Make Fearless and Fine Fillet Cutting With the PF949 Petrified Fish Knife

April 13, 2022

Going fishing with an unreliable knife is more challenging than you think. Some tend to focus on the main equipment (hooks, lines, sinkers, and baits) and overlook the fishing knife, when it's actually as equally important as other fishing tools.

The challenge doesn't end after successfully catching a fish. One more challenging task lies ahead: filleting. Scaling, cutting precise fillets, and other processes can be difficult. However, you can always overcome them with the right tools. A fish knife is a necessary tool for this. 

Many fishing knives are out there, but not all are promising. That is why it's important to take your knife choices seriously, so you know where and how to find a great one. In that case, we've got something to offer. The PF949 Petrified Fish Knife might be the perfect companion for your next fishing adventure!

The Petrified Fish K110 Steel 949 Folding Knife: Is it Worth Purchasing?

Is the Petrified Fishing PF949 K110 Steel Knife a great buy? Is it made of high-quality materials, and will it serve you well in the wild? Check out our full Petrified fish knife review below.

K110 Steel Blade: High-Quality Outdoor Tool

The K110 steel is an Austrian import steel known for its excellent wear, rust, and corrosion resistance. Consequently, it's an ideal choice for wet or humid outdoor environments. You can use this knife for all sorts of fishing activities.

Blade-Centered Construction: Excellent Craftsmanship

The blade-centered construction of the PF949 is worth mentioning. It's not necessarily bad to get an off-centered knife blade; some users can still use it to their advantage. However, a perfectly-centered knife blade, like the PF949, is a sign of excellent craftsmanship and high-end quality. It doesn't show any production marks, either.

Caged Ceramic Ball Bearing: Strong and Elastic

This knife's caged ceramic ball bearing system is highly elastic and 30% harder than steel. So if you're worried about the heavy weight, bending, and rotation the knife will have to bear, don't be. Ceramic bearings are durable and less likely to deform under pressure. Plus, they're easy to maintain and are resistant to rust!

59-60 HRC: Premium Sharpness

The numbers say it all: a hardness level of 59-60 means razor-sharp quality. Typically, you can only find this quality in more popular and expensive knife brands, making the PF949 rare within its price range. Customers describe it as a "sharp as hell" and "finger-cutting" knife. That says a lot about what this fishing knife is capable of!

petrified fish knife review - pf949 knife

Micarta Handle: Comfort and Traction

It's important to have a solid, steady, and comfortable grip on the handle of a sharp knife. The PF949 Knife's handle is made of Micarta, and we're telling you, this is an excellent choice for heavy-duty handles. The thermoset plastic material is durable and strong enough to withstand outdoor extremities such as heat and cold, moisture, and brittleness. 

The PF949 incorporates a curve and rounded chamfer on the edges, providing superior comfort for long periods. Lastly, it offers excellent traction and lasts a long time.

Disadvantage: Quick Rusting

Here's the catch. Just like any other tool, the PF949 can easily rust if you don't take care of it well. Thus, it's important to learn this knife's proper handling and maintenance to secure long-term investment. 

Disadvantage: Daunting Sharp Scales

Sharpness is an advantage of this knife. However, it's a disadvantage for some. The scales (the surface where the handle attaches to the knife blade) can be too sharp and easily hurt your fingers. So be extra careful when using this knife, especially if you're inexperienced with filleting.

Stress-Free and Precise Filleting With a Well-Functioning Fish Knife

Overall, the Petrified Fish PF949 is a great fishing knife for the price. It's a tough and versatile tool that helps you get the work done, from filleting your catch to minor emergency fixes. With a well-functioning knife, your fishing efforts will pay off, and you can reward yourself with an easy, fulfilling meal to end the day.

Do you wish to look at other fishing knives before deciding? No problem, we got your back! Browse our other blogs, reviews, and buying guides on cutlery.

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