Knife

Included in this set is a boning knife. Most people don’t know the importance of having a boning knife. It lets you cleanly separate the meat from the bone without wasting precious meat. 

Good for: 

  • Deboning chicken meat
  • Cutting steak (it doubles as a steak knife) 


  • The boning knife has a thin blade so you can accurately separate the meat from the bone. 
  • The blade is flexible so that you can glide the knife along the curves of the bones, especially while deboning steaks. 
  • The handle is non-slip for better grip. The blade is sharp, and is very easy to re-sharpen. To achieve maximum edge retention, it takes only a few swipes on a rod or whetstone. 

Cold Steel Paring Knife 

This knife has the smallest blade in this kitchen knife set but it won't disappoint when it comes to sharpness. The paring knife will allow you to peel fruits and vegetables swiftly and allow you to put more detail in when you carve food.

Good for: 

  • Peeling fruits and vegetables, especially smaller ones
  • Food carving 


  • The knife has a 3-inch blade for accurate peeling and a 4-inch handle for an ergonomic design. Despite its small size, it still gives you full control of the knife. 
  • The knife has a stiff spine with little to no flexibility, so you can force your thumb on the knife to guide it more properly on hard vegetables and fruits. 
  • You can use this to slice fruits and vegetables into cubes. This knife is compact-sized, so you can use it when traveling and going on camping trips. 

The Cold Steel knife set comes with an oak stand so you can display it in your kitchen. There are other knife series Cold Steel offers. There are hunting knives, tactical knives, and other specialty knives that you can buy. Browse their collections to find your perfect knife companion today. 

Kitchen knife set on top for plastic chopping board

Redefine Your Cooking with Cold Steel Kitchen Knives 

A knife that's sharp, long-lasting, and budget-friendly is a rare find companion today. Don't waste your money replacing your knives now and then. We hope this Cold Steel knives review helps you make a decision. 

Invest in a Cold Steel knife set, and you won’t regret it. It performs and feels like a premium quality knife without the high price tag, so check them out today.

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