Spotlight Design: Kitory Blacksmith Kitchen Knives

June 22, 2021

A kitchen knife set feels more authentic when you buy it straight from the blacksmith. It has a touch of artistry that you don't get from knives coming from the market or the factory. What's also good about purchasing a knife set from a blacksmith is that you can describe to them in person the metal and knife handle features you want.

We think you deserve premium-quality blacksmith kitchen knives, which is why this article will discuss what you should keep in mind when ordering a blacksmith cooking knife set. In addition to our buying guide, we will take a closer look at the blacksmith-forged Kitory knife and why we highly recommend it.

Blacksmith Kitchen Knives Buying Guide

Your blacksmith kitchen knife's overall appearance and functionality depend on where or whom you will buy it from. Generally speaking, a reputable and widely known professional blacksmith must handcraft the knife.

You will know if your product is legitimate if you find an authority label or stamp certifying the creator of your knife. To give you a complete description of this product's desirable features, we will focus on the following angles: its standard properties, functional properties, and aesthetic properties.

Standard Properties

  • The blade is sturdy and meant to last for a long time. It also has a replacement benefit.
  • Its exceptional incision power comes from its stainless steel material.

Functional Properties

  • The handle is slip-proof, making it friendly for beginners.
  • It can withstand damage and is difficult to deform and bend.
  • The knife is super easy to clean: just soak it, soap it, and then rinse with water.
  • It is multipurpose. It can also cut through any food item.

Aesthetic Properties

  • The set usually comes with a kitchen knife block and a durable leather sheath.
  • It has an ergonomic design on the grip or handle with the craftsman's engraving on it.
  • The steel blade exhibits an elegant pattern and is forged with local raw materials.

Whether you purchase a regular or customized blacksmith kitchen knife, what makes this product famous is its exclusive perks, such as the lifetime warranty, replacement, and repair services.

Kitory Blacksmith Kitchen Knives Review

Kitory Blacksmith Kitchen Knives

Undoubtedly, a Kitory blacksmith knows what every cook needs as they outline and craft their set of knives. From their workplace to the market, you can see that this 34-dollar product is worth every penny since it is the creation of the finest craftsmen and it comes as a kitchen knife block set.

Whether you are buying this for yourself or as a gift for others, rest assured the Kitory knife is a must-have for kitchen enthusiasts. Don’t wait long; put this item in your list of choices today.

Before we delve into its favorable and highly sought-after properties, let’s answer this frequently asked question: in which contexts can you use a Kitory blacksmith knife? This carefully and specially forged knife from Japan can deliver tremendous results for multiple activities, including the following:

  1. Fishing and filleting
  2. Survival and scouting
  3. Hunting and deboning
  4. Overnight camping
  5. Outdoor grilling
  6. Home cooking
  7. General food preparation

What sets this brand apart from all the other blacksmith knives? The answer to that question is deeply rooted in the main attributes championed by Kitory: multipurpose, handmade, razor-sharp, ergonomic, and customer-oriented. Here’s a closer look at these attributes and what they stand for.

  • Multipurpose: The blade is shaped like an arch which makes it functional and effective for performing tasks such as mincing, chopping, slicing, and deboning. With this knife, you can expect to make your cuts as neat and perfect as possible regardless of the ingredients you will be using for your recipes.
  • Handmade: The premium-grade materials used to craft Kitory knives include high-carbon steel for the blade and a good choice of wood for the handle. All these are picked, reinforced, and attached to each other by hand. While this applies to many knives, Kitory ensures the knife adheres to their standards: in this case, Japanese-style knives.
  • Razor-sharp: A Kitory blacksmith knife’s blades not only make it easier to cut firm and rough ingredients but are also corrosion-resistant and prevent ingredients from sticking to the blade. The razor-sharp blade also has a unique hammered texture.
  • Ergonomic: The standard Kitory knife is made of natural pearwood, which gives it an exceptional anti-rot feature. The best part about the handle is that it not only looks stunning, but it is also non-slip and easy to clean. From cutting to cleaning up, you will experience comfortable and effortless food preparation, making Kitory knives the best kitchen knife set for individuals who engage in the culinary practice for hours.
  • Customer-oriented: If you have doubts about purchasing a Kitory knife, worry no more because you will receive a 100% satisfaction warranty. It means that you will have access to a lifetime free replacement; you can verify previous buyers’ positive experience of the product. To request a replacement, you just need to reach out to the seller, and they will set an arrangement for the pickup and delivery.

Final Word

It certainly is different when you buy a chef knife block set straight from the blacksmith. It feels more special and unique compared to the others you can buy in the typical marketplace. Among the best blacksmith knife brands is Kitory because it provides a sense of exclusivity and prioritizes customer service. So, if you want your knife to have an immediate replacement, the blacksmith is just a call or email away.

Did you find this article helpful? What are your thoughts on getting kitchen knives straight from blacksmiths? Let us know what you think by sharing your insights in the comments below!

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