Need a Wedding Gift? This Review of Henckels Knife Set Plus Gift-Giving Tips Will Help

May 17, 2022

Thinking about what to give as a wedding gift is hard. It's simple on the surface level, but if you factor in things like the depth of your relationship with the couple, then gift-giving becomes something to stress about.

Fortunately, there's a foolproof present that will enchant anyone even after the wedding is done. A kitchen knife set is one of those. Yet it shouldn't be just any knife set. It has to reflect how you value the couple's special day. Something like Henckels will do the job.

But first, a few reminders about the etiquettes of wedding gift-giving. 

The Rule of the Registry

If there's a registry, be sure to check it right away so you can reserve the knife set listed on it as your gift. This is so you don't ruin your plan of giving the couple a knife set.

If the couple doesn't have a gift registry, you can choose a gift on your own. But if you're planning on giving them a premium knife set, be sure to give it ahead of the wedding day. This saves the gift-givers the resources by crossing out knives on the list of possible gifts.

The Timing

If all things go according to plan and gift-receiving is encouraged during the wedding day, then, by all means, bring the gift!

You may find the wedding situation tricky. For example, you can postpone giving the present if it takes place out of town or if they don't want to receive it at the reception. If that’s the case, send it within the week after the wedding.

On the flip side, If you've only found out about the wedding after it happened. It's important to adhere to the rule of giving the gift within the year post-wedding, but the earlier you give it, the better.

In Review: The Henckels Knife Set

Now that you know what to give the couple, along with some gift-giving tips, it's time to get to know why Henckels is your best wedding gift choice.

henckels knife set - 16 pieces of knives and tools sheathed in a black knife block

Inclusions of the Henckels Pro S Chef Knife Set

KnifeLength (inches)PiecesDescription
Chef Knife81The Henckels Pro S chef knife is your main tool in the kitchen. It is your all-around blade. You can use it to practice different sorts of cuts and slices with just about any food ingredient you have in the kitchen.
For more in-depth information about this knife, check out this review of the Professional S.
Santoku Knife71This is a versatile Japanese-style chef’s knife that can do most anything in the kitchen. You can also use this as your main tool or a backup blade if another cook in the kitchen uses the chef knife.
Santoku knives' strengths are in slicing and chopping due to their sheepsfoot point profile.
Bread Knife81Serrated edges of the bread knife are specially made for slicing bread. But the blade proves to have other practical uses, particularly in slicing and chopping hard-surfaced food items.
Prep Knife5.51A prep knife will be at home when dealing with soft meat such as fish. It can also be used for cleaning and even skinning chicken, pork, or beef meat.
Another way you can use a prep knife is to assist in slicing small fruits and vegetables or deseeding them.
Serrated Utility Knife51Henckel's utility knife is a unique combination of a paring knife and a bread knife. This interesting fusion yields more functions than a regular utility knife.
You can use this knife to cut and slice soft-skinned fruits and vegetables and hard-skinned ones. It's an excellent tool to use if you want to be more precise when peeling pineapple.
Paring Knife41Most of the time, you'll need a knife that's safe to use when you're making precise cuts on a small food ingredient such as a tomato. A paring knife lets you hold the small fruit or vegetable in your palms while slicing it safely.
Bird's Beak Peeling Knife2.751As the name suggests, this knife is used to peel any fruit or vegetable. The bird beak point of the blade makes it easier to perform the peeling motion.
Steak Knife4.56Also called a dinner knife, this blade is specifically designed to slice cooked steaks smoothly and keep the juicy meat from breaking.
But steak knives are also versatile and can be used to slice other cooked ingredients on a plate. So it is an essential tool on the dining table.
ShearsN/A1Shears make food preparation simpler. It becomes easier to do shelling, deveining, and making quick random cuts on a food component.
Honing steel rod91A honing steel will be your quick fix to freshen up your knives' edges. Run your blade on the honing steel before using it, and you'll have a pleasant experience slicing and cutting.
Knife blockN/A1Last but not least is the tool that holds everything together. The knife block makes sure all your tools are stored and organized in one place to avoid misplacement.
henckels knife set - A glowing full tang blade heated by coals

Qualities That Make the Henckels Chef Knife Set Excellent

Fruitful results in food preparation require tools enabling newlywed couples to practice family meal preparations. That's what Henckels brings to the kitchen. This premium knife set has both practicality and quality, enhancing the family's food preparation and dining experience.


Henckels knives hail from a city that specializes in forging world-class blades: Solingen. This German city is an authority in producing all kinds of blades built to last a lifetime.

Henckels is one of the few long-standing knife manufacturers who still craft blades from this reputable city. Additionally, their bladesmiths hone their skills for eight years before they can contribute their labor and discernment to the market. This ensures top-tier excellence that strengthens Henckels' reputation.

Solid Steel Forging

A premium Henckels knife is crafted using Sigmaforge technology. The full-tang blade is cut from a single piece of specially formulated steel using a particular blade mold.

Sigmaforge makes the blade incredibly durable. The blade remains intact as it bends. It also remains sharp for a long time. This results in a high-quality blade all across the Henckels kitchen knife product line.

Hardened by Extreme Temperatures

Every Henckels blade passes through stages of extreme temperatures. The process starts by putting the knives to extreme heat at 1000 degrees celsius using a tempering furnace.

Once the knives are bright with heat, it is subject to freezing to -34 or -70 degrees celsius. This makes the blade even tougher, resists corrosion better, and retains edges longer.

Henckels innovated this proprietary four-step process known as the Friodur. 

Precision-Honed and Laser-Controlled

Once the blade's edge is honed, it goes through a quality-checking process using a laser. This precision technology detects the minuscule deviation along the knife's edge. As a result, you'll get a fine blade that cuts and slices smoothly.

57 Hardness Grade

Henckels’ steel material gives sufficient hardness for everyday professional and casual use. The 57 Rockwell grade of most outdoor knives is a point above a softer metal classification. This makes Henckels knives a superior blade for kitchen use. 

The company chose the 57 hardness grade because it's the sweet spot for durability and flexibility. With this choice, you can expect a blade that will remain unchipped or broken no matter how frequently you use it.

What Makes the Henckels Kitchen Knife Set Awesome

  • Sharp edges that last long. Henckels have mastered the art of grinding sharp knife blades that will cut through food ingredients with ease. Combine that with special steel that resists rust and retains edge integrity, and you get a high-quality knife.
  • A reputation that stays consistent. What we like about Henckels is that they put a good deal of effort into keeping the quality of their knives. They stay true to their reputation as a quality brand. As a result, anyone who receives a Henckels knife and knows its value will be delighted.

What Could Still Be Improved   

The knife block could be more awesome if the slots were sized accurately to fit each tool. On the other hand, you can opt to buy the magnetic bar from Henckels to hold these tools together in a more aesthetically pleasing way. 

Practical and Special, That’s What the Henckels Knife Set Is

Giving the Henckels Knife Set to a newlywed couple communicates something: that you value their wedding beyond the ceremony.

Henckels knives can last a lifetime, and you want theirs to last as long. It's tough and enduring, and you wish the married couples to be the same. It’s practical because it enhances food preparation. But most importantly, Henckels knives bring a special kitchen experience that will enrich the life of the newlyweds.

If you want to find more gift-worthy knives for weddings or other special occasions, check out more blogs on our website. You'll find more premium-quality knife reviews from different brands worthy of sharing and making people’s lives better.

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