Spotlight Design: Thiers Issard Kitchen Knives

August 11, 2021

Many people just can’t get enough of the simple yet elegant design of the best Thiers Issard kitchen knives. It certainly lives up to the class, power, and style of French knife brands. However, what makes this brand highly captivating is the distinctive elephant logo engraved on the side of the blades. Anyone would notice it whether they are looking at it in person or on their screens.

More than their appearance, Thiers Issard culinary knives have other characteristics that you may find desirable, value-adding, and fascinating. Locals in France are not the only ones who use this sharp cooking knife, but countless cooks and food enthusiasts around the world also import them.

We believe you deserve premium-quality knives for a memorable food preparation experience, which is why this article will discuss what Thiers Issard knives are and why you must have these sharp kitchen knives through our buying guide and product review. Read on to find out more.

What Are Thiers Issard Kitchen Knives?

Thiers Issard knives are manufactured by Thiers Issard Sabatier, a respectable French cutlery brand established in 1884. Based in Thiers, the cutlery capital of France, Thiers Issard Sabatier is one of the leading companies with ‘Sabatier’ in its name.

What makes them a historically reputable manufacturer is the founder’s mastery of razor-making. From this origin, the manufacturer is now acknowledged as a top cutlery firm in Europe.

Thiers Issard Sabatier was also the first to craft and forge the widely used Damascus steel knives. To this day, they export different types of kitchen knives, from chef’s knives and stainless steel blades to Serbian knives, in approximately 30 countries.

Are you considering this item for your food preparation activities? In the next section, we will present one of Thiers Issard Sabatier’s products and convince you why it’s worth buying.

Thiers Issard Kitchen Knives: Features

If you need evidence to prove your knife is authentic, just look for an authority stamp or label, which you should find on the knife blade. Remember that they are iconic for using the logo of an elephant on their blades.

Depending on the retail store, you might also find a product certification document. Rip-off products wouldn’t have this to prove your item’s authenticity.

In terms of price, a Thiers Issard kitchen knife costs around 15 USD to 70 USD, an affordable steal despite its highly impressive creation process and proven quality.

In this review, we will focus on the Thiers Issard Slicer Chef’s Knife. Here are its standard, functional, and aesthetic properties.

Standard Properties

  • The plain blade edge resembles a razor and has a flat grind.
  • This 8-inch blade is forged from 4116 x50crmov15 stainless steel in France. You can use it as a bread knife or slicer.

Functional Properties

  • Its incredible incision power lets it easily cut through any ingredient, including meat, fish, poultry, fruits, and vegetables.
  • This knife model is super easy to clean. All you need to do is just soap it, rinse it with warm water, and let it dry thoroughly for a few minutes.
  • Its cutting-edge property makes it famous for gift-giving during holidays, where families usually cut festive meals like ham, turkey, salmon, and roast beef.

Aesthetic Properties

  • The product is beautifully stamped with the Thiers Issard elephant symbol to showcase its prestige and branding.
  • A “Made in France” label is engraved on the knife, adding to its legitimacy.
  • Its color is stainless steel, and it comes with an ergonomic riveted nylon handle.

Thiers Issard Professional Kitchen Knives: Review

At this point, you may be wondering where you could get signature blades such as the Thiers Issard professional knife.

As with most kitchen knives, the go-to place is the online marketplace. For this section of the article, we highlight the attributes of the professional Thiers Issard knife and why online buyers love it.

The product weighs about 5.5 ounces with a package dimension of 13.27 × 1.89 × 1.02 inches. Its simple yet elegant blade is made of stainless steel material, with a five-star rating on Amazon.

For the price of 69.99 USD without import fees, you cannot help but admire this product.

Aside from its gorgeous appearance and neat packaging that makes it a great gifting idea, below are some other promising characteristics when purchasing a Thiers Issard knife.

  • It possesses incredible and high-quality cutting power for all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Effortlessly chop, cut, mince, and dice your ingredients with this product. It’s almost as if you are using an electric and automatic slicing machine for cooking.
  • The product has been made directly in France and forged from premium grade steel since 1884. With every use, your knife does not deteriorate in integrity or performance. It will last for a long time as it is easy to maintain and clean.
  • A Thiers Issard knife is safe to use with its ergonomic riveted nylon handle and finger guard that will prevent slipping and accidental cuts, making it friendly for people learning how to cook at home and outside.
  • While the product is ideal for slicing healthy snacks, mincing garlic and onions, chopping herbs or spices, and dicing potatoes, you can also use it for relatively softer cuts of fish and meat.
  • You get a visually stunning flat-grind blade that complements its razor-like edges, exceptional balance, and superior edge retention. When it gets blunt over the course of time, you can easily resharpen your Thiers Issard blade, and it comes out good as new.
  • There is a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your knife. Should this happen, you may reach out to Thiers Issard before returning the knife.

Final Word

Based on the details we provided, it is clear that the product does its job for many cooking enthusiasts and experienced chefs. You will look back on the food preparation skills you have picked up and understand why people can’t get enough of the Thiers Issard knives. Before you realize it, you will be among those who would recommend and testify to the benefits of these knives.

Did you find this article helpful? Have you ever tried French-made kitchen knives before? Let us know what you think by sharing your insights in the comments below!

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