Spotlight Design: Silver Stag Hunting Knives

June 2, 2021

When you’re living the hunter’s life, a knife will always come in handy for prepping the fresh meat straight from the forest. Before you head over to the kitchen to bring your favorite ingredients together for that wonderful family dish, you’ll need the main ingredient for protein: meat.

Although we have plenty of knife options from retail stores, not all of these are suitable for hunting. By using the wrong set of knives, you will most certainly fail during the hunting process or, worse, hurt yourself. You deserve premium-quality hunting knives that will satisfy your needs, which is why we are here.

In this article, we will be talking about expert animal hunting techniques which you can incorporate and how Silver Stag knives are reliable for the hunt. Interested in upgrading your current hunting skills? Read on to find out more!

Expert Animal Hunting: Silver Stag Hunting Knives

There are two ways to handle knife hunting: one is with a dog as a companion, and another is to hunt all by yourself. Before we proceed, be sure to keep in mind that your hunting should be clean and ethical; hunting should be done for food and not for entertainment (i.e., trophy hunting).

When hunting with a dog, there are two ways to stab the target animal while your trained dog pins its ears with their jaws:

  1. You can grab one or two of the legs to restrict it. Once you have successfully flipped the animal to its back, you will see the exposed underside. That is your chance to stab the target’s weakest point.
  2. Should your surroundings not give you much space to move around or should the animal have incredible weight or strength that makes the hunting challenging, you’ll need to first stab the animal above to weaken it. Once the animal has been weakened, you can follow the same approach as in #1 to deliver the final blow.

When hunting on your own, you need to force the target to charge at you so that you can face it head-on. Your goal is to push it to the ground then stab it. Below are some tips and tricks to equip you for this type of hunt:

  1. You need to be physically fit for this challenge as animals will fight back or run away
  2. Do not attempt to use any form of folding knife as a weapon to kill animals (it won’t work)
  3. Carry more than one knife around especially if you plan to throw one of them
  4. Sharpen your knives before every expedition or bring a field sharpener with you to the zone
  5. Try not to carry too much stuff with you as this impedes movement
  6. Don’t ever try to throw a knife at an unfamiliar animal that is charging at you
  7. Learn about your target’s kill zone and observe their behavior before engaging with them
  8. Grasp how you can give a wounded target a quick and ethical death; do not let it run off
  9. Have an appropriate hunting knife that works best with your physical abilities
hunting knives

Silver Stag Hunting Knives Review

Now that you know what is expected from a hunter and why a good hunting knife works wonders during the hunting process, let’s take a closer look at Silver Stag hunting knives as weapons; how effective is it? What kind of knife are you supposed to purchase? All of these and more will be answered below.

There are different kinds of hunting knives, but what makes a Silver Stag pocket knife unique compared to the rest is its promising appearance, portable lightweight handling, and sturdy blades that can kill animals swiftly.

The general cost of Silver Stag hunting knives ranges from 20 USD to 40 USD. Expect to receive fixed blade knives with a leather sheath and wooden box; a complete set for all the experienced and beginner hunters out there.

It is highly sought for its extremely sharp blade and deadly incision power. To give you a complete description of this product's features, we will focus on the following angles: its standard properties, functional properties, and aesthetic properties.

Standard Properties

  • Has a slip-proof handle and high-quality stainless steel containing carbon with a hardness scale of up to 56 HRC
  • It is meant to last a long time and induce more damage than usual; the razor-sharp blade is difficult to deform or bend compared to regular stainless steel blades
  • It is 7 inches long and weighs around 317.5 grams

Functional Properties

  • A multi-purpose type of hunting knife that also works for survival activities like camping, fishing, survival, military, and other outdoor tactical activities
  • Its lightweight blade is compact and can fit in your pocket with its dark leather sheath
  • The maintenance is easy; just hand wash with clean water and dry out in open air
  • Comes with a leather sheath and knife box set for storage, portability, or gift-giving

Aesthetic Properties

  • Has a walnut wood-looking texture and pattern that resembles elements of nature
  • Its high calibre stainless steel is exceptionally forged and has an optional deer pattern
  • Handmade by blacksmiths, this knife has a unique blade curvature and ergonomic handle, making it the perfect fit for any grip
  • Engraved by a reputable Silver Stag knife company to attest to its brand qualities

Professional hunting is driven by continued practice, but it’s much more difficult when you don’t have the right tools in hand. After all, you can’t hunt if you’re not equipped to hunt. 

Did you learn anything new about Silver Stag hunting knives? Which hunting approach would you try? Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!


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