The Sharpest Kitchen Knife in The World: Cut Through Anything Like Butter With These 6 Sharp Knives

March 17, 2022

A sharp knife is essential in helping you cook for the hungry eyes and stomachs. You use it to slice, cut, and dice the ingredients to prepare them for cooking. If you have been cooking for a long time, you already know that working with dull kitchen knives is dangerous. One wrong slide on tough meats can damage your precious hands. 

On the other hand, sharp knives help you make cooking fast and efficient. So why not upgrade your knife set and feel the difference between the finest blades ever made? Let's look into the best kitchen knives in the world and their new sharpening technologies.

What Are Your Knives Made of? 

The blades of kitchen knives are forged from different steels. Each has different features and properties. Let's look at each blade and see what they are for and which one perfectly fits your cooking skills. 


Carbon steel 1045 and 1095 are the most common type of carbon steel used in knives and swords. This type of steel is easy to use and sharpen. It is a lightweight material but can last long. Carbon steel knives can withstand wear and tear, but if not maintained properly, they can easily rust after a short period of usage. 

Alloy Steel 

There are different elements for alloy steel. There's manganese, nickel, or chromium, which can be manipulated depending on where the steel is needed. Alloy steel kitchen knives are on tool grade A2. It has corrosion resistance properties but is not as strong as stainless steel. It also has a certain toughness but is not as high as other premium steel. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel knives are the common chef's choice because of their anti-corrosion properties. There are several categories of stainless steel that can be used as blades of kitchen knives. The most popular in the market are the 420 and 440 series. These steels are rust-resistant but can easily bend, which are used for cheap knives. 

If you need a stainless steel knife that is more durable, the AUS series of stainless steel is a big improvement on the 400 series. The AUS is used on Japanese kitchen knives that are tougher and have better edge retention than the stainless knives in the market. 

Damascus Steel 

You can easily spot a Damascus steel knife by the wavy and water-like pattern on the blade. It is not only pleasing to the eyes but also gives superior performance. It is forged by layering several steel sheets that make it tougher than any other knives. 

Even though the material is tough, it is highly bendable, making it a perfect knife for cutting sushi. Damascus steel also has high edge retention properties that keep the blade shape even when it is not sharpened regularly. 

Ceramic Blade 

The ceramic blade is made from zirconium oxide that has unique properties and can go head to head with metal knives. For example, the ceramic blade prevents any chemical reaction when you slice through things. It also never rusts and has properties that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Ceramic blades are much stronger than steel. To keep smooth slices, you need oils and lubricant to clean the knife and maintain its edge retention. 

Titanium Blade 

Titanium blades are popular because of their lightweight properties. It allows you to apply less force on the knife and the blade, which prevents dents and breakage. Titanium is stronger and less prone to corrosion than other steel but more expensive. But titanium has less edge retention than steel, so you have to sharpen it regularly. 

Storing it for a long time without proper maintenance will make the blade dull and weak. So make sure to always use it to make your purchase worth it. 

Professional knife set on wooden chopping board

The Sharpest Blade in The World: Must-Have Kitchen Knives 

Hone your cooking and knife skills with the sharpest knives in the market. Below are some of the best kitchen knives you can find. Take a closer look and decide which one is best for you. 

1. DALSTRONG Chef's Knife – Phantom Series 

Product Highlights 

  • The Dalstrong knife gives you a powerhouse performance. Its quality, elegance, and beauty are forged by expert craftsmen with a 15-degree blade angle and cooled in nitrogen for superior toughness. 
  • The blade has elastic properties that make cutting precise and smooth but does not compromise the blade's hardness. 
  • It is forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel that makes it durable and has excellent edge retention. In addition, its polished blade boasts an ergonomic design that makes handling more precise. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • The Dalstrong Chef knife is heavy compared to other standard kitchen knives. Other cooks find it hard to control and work fast with this knife. Some users report that the knife is heavier towards the handle, which makes it feel unbalanced in the hands. 

2. Schneidteufel German Damascus Kitchen Knife 

Product Highlights 

  • Schneidteufel's line of knives is the most expensive knife in the world. It's a German brand crafted by the finest artisans. It can cut through large pieces of meat and give chefs a precise slicing and dicing action. 
  • The blade is processed through a heat treatment technology that enhances its strength and corrosion resistance. 
  • It passed the Cutlery and Allied Trade Research Association (CATRA) testing. The Schniedteufel Damascus German knives will surely cut through anything like butter. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • The Schneidteufel German knife is a premium knife. From its build, features, and gorgeous design, this knife is a chef's dream but it can be quite an investment. A single knife costs at least $200. If you are looking for a cheaper option, try considering other brands. 

3. Sakai Takayuki Japanese Kitchen Knife 

Product Highlights 

  • The Sakai Takayuki is forged by hammering 33-layers of Damascus steel and has a double-edged blade. 
  • The blade is sharpened by the traditional method that dates for more than 600 years. Then, it is carefully polished and sharpened using Japanese knife sharpening technology that gives the blade maximum sharpness. 
  • It has a Rockwell hardness score of 62. Premium knives that have excellent edge retention scores above 60. Most Japanese knives fall under this range. 
  • The knife also has water-resistant properties that make using the knife safer on slippery and wet materials. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • Generally, Japanese-mad knives are excellent in quality. They are specifically designed to do precise cuts on seafood. Their blades are usually longer compared to standard kitchen knives. If you are a beginner, you may find it hard to control this knife because of its unusual length. It takes years to practice how to use this knife properly. 

4. MAC MTH-80 Professional Series Chef's Knife 

Product Highlights 

  • The Mac knife is made from alloy steel. The blade on this slicing knife has etched dimples to glide effortlessly on ingredients when you cut through greasy food or meat. 
  • The blade's thickness is 2.5 mm, making it a good knife for precise thin slices. 
  • The knife's lightweight feature is balanced by its steel bolster, making it easy to cut through vegetables, fruits, and tough meats. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • The MAC MTH-80 can handle meats and vegetables, but some users report that this knife is ineffective on thick and heavy ingredients like squash or yam. Forcing the blade in a thick ingredient will ruin its quality. 
  • The knife must be hand washed only. Other users who accidentally put the knife in the dishwasher found their knife stained or rusting. And there is no warranty to cover this kind of situation.

5. Misono UX10 Gyutou 8.2 Knife 

Product Highlights 

  • The Misono knife is made from stainless steel, and the UX10 is the sharpest of the Misono's line of knives and has the greatest edge retention.
  • The Misono knife has a Rockwell hardness score closely to 60. It is designed closely to the Japanese knife "Hagane," which features an easy re-sharpening. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • Some users report that it breaks after some months of use, even though the knife is sharp. In addition, some customers claim the tip of the knife breaks off or some part of the blade cracks. The Misono brand does not cover replacement for broken blades. 

6. Global G-2 Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife 

Product Highlights 

  • The Global G-2 chef's knife is suitable for cooks who like a little weight on their knife. The G-2 classic is still categorized on lightweight knives, but it has added weight and a balanced feel. 
  • It is made from Vanadium steel which can compete with the edge retention properties, flexibility, and durability of other blade steel but at a lower price.
  • The Global knives are versatile and guaranteed to last you a lifetime without dullness, breakage, and dents. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • Although the brand says lifetime warranty, some users report that the knife starts chipping after just a few months of use. Although, some say the knife lasted them years. It is hard to identify if some items shipped are defective or poorly maintained. 
Chef cutting tough meat with a professional knife

Final Thoughts 

Good knives can elevate your kitchen skills to the next level. This is why a sharp kitchen knife is a chef's best friend. Moreover, if you want to protect your blades, have a dedicated storage for your kitchen knives. You can also place them on magnetic boards. Just keep them out of reach around children to avoid accidents. 

In addition, remember to always clean them. Even the top knife brands in the world need regular maintenance to keep it sharp.

We hope this blog helped you decide on your next knife upgrade. Check out our other blogs and discover other sharpest kitchen knife in the world and what makes them special. Master the kitchen blades and channel your inner iron chef!

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