3 Snap-on Kitchen Knives to Spice Up Your Kitchen

December 28, 2021

You may have known Snap-on as a brand that creates power tools that repair and assemble big components and even small ones. But Snap-on has a wild side: the one that cuts through and makes a statement. Of course, we're talking about knives, and innovative ones, too!

Here are three Snap-on kitchen knives that paved the brand's entry into the knifemaking scene. These innovative knives will make your kitchen and dining room interesting enough you'd want to show them off to your friend for an exciting conversation.

Top Choice: The 6- Piece Snap-On Wrench Kitchen Knives

This Snap-on kitchen knife set is the first from the Snap-on brand. It's an innovative design that takes Snap-on's specialty of designing high-end tools and combines them with cutlery.

Snap-on typically makes tools for professional use in the automotive, marine, and aviation industries, but they have ventured into cutlery-making. One of those cutleries is the Snap-on knife set that comes with a bold and unique design— a knife with a wrench handle.

The Snap-on knife block set consists of six steak knives made of stainless steel from tip to pommel. The length of these knives stretches to 9-inches, and the edges are serrated so you can cut different kinds of cooked steak.

The pommel of the knife is styled as an open-ended wrench handle. This handle is meant to be an aesthetic element of the blade. We know it's tempting to use the wrench handle and try to loosen up bolts in your garage, but we wouldn't recommend it because Snap-on crafted their innovative knives only for kitchen use. The wrench handle may not hold up quite as well as the actual wrench.

Apart from the kitchen knife set, Snap-on also threw in a block to put your knives to rest. The block emphasizes the handle and will catch anyone's attention upon seeing the unique handle— a great icebreaker from the kitchen to the dining table.

Overall, the Snap-on Kitchen Knife Block Set is an excellent buy because it has all the essential features of a steak knife but with a twist that only Snap-on can pull off. This block set will impress you and your friends and, at the very least, start a fun conversation at the dining table.


  • Stainless Steel blade
  • One-piece knife makes it easy to wash
  • Best used for steak but can be used for bread because of edge serration
  • Unique handle design makes it stand out above the rest


  • The knife may feel strange to use because of the design
  • It's not dishwasher safe

Other Snap-on Knives

Snap-on 7-piece Kitchen Block Set

This particular set of knives designed by Snap-on conforms to kitchen knives' typical design and competes with them. The block set contains all the essential tools you'll need in the kitchen, such as the chef knife, bread knife, paring knife, and more. There's also a kitchen shear included for cutting soft plastic packs, which would be hard to cut using a knife. Overall, this is a proper block set you can get for a reasonable price that can do the job.


  • Full tang knives for durability
  • Stainless steel, rust-resistant steels for increased lifespan
  • There's a shear added to the block for dealing with plastic packaging and the likes
  • Set of essential knives for different functions


  • There may be only a few of them sold in the market today
  • Specialized kitchen brands tend to offer more pieces for the same price

Snap-on Hype Knife

Kitchens can be both indoors and outdoors. Wherever you are, Snap-on has your back. The Hype knife is an outdoor folding knife with a drop point that can help you with cutting and slicing functions. 

What stands out on the Hype Knife design is the assisted-opening feature. It allows you to open bottles and canned goods so that you won't have to use the knife's blade or tip to help you. This feature is amazing for the longevity of your knife's edge.


  • Assisted opening makes it easy to use the knife for prying open stuff
  • Folding blade makes it portable and easy to carry


  • The blade is short and can only be used for a specific kitchen, similar to a utility knife

Thoughts About Snap-on

The Snap-on kitchen knives do have the edge in the sea of knife products out there. The aesthetic is definitely something new and unexpected for wrench kitchen knives. So if you're focused on spicing up your kitchen with something unique, go for Snap-on's knives.

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