Knowing Solingen Knives and German Hunting Knives Manufacturers

April 13, 2021

Some places are meant to be more than just a name on the map. Solingen, Germany is one such exceptional place. Fate had dictated that they would rule the world in terms of swords, knives, scissors, razors, and other steel tools. For centuries, different countries have relied on their expertise on the craft, and until now the city of Solingen remains the strongest in the field. 

History of Knife-Making in Germany

Germany is famous for a lot of things. First, who would not know that this country is renowned for its beer? Along with their beer culture is the Oktoberfest, where people from all over the world come and celebrate together. Germany is also famous for its old buildings and castles, with architecture that shows the skills of its builders and tells stories of the country’s past. 

Aside from these well-known facts about Germany, in a city called Solingen, other German traditions have been preserved for centuries—smelting and knife-making. 

The creation of knives, razors, scissors, and other metal tools in Solingen is not only a part of the history of knives you will see in books. Knife craftsmanship is an ongoing activity you can witness if you visit the region. As a tourist attraction, some companies in Solingen even allow you to create custom hunting knives with your name etched on them for remembrance. 

Smelting in Solingen came to life even before the city was established. It supplied swords for its neighboring countries for centuries. German hunting knives manufacturers in Solingen are not only characterized by huge factories, they also come in the form of small cottages where artisan blacksmiths mold their knives and tools. 

Nonetheless, it pays to know the German hunting knives manufacturers that have stood the test of time and have remained operational after hundreds of years. Before we delve into our list, let’s first understand the different knives and their uses. 

Knives Utility

There are different types of knives, and all of them are specially created to aid its users. 

  1. Hunting Knife: Many outdoor enthusiasts need a knife specifically made for skinning and slicing the game they catch. This is where German hunting knives come in handy. A hunting knife fulfills these functions among all other cutting capabilities. For non-folding hunting knives, a case (hunting knives) or sheath ensures safety. 
  2. Cutlery Knives, Kitchen Knives, Chef Knives, and Tableware: Grouped together in the family of knives needed for food preparation and feasting are different kitchen knives, knives chefs use in preparing various dishes, and of course, the knives in cutlery. 
  3. Rescue and Military Knives: There are also knives solely designed for military use. Soldiers, firefighters, and rescuers are these specialized knives' target users.
  4. Pocket Knives: Another kind of outdoor knife aficionados love are pocket knives. The Solingen Germany pocket knife is a kind of knife you’ll quickly find in knife stores in Solingen. Since this type of knife is in-demand, you can easily find one that suits you well.
  5. Sailor Knives: These knives are created to withstand the environment of a sailor. Sailor knives are corrosion-resistant, and they are also handy and safe to ensure that they can be brought by sailors anywhere. Most importantly, they have the dependable cutting capability for daily and emergency use at sea. 
  6. Fish Knives: One might think that all kinds of knives can be fish knives, but for individuals who are fans of fishing, specific fish knives are of the utmost importance. What sets fish knives apart from other utensils are the blades. Whether single or double blade, a fish knife should have a scaling blade and a hook remover. 
  7. Razors and Scissors: Because of the steady supply of materials in Solingen, the creation of tools is not limited to knives. Razors and scissors are among the products manufactured by many companies. All of them bear the reliability and authenticity of the products made in Solingen. 
  8. Different Knife Accessories: Most German hunting knives manufacturers and companies selling knives also sell important accessories. A quality knife case (hunting knives, the German stag knife, rescue, and military knives need to be portable, after all) can also be bought alongside your knife for easier mobility. Different stores offer other accessories like cutting boards, knife blocks, sharpeners, shears, cleavers, and more to satisfy buyers’ needs. 

Different Knives and Where to Find Them 

Now that you know the different types of knives, it’s time to get to know the brands so you’ll know where to begin looking. These manufacturers we are about to discuss are a large part of knife history because they have long been in the industry. 

Below we will feature German hunting knives manufacturers and manufacturers of kitchen knives and tableware. Know that in Germany, and especially in Solingen, these are the knives you can commonly find. 

German Hunting Knives Manufacturers

Here we have listed six among the oldest German hunting knives manufacturers. If you go back in time, you will surely see a sign on their doors saying “German hunting knives for sale” as the hunting knife is famous in the area. Each manufacturer offers excellence in creating steel tools with their ability to maintain old traditions and while merging it with the present’s technology and modern way of making knives. 

  1. Böker Solingen - This company creates and sells different types of knives like pocket knives, the German stag knife, and kitchen knives. However, among their wares are the best German hunting knives with fixed blades, or pocket knife types. 
  2. Eickhorn - Rescue knives, kitchen cutlery, and outdoor knives are among the products created by Eickhorn. The Eickhorn creations we see today result from more than a hundred years of knife creation. If you’re curious about Eickhorn, try their Hunter’s knife set, Boar Hunter, or Para II knives. 
  3. Hubertus Solingen - Hubertus Solingen was established in 1899. Since then, it has continued to produce knives for sailors, fishers, rescue teams, and tools for outdoor pursuits, including hunting. Hubertus’ hunting knife features both fixed blades and folding blades. 
  4. Puma - Puma is the company that shouts to the world their dedication in maintaining the quality of their hunting knives. They ensure that they are always relevant to outdoor enthusiasts through continuous research and feedback. Puma sells different types of knives, but its specialty lies in German hunting knives. 

Manufacturers of German Kitchen Knives and Tableware

  1. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Solingen - Available in 16 countries, Zwilling J.A. Henckels Solingen remains one of the strongest brands of tableware since its establishment in 1731. Today, it is one of the world’s most sophisticated and well-recognized brands for kitchen cutlery. 

Among its top-selling knives are the Miyabi 5000MCD 67 7 in. Santoku, Miyabi 5000 FC-D 9.5 in. Bread Knife, and Zwilling Kramer Meiji 10” Chef’s Knife. 

2. Wüsthof - Another kitchen knife and tableware manufacturer that combines tradition and present-day technology is Wüsthof. This knife-making institution has been in production for the last 200 years. Today, Wüsthof has knives for bread, vegetables, meat, fish, and other needs. It has been a part of dinner tables for two centuries and has no plans of leaving in the coming years. 

3. Messermeister - To illustrate the German way of protecting the region's knife-making reputation, you need to know about Messermeister. The founder of this company traces its history to Germany. Although the company was established in the USA, the name Messermeister pays homage to its German roots. Today, the knife manufacturer offers state-of-the-art cutlery and cooking tools. 

Solingen, Germany is a haven for knife enthusiasts, with their German hunting knives manufacturers and manufacturers of other types of knives all based in the region. Despite the number of knife makers, you know that all of their products are quality-controlled because they bear the Solingen name. 


In a nutshell, the reputation of Solingen has helped German hunting knives manufacturers maintain success. Consequently, the craftsmen who have continued to maintain the quality of their work have kept the reputation of Solingen as the “City of Blades” untainted. If you are looking for German hunting knives for sale, a German stag knife, and a Solingen Germany pocket knife, you’ll find plenty in Solingen, Germany. Pay the city a visit and see for yourself!

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