The Sweeping Sharp Quality of the AFTCO Fillet Knife

January 11, 2022

Do you recall the familiar fuss that goes around whenever there's a new kid on the block? It's the same thing with the product launching of tools for your kitchen tasks. You're probably looking for more details after hearing the buzz about the AFTCO Fillet Knife right now. 

AFTCO has a reputation for its superior quality production of fishing equipment, so most people expect that their production of fillet knives is worth a purchase, too. However, while it's true that the AFTCO fish fillet knife has some impressive benefits to offer, a buyer needs to study an item first before purchasing. If you only focus on one aspect of a product, chances are you might get a top-performing knife that doesn't match your needs. As a result, your purchase becomes a waste. 

We don't want that to happen, so take a seat and read this article about an AFTCO fillet knife first. Familiarize yourself with what it's made of, made for, and if it's the knife that you need for your fish filleting task.  

What Makes AFTCO the Ideal Fillet Knife?

There are so many fish fillet knives in the market, and they all have promising features to offer. As a result, it can be very difficult or overwhelming to choose among them. If you have come across AFTCO and are interested to know more about it, here's a list of the knife's best features that might interest you.

A “More Than What You Paid For” Blade

The AFTCO knife collaborated with Böker Germany, a brand with a leading reputation for manufacturing superior quality knives to construct a premium Boker blade quality. The blade is made of ThyssenKrupp 4116 German stainless steel blade, known for its outstanding corrosion-resistant, edge retaining, and powerful properties. 

For a budget knife that costs around $69-$89, you get exceptional qualities more than what you expected from the amount you paid for.

A Solid Eye-Catcher With a Purpose

The AFTCO knife nails the visual game with its upsweep, gold coating blade design, and blue handle structure. Behind the attractive upsweep curve is a superior function you can rely on when you need to fillet through the littlest details. 

The gold coating is part of a bonding process that helps keep the knife's durable, corrosion-resistant, and easily maintained properties. Lastly, the handle comes in a visible color, perfect for tough environments like saltwater. In addition, it is made from a comfortable and non-slip feel material for wet conditions.

aftco fillet knife fish cutting image

Cuts Serious, Sharp, and Precise

Knife users are generally impressed with this knife's sharpness. Since it's made of German steel with a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 HRC, the blade is undoubtedly doing its job exceptionally well. Additionally, it has undergone a sub-zero quench process to provide good edge retention and durability, so you can complete your filleting tasks worry-free.

Effortless Force Without Damage

Another advantage of the AFTCO knife is its full tang construction, which provides a great balance between the handle and blade. Compared to a partial tang, full tang knives don't get loose with time, preventing the hazards of the handle breaking or the knife snapping at the bolster. 

Additionally, full-tang blades are heavier (the metal extends up to the handle), so they are more robust and don't require too much force when cutting. 

Downsides of an AFTCO Knife for Filleting

The AFTCO knife is an impressive and top-performing filleting knife, particularly in saltwater fishing environments. The price is also reasonable to match its superior performance. Still, depending on preference, some of the downsides could be the following:

  • You might want to have several color options for the handle, but there's only one shade available for this product.
  • The knife comes with a blue sheath made of textured polypropylene. There are no reports about the exceptional qualities of the sheath so far, so it might not be as impressive as the knife it houses.  


If you're looking for the best fishing fillet knife, AFTCO can pass as a worthy candidate. You get an impressively sharp edge and precise quality tool for an affordable price, which saves you money and helps you perform a successful filleting job

Moreover, it's a sweepingly gorgeous knife design with a vintage touch—a superior functioning tool that can make you feel proud carrying it around! We hope this article helps you know more about AFTCO and make a wise purchase decision. Happy filleting! 

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