Stag Bone Handle Hunting Knives: Fascinating Facts You Must Know

April 28, 2021

Nature is a giver, and there are many things we can acquire from it without any cost. From the trees to the waters, to animals, we can enjoy the blessings of the environment. One of the free things they can relish for knife makers and enthusiasts is stag bone for stag knives. 

Stag Handle Hunting Knife Interesting Facts

Stag bone is acquired from deer. 

Deer antlers come off naturally in the late winter and are rummaged by knife makers for stag bone handle hunting knives around March and onwards. The process is like making the most of what nature has given, turning waste into something extremely useful.

Stag bone has plenty of usages.

The material can be used as a knife handle and as tongs, swords, cigar cutters, and different kinds of gun and firearm grips. The texture and color of stag bone make these tools more visually pleasing. It adds a unique and antique vibe to the firearm or knife. Expect the grips to last for a long time with the material used.

Raw and carved stag bones are for sale. 

While you can buy a finished product with a stag bone as a handle, there are also raw stag bones for sale if you want to make your own stag bone knife.

A legitimate stag handle hunting knife can be made because of stag bones’ availability. It is easier to check if a stag bone is legitimate because of its raw fixture. Enthusiasts prefer having carved stag bones because this material is already shaped and prepared. This makes the process of forging a stag handle knife easier.

Stag Knives Usage

Because of the durability of stag bone, it is commonly used for hunting knives. You can rely on the knife handle to be used on different hunting and outdoor needs and activities. There are different kinds of hunting knives; checking Silver Stag hunting knives is a great way to start if you’re sourcing stag handles. 

  1. Game preparation

One prime usage of a stag hunting knife is for proper game preparation. Using the correct knife will make your skinning, dressing, meat removal, and slicing excellent. You surely do not want to puncture animal parts the wrong way because of a wrong knife. The stag handle allows you to get a solid grip on the knife so that you can do all the game preparation perfectly. 

  1. Outdoor jobs

Suppose you are not into hunting and game preparation but more on just enjoying the outdoors through camping, hiking, fishing, sailing, and other fun activities. You will still find a stag bone handle hunting knife helpful.

Campfires are an everyday activity outdoors. You can cut small branches to start a fire up and keep it going. While you keep warm, you can start preparing your food with the help of your hunting knife. Slice, dice, and peel any ingredients with perfect control of the knife because of the stag handle. 

In case you need to cut ropes for any purpose, a stag handle knife blade will also be at your service. 

  1. Daily use

Generally, you can use a hunting knife even in your daily cutting activities because of its reliable sharpness and pointed end. If you are the type of person who keeps his hand busy, you can conveniently keep the hunting knife close, hanging around your belt, covered by a sheath for safety. 

  1. Additional Collection

Knives with stag bone handles are undeniably beautiful, so if you are into collecting knives, this is a welcome addition to your collection. Unlike other knives where a duplicate is easy to find, you’ll have a lot of knives that are unique only to you with this knife type. Every knife you add to your collection will be a trophy. You can always take pride that only you has this kind of collection. 

Tips in Buying Stag Bone Handle Hunting Knives

In buying stag bone handle hunting knives, there are plenty of things to consider to ensure you get the best one. Here are a few tips to get started in your pursuit to get the best stag knives. 

Tip #1: Know where you’ll use the knife.

The first step is to pinpoint why you’ll buy a hunting knife. Is it an addition to your knife collection or are you eyeing to use it for practical activities at home or outdoors? Are you a skilled hunter who wants a stag bone-style knife to satisfy your game preparation needs? Hunting knives are designed for specific usage. It’s best to know where you’ll use it so that you can pick just the right design. 

Tip #2: Pick the most suitable blade.

After knowing where you will use the knife, pick the blade type that will suit your needs best. Although, generally, experts suggest that the best blade length is 4-inch. If it is longer than that, your blade might be unwieldy, making game preparation much more challenging. 

A drop point blade can help in gutting and skinning games. With its flexible knife design, you can also use it in different outdoor cutting activities.

Besides making excellent game preparation, you can also have a hunting knife with a skinner blade. As the name suggests, the knife is specially made for skinning. You can skin better using this blade type than any other blade. Another addition to the tools to prepare your game is the gut hook for clear-cut gutting. 

If you are not into gaming but need a hunting knife handy for your camping and hiking needs, a hunting knife with a clip point blade is best. 

You can find hunting knife variations in many stores online or purchase one of the famed Silver Stag hunting knives to add to your collection. Check the details of the knife before making the purchase. You may also get yourself a Silver Stag fillet knife if you’re more into fishing than hunting.

Tip #3: Pick a knife with a stag bone handle.

Stag bone handles will not be famous among knife enthusiasts and collectors if it is not quality material. Stag bone, especially Sambar stag bone, have reliable strength. Combined with a full-tang design of hunting knives, you can use your knife in heavy-duty cutting and not worry about it wearing out quickly. 

Just make sure that aside from looking into the knife’s appearance, you’re also getting a feel of it. Despite the elegance and durability of the handle and the blade, any cutting task will be difficult if it does not provide you with a comfortable grip. Different knives have various stag bone handles, so pick the length you know fits the size of your hand. 

Other knife handles also have different advantages, but stag bone handles offer both style and strength. 

Final Thoughts

Knives with stag bone handles are an excellent tool to keep you company in your hunting and camping trips. With the right blade, you are assured that your dressing, gutting, and cutting needs are taken care of.Stag bone handles are unique compared to synthetic handles because they are environment-friendly. The antique look also makes it more attractive and stands out in a sea of hunting knives. That said, you can trust that stag bone handle hunting knives are, indeed, a worthy addition to your collection.

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