Spyderco Murray Carter Kitchen Knives’ Itamae Gyuto: Why It Should Be Your First Knife From The Brand

October 21, 2021

It’s perfect to have just the knife you need for a specific task. What’s even better is having an array of practical knives to use—especially if they’re great to look at, as well. Imagine a knife so beautiful, you’re inspired to invite guests over and cook, all so that they can see your gorgeous collection!

Let us show you just the knife we are describing—the Spyderco kitchen knives Itamae Gyuto. The chef’s knife is an all-arounder in the kitchen and the favorite knife of cooks, and this is Spydero’s representative. Let’s check it out!

Spotlight On The Itamae Gyuto

Unlike many other knives of its caliber, the Itamae Gyuto Murray Carter knives’ blade, handle, and uses are extremely interesting, so let’s take a look.


You must be used to seeing knives made of stainless steel or high carbon stainless steel, and it is the same with the Itamae Gyuto made out of SUS410 stainless steel. What makes Murray kitchen knives, like this one, stand out is the three layers of materials used for the blade:

  • Carbon steel layer
  • Aogami Super Blue core
  • SUS410 stainless steel

These three layers come together to create one extremely tough knife.


Matching the strong and beautiful 10.14-inch blade of the Itamae Gyuto is the handle made of burl G10, giving it a unique and earthy look. Unlike many handles that have curves friendly to the natural flow of the hands, the Itamae Gyuto offers a distinctive handle design. The brand calls the design “wa style” or octagonal handles. The shape and the color of the handle are eye-catching and charming.


Because this kitchen cutlery is a chef’s knife counterpart, you can use it with almost all tasks in the kitchen.

  • Slicing chicken, pork, and beef
  • Filleting fish
  • Shredding and cutting vegetables
  • Chopping all sorts of nuts
  • Mincing herbs

With its 10.14-inch blade size, you will use it mostly for bigger food and ingredients, but you can also use it for smaller ingredients with careful use.

Reasons Why The Itamae Gyuto Is A Must-Have Knife

If the technical specifications of the Itamae Gyuto have already got you thinking that it is a must-have knife, you’ll be happy to know that there’s more! Here are three more reasons to encourage you to hit that buy button.

Own a unique-looking knife.

If you love owning knives with out-of-the-box designs and styles that are not as ubiquitous as the classic silver blade and black handle, the Itame Gyuto is the perfect knife for you. This knife’s look can be categorized under vintage knives or natural-looking knives. The knife is an ideal break from the marketing spiels you’ve seen a hundred times before about knives that are ergonomically designed. Itame Gyuto may not curve according to the hand's anatomy, but it sure is easy to grip because of the stunning material used for the handle.

There are more knives to collect.

There are some cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs that are into collecting all knives in a series. If you classify yourself as one, check out the other knives under the Itamae Series:

  • Itamae Nakiri
  • Itamae Funayuki
  • Itamae Petty
  • Itamae Bunka Bucho

If you want to collect knives made by Murray Carter for Spyderco, you can collect the Wakiita Series knives too:

  • Wakiita Nakiri
  • Wakiita Funayuki
  • Wakiita Petty
  • Wakiita Bunka Bucho

Part of the fun of owning a complete collection is seeing knives that have the same styles and looks inside your kitchen cabinet.

You own a knife that tells stories.

Aside from the materials used to create knives and their designs,brands stand out with histories and stories. The Murray Carter-Spyderco partnership has an interesting history—born from a Canadian who learnt traditional Japanese knife making from a master Japanese artisan. You can talk about this story with your guests as you prepare food. Will you pass on your knives to the next generation of your family? You can pass on this story aside from the knife as well.


  • The knife design makes it stand out among all the chef’s knives available in the market today.
  • The blade is made out of three layers of steel.
  • The octagonal burl G10 handle gives a vintage touch to the knife, and it is durable too.


  • The blade may be too long in preparing and peeling small fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, apples, or strawberries.

Final Thoughts

Having the Murray Carter Itamae Gyuto is a dream come true if you want to have a chef’s knife that will stand out among the usual cook’s knives out there. First, the knife does not have the standard silver blade and black handle combination, but it has an octagonally-designed handle with unique patterns and brown and black colors. The strength of its blade is levelled up because it is made of not only one steel, but three layers of different types of steel. Most importantly, nothing beats the interesting story of Murray Carter’s journey to learn about knife manufacturing in Japan. That the Itame Gyuto is an awesome knife worthy of your purchase is unquestionable.

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