Salad Friendly: The Opinel Essentials Small Kitchen Knives Set

October 22, 2021

Getting into the fruits and vegetable diet can be a drag. You think that preparing a salad after you come home from work or the gym would be a quick fix for your hungry tummy. It isn't. The washing, peeling, chopping, and mincing sound really easy at first, especially if it doesn't involve firing up a stove. Sure, that could be tedious, but so does salad making— and when you're tired, it's a lot easier said than done.

Fortunately, you can improve your salad preparation process with the right set of kitchen knives. Having the right tools to do the work goes a long way. You don't have to dread peeling that carrot with your kitchen knife for half an hour. Fortunately, Opinel has a vegetable peeler that can help you. And it's not just the peeler. There are three other Opinel tools you can use that will make your salad preparation easier.

Let's get to know Opinel and how its essential small kitchen knives can help you make your kitchen experience easier and enjoyable.

Opinel History

The Opinel knife that Picasso used started from a family in the Savoie French Alps in 1890. Joseph Opinel was the one who created the family's first knife— a folding knife known as the Opinel No. 08.

The creation of the No. 08 knives has an inspiring back story. It was the last roaring years of the industrial revolution when the ambitious Joseph wanted to get into manufacturing. Despite his father's objections, he used the family workshop with a vision of creating a product fit for the modern age. He created the No. 08 knife from that workshop and kept refining its design for it to be produced efficiently.

He succeeded.

Joseph's iteration efforts resulted in a knife that's designed beautifully. In addition to its unique design, he also made it to be mass-producible. Soon, the Opinel No. 08 knives reached many hands, and Joseph expanded his knife models until they reached the hands of Pablo Picasso, who used Opinel's No. 05 knife to carve out his sculptures.

It's been over a hundred years of manufacturing knives stamped with Joseph's family name. Adding to the already famous Opinel name is the Crowned Hand symbol that King Charles IX ordered to be etched on every master knifemaker's products attesting its quality and where it is made, and Opinel knives still bear that crowned hand logo today.

Unpacked: The 4-piece Opinel Essentials Small Kitchen Knives

Now, let's get into the details of the 4-piece Opinel knives, and what makes them a great set of knives you can use when you're preparing your favorite salad dish or vegan meal.

1 x Pantry Knife (4 inches, stainless steel)

This knife is made to be all-purpose and functions like an Opinel chef knife and paring knife in one. You can use this for paring food items like fruits and vegetables, chop and trim meats, and perform all other knife tasks such as chop, mince, slice, and dice. This Pantry knife would be your go-to kitchen knife set essentials.

1 x Serrated Knife (4 inches, stainless steel)

This serrated-edged knife is designed to cut and slice through delicate food items. This knife is equivalent to your bread knife, but you can also use this for other food than bread. It can slice through tomatoes, grilled meat, and even poached or boiled eggs. The finely serrated edge of the blade ensures that the soft inside of these food items remain intact while it slices through a hard surface.

1 x Vegetable Knife (3 inches, stainless steel)

This hawkbill-shaped knife with a serrated spine is designed to cut, slice, and peel different kinds of vegetables and fruits. The edge is slightly curved, which makes it easier to do more intricate knife work on food items. The tip of this knife is excellent for removing small seeds from fruits. Use this knife to make short work of any vegetable or fruit-based salads.

1 x Peeler (Stationary, stainless steel)

This peeler has a stationary blade for a more stable and clean peel. Use this to peel the skin off tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, apples, and any other fruits and vegetables that have a thin layer of skin on it. This peeler will give a clean, flawless appearance after peeling, which would be difficult to achieve when using knives. This peeler also supports another function apart from skinning. It can also be used to shave off very thin slices of vegetables.

Opinel Kitchen Knives Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of the Opinel knives' design, features, and materials.


  • Hawkbill point on the vegetable knife for deseeding thinner slices.
  • Partial tang makes this kitchen knife set lightweight, allowing dexterity when slicing.
  • The tang connecting the handle's scale has a dual rivet to keep it intact.
  • The different-colored wooden handle helps you differentiate between the knives. The color combination of the handles makes for a beautiful display in the kitchen.


  • Corrosion-resistant blades that would last a lifetime.
  • Thin and flexible blades are meant for easier slicing of light and soft food items.
  • The handle remains long to make sure it fits perfectly when you hold it.
  • Ultra-sharp edges, you won't need a kitchen knife sharpener anytime soon.
  • Lightweight; it would handle effortlessly when slicing through fruits and vegetables and wouldn't strain your hands.
  • The knives are portable; pack them up in a box and take them out during a picnic outside or anywhere you want to take them.
  • The high carbon content of the blade makes it a strong blade and wouldn't easily break in two or be bent out of shape.


  • Hornbeam handle.
  • The blade is made of 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel.

In Closing: The Best Kitchen Knife Set for Vegetable Lovers

The Opinel Essentials Small Kitchen Knives are designed to prepare meals that are heavy on fruits and vegetables. If you're a person who wants to incorporate salad into your diet or a vegan that prepares your food, the Opinel knife set will be a great addition to your kitchen tools. It's lightweight and easy to use. The handle aesthetics and shape are eye candy on the kitchen. You'll want to pick it up just for the sake of it.

On the other hand, these Opinel knives aren't built for heavy or frequent use. The partial tang on a wooden knife handle is prone to cracks. The thin blade, despite the carbon content, still suffers the risk of bending out of shape. These knives are meant to be used with care. That's why it's perfect for fruits and vegetables.

Overall, these knives are worth buying if you're looking for knives that will be an excellent tool for easygoing, casual food preparation.

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