Stag Handle Hunting Knife: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Hunters and Collectors

November 26, 2021

A stag handle hunting knife is a beautiful addition to any hunter’s or collector's arsenal. It is made from the antlers of deer and makes for a stylish yet rugged hunting companion in the wild. 

If you're looking for an elegant gift for someone who loves the outdoors, this might be it! Hunters will love this knife because of its beauty and utility, while collectors might want one as a prized possession. 

If you are thinking of giving it as a gift to a family member or a friend, check out the reasons why this knife is the best gift you can ever give them. We’ve also included additional tips in picking the right knife and how to make gift-giving more special. 

Let’s start!

5 Reasons a Stag Handle Hunting Knife Is an Excellent Gift

A practical tool in the wild

If the receiver loves the outdoors, stag knives can assist them with different camp tasks. The razor-sharp blades of the knife can cut ropes to prepare tents or chop small branches to start a fire easily. 

Full-fledged hunters can use the knife to gut, dress, and prepare the game they caught. If you hunt with this friend, you’ll be delighted to see your gift is useful in the wild for both of you. On the other hand, if hunting is not your hobby, at least you know your loved one is out in the wild with a reliable hunting knife. 

A handle design that stands out

You will not go wrong with giving stag handle knives as holiday gifts; they are as special as the occasion. Skip the conventional knives with black rubber handles and silver rivets, and go for those with stag handles that will enchant the receiver at first sight. 

A stag knife’s handle comes from a male deer’s antlers, and the resulting knife maintains the natural patterns of the antlers. Hence, each handle has unique textures and comes in brown, black, gray, and white colors. Its wild and natural appearance certainly matches the environment where it will be used most often. 

A gift that comes with a story

When giving gifts, does your family have the tradition of explaining the backstory of the gift? If you pick any of the glorious knives from Silver Stag Knives, be prepared to have everybody in awe of your story. 

Acquiring stag antlers is cruelty-free though they come from live male deers. Although the material is called “stag bone,” no harm touches any deer because they naturally shed their antlers during winter. Knifemakers then harvest these antlers and turn them into beautiful knife handles. 

An addition to a collector’s shelf

This gift is not only for hunters and lovers of the outdoors, but it is also for individuals who fill their shelves with vintage and high-quality knives. 

Giving a gift to a knife collector means you have to face the pressure of providing only the best knife. To meet their superior standards, look for knives with sambar stag handles, for they have the highest quality. The receiver will surely go, “Wow! Where’d you find this?” after unwrapping your surprise. 

Just note that sambar stags are protected wildlife, so acquire knives only from sources following wildlife regulations. 

A knife for home use

Because of the elegance, quaintness, and native appearance of knives with stag antler handles, knifemakers also use them in creating kitchen knives. That’s good news if the receiver is a chef or a home cook! 

Look for chefs, santoku, utility, and paring knives. You can even have a whole set of stag handle knives. You know the receiver will use these blades well, and because of their durability, these knives can serve your loved one for a long time. 

silver stag knives

Picking the Right Stag Antler Hunting Knife

Are you convinced that a knife with a stag handle can be the best gift ever, or are you still anxious? Let’s remove your doubt by helping you pick the right knife. 

Here are some basic knife facts you should know when deciding which one to buy. 


There are different blades for hunting, cooking, and camping, so check out the blade-style first. While most hunting knives can perform all-around camping tasks, it is best to pick knives for a particular use. 

  • Hunting knife: The blade length of hunting knives usually measures not more than 5 inches. The short length ensures better control for gutting and skinning. 
  • Gutting knife: A hunting knife with a gut hook ensures that you won’t poke the animal’s innards and contaminate the game. 
  • Skinning knife: Imagine skinning a 300-pound deer; you’ll wish you had a reliable skinning knife. 

Aside from checking what tasks the knife can perform, check the material of the blade. It is best to go with high-carbon stainless steel for strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. 

You’ll also need to decide whether to pick a fixed-blade knife or a folding knife. Again, consider the receiver’s activities. Fixed blades offer more control, especially when performing intricate cuts, but a folding pocket knife is easy to carry and thus best for individuals who move and travel a lot. 


Wood handles also offer a natural look and feel, so it might be tempting to go for them. However, white stag knives are still better because of their durability. You may also come across elk antler handles, but stag handles are thicker and stronger than other antlers. So stick to stag handles because of their many benefits. 

Aside from the handle material, check the ergonomics so that the gift receiver will find it easy to hold the knife. Buy a knife with finger guards for safety in case the blade slips from their hand while preparing a wet and slimy game. 

Handles that follow the curves of the finger are also comfortable to use. The user won’t end up with sore arms after skinning, gutting, and preparing a huge game. 

Sheath and sharpener

As a bonus, you can add a sheath and a sharpener so that the receiver will have a complete set of game preparation must-haves. Here are some tips.

  • Get a nylon or leather sheath; either is durable. In particular, brown leather complements the natural color of the stag handle.
  • Pick a sheath that has a lanyard hole or a button so that you can tie or button it around your belt for accessibility. 
  • For the sharpener, get a portable one so that they can take it outdoors. You can go for a classic whetstone or manual knife sharpeners. 

With a complete set, we now go to the final step: planning the actual gift-giving!

stag handle knife

Tips to Make Gift-Giving Unforgettable

Your gift in itself is amazing, and the effort you put into finding an excellent stag knife is priceless. However, like the climax of a movie, you want the gift presentation to be perfect and unforgettable. 

We got you! Here are some fun gimmicks to do. 

  • Turn a regular hunt into a remarkable one by presenting the gift as you hunt. 
  • Give the gift after catching a game and just before the receiver starts gutting and skinning. That'll be their most memorable game preparation for sure!
  • Celebrating at home? Give the stag knife along with a cake with a wildlife theme to match it.
  • Nothing beats slipping a classic holiday card with a handwritten message in your gift.

Final Thoughts

We all aim to give the best gift to the people we care for. Most of the time, the finest gifts are those that a person can use in their activities. Giving things people use and need shows that you know them and you want to provide them with something that will make performing their tasks more comfortable. 

Hunters, collectors, and outdoorsy individuals will surely cherish a knife as special as a hunting knife with a stag antler handle. Once they receive it, they’ll have a satisfied smile on their face because you gave them just what they want and need. 

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