End Your Search for Folded Steel Kitchen Knives with the Saken Damascus Knives

August 9, 2022

Any ordinary kitchen knife can get you through food preparation. But what if you wanted something more, like a Japanese knife made from quality steel and gone through a meticulous process? 

Most kitchen knives on the market are made from stamped stainless steel, which is a process that lowers manufacturing costs. Unfortunately, stamped knives are plagued with innate problems.

If you want to reward yourself for a culinary achievement or a milestone in your kitchen journey, folded steel kitchen knives can give you the upgrade that you deserve. A folded steel blade is typically stronger and sharper than stamped steel blades. Find more information about folded steel knives by reading our review of the Saken folded chef knife and paring knife below!

What Is the Best Quality Folded Steel Knife?

folded steel kitchen knives - Saken Damascus steel kitchen knives

Quick Overview

  • Can be bought online from Amazon for $54.95
  • Made from Japanese Damascus steel folded 67 times
  • The blade features a non-stick surface suitable for many situations
  • Comes with ergonomic handles that reduce hand and wrist fatigue
  • Can use this chef’s knife and paring knife pair for most of your kitchen tasks

Pro: 67 Layers of Steel

The Saken Damascus steel kitchen knives are unlike any other Japanese kitchen knife set on the market. Most kitchen knives sold online and in stores are usually made from stamped steel, which can lower the costs for both the consumer and the manufacturer. However, Saken chose to let you reap the benefits of folded steel by using 67 layers of steel in producing these knives.

Pro: Non-Stick Surface

Frequently, ingredients may stick to your kitchen knife’s blade, requiring you to wipe your fingers across the blade to remove them off it. While it is a mild inconvenience, seconds of doing the same over a long kitchen session will tire you out. The Saken Damascus knife has a non-stick surface that lets you work fast without ingredients sticking to the blade.

Pro: No Wrist Fatigue

Long cooking sessions won’t be easy on your body, particularly on your hands, wrists, and arms. Many tasks you have to do in the kitchen involve these body parts. The Saken chef and paring knives can lessen the fatigue that your wrists have to endure, thanks to its ergonomic and lightweight handle. The handle feels comfortable in the hand as you use it.

Con: Not Dishwasher Friendly

Washing your utensils, especially your kitchen knives, can be a time-consuming task. That’s why most of them are already dishwasher safe to accommodate fast-paced work styles in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the Saken Damascus blade can break and chip while being washed inside a dishwasher.

Con: May Not Be as Strong as Expected

The true ways of the legendary Damascus steel may have already been lost to time, but metallurgy experts today try to recreate its famed properties. While the Saken kitchen knives are marketed as “Damascus steel knives,” they seem not as strong as expected. Many customers report that their knives had scratches and chipped edges after months of use.

Con: Impractical for Beginners

If you are looking for kitchen knives to complete your kitchen necessities, you may want to spend your money elsewhere. Sixty dollars for a pair of kitchen knives are relatively expensive, especially if you consider other options like stainless steel kitchen knife sets. The Saken Damascus steel kitchen knives would be a great and interesting addition to your collection but shouldn’t be your daily driver.

How Do I Maintain a Knife Made of Damascus Steel?

You have to take care of your Damascus steel knife as much as you would an expensive set of kitchen knives. They will stay durable longer and perform better if you do. Are you familiar with carbon steel blade knives? If you already have one and know how to take care of it, knife maintenance for a Damascus kitchen knife will seem similar.


  • Leave your kitchen knives in water, even if they have rust and corrosion resistance
  • Put your kitchen knives in a wet towel and leave them there for a long time
  • Wash your kitchen knives using the dishwasher


  • Clean your kitchen knives with running water
  • Lightly cover with food-safe oil
  • Keep in a spot with little to no moisture

The Bottom Line

If you’re already bored with your shiny and immaculately clean stainless steel knives, you may get a kick out of Damascus steel knives. They look way more interesting than your average kitchen knife while delivering a solid performance for your kitchen needs. The Saken chef’s knife and paring knife pair can do just that while covering your bases in the kitchen.

Take care of your new Damascus steel kitchen knives by pairing them with kitchen knife accessories. Head over to our accessories section and discover your options!

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