Spotlight Design: Sheffield Steel Kitchen Knives

June 1, 2021

Every knife has fascinating roots. Oftentimes, these roots explain the qualities of the knives we use in the kitchen. What if we told you that there is a specific knife made in a city that specializes in making blades? Sheffield stainless steel blades are one of the most widely sought after knives for their razor-sharp cutting-edge blades. Up to this day, many professional chefs, experienced cooks, and food enthusiasts use this set of knives.

Curious about what makes the brand popular? This article will discuss its origins and how antique Sheffield knives for sale will cut down the costs in buying cutlery and at the same time, make a lot of difference in your food preparation activities. We believe that premium-quality blades are for everyone, so if you’re interested to find out more, then read on!

Sheffield Steel Kitchen Knives: Origin

Since the 19th century, Sheffield has been known as the “Steel City”. Numerous developments and inventions from the steel industry have transpired in this city, breeding contemporary steel-coated technology and equipment.

Amidst the harsh and ever-changing competition in kitchen essentials and equipment, nothing beats the classic made in Sheffield kitchen knives. While its features can be reflected in other Sheffield-inspired cutlery, the sharp specifications cannot be replicated exactly. If you’re a food lover or kitchen knife collector, you can’t go without these impressive blades that preserve traditions in their usage.

Most Sheffield knives are forged manually by blacksmiths, and the raw materials of Sheffield blades have not been altered throughout the years. Brown Firth laboratories discovered that Sheffield was one of the first places to produce and introduce rustless blades—more commonly known as stainless steel.

Sheffield has, indeed, been investing in metallic breakthroughs. If you want to have a piece of glorious history right in your kitchen, you will certainly invest in one of these knives. In the next section, we will talk about the product features of Sheffield steel kitchen knives and why they are still in demand after several decades.

Sheffield steel kitchen knives

Sheffield Steel Kitchen Knives Review

You may find numerous Japanese or American Sheffield kitchen knives, but all these are still deeply rooted in the traditional Sheffield manner. If you buy straight from its country of origin, your knife will be handcrafted and legitimately stamped with an authority label (or provided with a piece of certification). The general cost of Sheffield steel kitchen knives ranges from 15 USD to 30 USD, depending on the type of knife you are looking for (e.g., butcher or cleaver).

What all Sheffield or Sheffield-inspired knives have in common is their high carbon steel blades, simplistic blade design, and dishwasher-safe handles. Regardless of their classification, they have affordable prices without compromising cutting-edge credibility.

To give you a complete description of this product's elements, we will focus on the following angles: the standard properties, functional properties, and aesthetic properties of these blades.

Standard Properties

  • This blade is meant to last for a long time and has a replacement benefit
  • The exceptional incision power gives this blade its trademark durability that can be used for indoor kitchen cooking, outdoor BBQ grilling activities, and hunting animals for food consumption
  • The blade is 8 inches long, and is often paired with a polypropylene white handle

Functional Properties

  • It can endure the damage inflicted during the cutting and slicing preparation phase
  • The knife is super easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly
  • The handle is friendly for beginners and its handle is slip-proof to avoid accidents
  • Its handle provides the best comfort and grip to perfectly control the knife

Aesthetic Properties

  • A Sheffield steel kitchen knife set features a wide blade, perfect for skinning and slicing; it may come with a sheath or knife block, depending on the manufacturer
  • It possesses a maximal edge return with its ergonomic design
  • A craftsman’s engraving would seal the deal as it verifies the originality of your knife 

Wherever you buy, it’s always best to pick a Sheffield steel kitchen knife that’s made by a reputable knife company for exclusive perks such as lifetime warranty, replacement, and repair services. At this point, you may be thinking: can I buy the product in Sheffield instead? If it tickles your fancy then legitimate shops are just a few taps away on your device.

Did you find this article helpful? Would you agree that Sheffield steel kitchen knives are worth purchasing? Let us know what you think by sharing your insights in the comments below!



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