Rada Kitchen Knives Reviews: Rada Cook’s Knife and the All-American Brand

November 15, 2021

Every good home cook keeps a trusted chef’s knife-sharp in their kitchen. These knives are very versatile. From peeling fruits and vegetables to cutting up meat, you can do it all with only a single blade. 

Investing in a good knife brand is also important for a cook. Some knives are simply made differently in every cutlery company. Perhaps in your research, you might have found articles that tell you to buy foreign brands.

But for a person that may not be a chef and just loves cooking, foreign brands might be too heavy on the budget. These knives are, after all, imported and shipped from abroad. So the process of getting it to your kitchen itself is already pricey. 

Hope is not lost for you, though. Many American cutlery companies make great kitchen knives too! So you won’t need to look too far when choosing your cooking companion. One brand, in particular, has trustworthy blades for you! On Rada Kitchen Knives Reviews, we’re putting the spotlight on the brand’s top-of-the-line cook’s knife.

Rada Cook’s Knife

The Rada Manufacturing Company has truly gained some experience under its belt after seventy years of creating kitchenware. It is located in Iowa and boasts products that are one hundred percent made in the United States. From raw materials to distribution, the company uses everything American. That is their trademark. 

When it comes to knives, they do make sharp ones. One great example is their Cook’s Knife. Proof of their high craftsmanship is the fact that the Cook’s Knife is a certified bestseller. And we will tell you the reasons why.


There’s no question that the blade is the most important part of a knife. And although blades were all made for the same general purpose, they were not made the same entirely. Knifemakers like Rada Cutlery have their way of creating blades. So, as a customer, here are the features you can have in a Rada Cook’s Knife. 


Knives can be made from different metals. For example, Rada Cook’s Knife is made from great quality stainless steel. We’re talking T420 surgical grade carbon stainless steel for a hollow ground blade. But don’t be intimidated by the name of the steel used.

In simpler terms, the steel used for the Rada Cook’s Knife blade can withstand constant exposure to water and different ingredients in cooking. 

Another feature that raises the Rada Cutlery rating is the way the knives are sharpened. Rada kitchen knives are sharpened individually by hand to ensure the quality of the blade. And the high quality of the steel used keeps the edge sharp for a long time. 

If you are still worried about blade sharpening for the future, you can also get a Rada whetstone for your Rada knife. You only need a “how to sharpen kitchen knives” Google search every now and then. 

Style and Size

Unlike other cooking knives, the Rada Cook’s Knife is just the right size for your hand. Compared to other chef's knives from the Rada kitchen knife collection, the 6 ¼” blade is not too large or too small for cutting up ingredients. 

The French chef knife from Rada might be too bulky with its 8 ½” blade, and the cook’s utility knife is too small with only a 4 ¾” blade. So the Rada Cook’s Knife is the best size to do everything in the kitchen. 

The blade is also designed with a drop point. This gives the knife more stability because of the longer surface area of the edge. In addition, it allows for both cutting up big chunks of ingredients and easy mincing of smaller ingredients. 


Of course, no knife would be complete without a handle. And Rada Cutlery makes it easy to look for a knife that has a good blade and handle at the same time. 

The problem with most knives on the market is, though their blades last a long time, the handle can’t keep up with the longevity of the edge. Have you ever had a knife break from the handle? Using subpar materials in securing the blade to the handle like cheap rivets and plastic is the downfall of a knife. 

You can choose a silver brushed aluminum handle or a resin handle for the Cook's Knife as a customer. Most users prefer the silver brushed aluminum because of how good it looks with the blade. In addition, it gives the knife a very modern feel. 

The aluminum handle is permanently cast and slightly offset to make the knife more comfortable for the cook. Skip the dishwasher for this knife, though. Instead, because of its handle, the manufacturer recommends hand washing and air drying the knife. 

Rada Cutlery Reviews

This all-American knife brand has some rave reviews, and the Rada Cook’s Knife is no exception. It currently ranks at number 83 on the bestseller list for chef knives on Amazon. And many customers give amazing Rada knives reviews on the online marketplace. 

A recurring theme on the reviews for Cook’s Knife is about how thin the blade is. It’s not a bad thing, though. Most customers praise the thin blade because it gives the edge extra precision and lets it cut through almost any ingredient. 

The price point is also a big advantage, according to the reviews. Rada Cook’s Knife does all the things expected from a knife for a lower price compared to other brand names on the market. 

If you are still asking what are the best kitchen knives—the answer might be among Rada’s all-American offers. So don't be afraid to buy long-lasting knives for affordable prices and spend the rest of your budget on ingredients instead! 

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