Sign and Style Your Blades: Engraved Kitchen Knives

May 21, 2021

You may think that the perfect chef knife doesn’t exist until you get your hands on a stunning set of blades with premium engravings! Depending on your taste and budget, a high-class engraving will cost you around $220—not including the price of the knife. So why not get your money’s worth with the finest set of kitchen knives that have the classiest engravings that you could ever ask for?

You’ll also be surprised to know that engraved kitchen knives are widely available online. In this article, we will discuss some engraving history, its processes, the perks of having engravings on your kitchen knives, and some popular ideas and styles that you can incorporate for your blades.

How Does It Work?

Engraving is a type of technique that involves forming prints onto metal plates like copper using cutting tools like burins. Due to the beautiful appearance of engraved metal pieces, there became a demand for engraved pieces of jewelry, metallic accessories, and cutting tools like kitchen knives. Artists have observed different strokes for engravings: singular lines to create the figure’s shape, and parallel or crosshatched lines to resemble the tone or shading.

Looking back on this 15th-century historical practice, records show that engraving was a tradition that originated in the Rhine Valley in Germany and in Northern Italy. It was first developed by German goldsmiths who introduced themselves by their pseudonyms and initials: Master E.S. and Master of the Playing Cards. While Martin Schongauer wasn’t known for being a goldsmith, he popularized engraving with his painting skills, producing the “Temptation of St. Anthony” (c. 1470) that reflected the capacity of engravings to reflect texture and form.

Up to this day, we can see engravings manufacturing elegant results. The most famous method of engraving kitchen knives is through “laser engraving”, where a machine is programmed to emit laser markings on a surface. These markings lead to a change in color—foaming, charring, melting, and ablating repeatedly until it permanently traces through an object. Since the engraving machine utilizes lasers, the entire process neither uses ink nor applies material that can fade or wear out.

The engraving procedure usually takes around 2–3 days, and it is often executed by a laser that prints the text character or illustration directly onto the blade. Depending on the knife company, some offer prints on kitchen knife handles to optimize the visual appeal. Ordering your custom engraved kitchen knife set is as simple as finding a manufacturer online and waiting for your products to arrive at your doorstep.

Decided on the knife company you want to receive your knife engravings from? Most these companies would more or less follow the same instructions in a pattern similar to the following:

  1. Choose your kitchen knife or tell us what you have
  2. Input the size of your custom engraving
  3. Provide the details of your engraving’s design
  4. Upload or attach a template of your engraving
  5. Proceed to the checkout page and settle your payment

As per most company’s standard protocol, your items will be promptly shipped to your address, and you will enjoy its wide array of perks. The benefits of an engraved knife set ranges from having that guaranteed durability to possessing a unique aesthetic. Compared to regular chef knives, your cutlery will be reinforced with hand-made and fully-forged, full-tang, and rock-hard metal properties. Embellished in the finest coatings and assembled by your most trusted suppliers, an engraved chef knife is also a promising gift due to its presentation.

Popular Engravings

There are various kinds of engravings to choose from, and if you’re wondering about the cost of your preferences, then you’ll need to take note of the size of your design, the difficulty of the piece, and the kind of metal your engraved chef knife set will be made of. Once you’ve decided on the aforementioned, there are a couple of things that you may need to consider to stay within budget:

  • Would you prefer an image-based, text-based, or mixed design?
  • Should you pick a text-based design, in what language would you prefer your characters to look (e.g. English, Japanese, Arabic)?
  • Are you willing to pay an additional fee for complicated custom designs, or would you prefer to pay less with an existing one?

If you think you’ve got the budget, and all you lack are some ideas or styles for your engravings, then you can explore some of the most popular options below!

engraved kitchen knives second

Scales or Patterns

Whether you feel like assimilating fish scales, water ripples, flowers in between vines, or dragon wings and other mythical figures, contemplate getting your personalised chef knife set with this effect. This choice remains to be one of the topmost preferences of cutlery and kitchen collectors!

Personal Signature

Getting someone’s autograph, promoting your cooking expertise on social media, or upholding a particular sentimental value with your kitchen essentials? This is a wise choice for those who are confident in the quality of their knives and have plans to have their kids, relatives, or loved ones inherit their cutlery.

Favorite Word/s

Inspire yourself with that adjective, verb, or noun that you think best captures your personality. Seeing your knife with your favorite word engraved on it will surely brighten the rest of your morning. Highlight your pronoun/s, your profession, or simply claim ownership of the kitchen knife with a code name through this style!

Minimalist Symbols

Express your fondness towards iconic signs and symbols of your most cherished movies, bands, video games, or stars through your cutlery today! You can also match your kitchen knives with the theme of your kitchen interior. Position a minimalist symbol anywhere on your kitchen knife and still get that awesome look.

Blade Accentuation

Besides original symbols, actual names, or words in desired characters, engraving your knives for blade accentuation contributes to its character. Add some streaks for that personal touch and give a clue as to how other people should be using your knife.

Can’t decide which among the five engravings tickle your fancy? You can always have them all in one set of engraved kitchen knives to fulfill your satisfaction.

Was this article insightful for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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