Three Collectible Old Style Hunting Knives For Outdoorsmen

February 22, 2022

If you're taking an interest in collecting old-style hunting knives, it would be better for you to get the fixed blades as a start, especially if you're planning on having them framed for your collection room.

There are many vintage knives out there, but these three fixed-blade knives are amazing if you want to get some traction on your hunting knife collection. Check out these amazing old-fashioned hunting knives that bring both function and aesthetics.

Gerber C475 Hunting Knife

Kitchen and knife go hand-in-hand, even if that kitchen is outdoors. The Gerber C475 Hunting knife looks like one of many average culinary knives but packs the features of a hunting knife. So you can easily transition from hunting to cooking with this tool in your arsenal.

The best part about this hunting knife is its toughness. The Rockwell grade is on the 60 – 62, but the flat grind, drop point blade, coupled with an adequate length of just over nine inches, makes it suitable for slicing and cutting soft and hard food ingredients when preparing a meal outdoors. 

The bolster is also as thick as the handle and the blade, making this a fantastic knife for game care activities like dressing and disjointing. Unfortunately, it won't be as great for piercing, unlike the clip-point blade.

Overall, the Japanese have successfully fused the form and function of hunting and cooking knives while giving an aura of sophistication. This hunting knife is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Check out the features below.

Blade length: 4.75 inches

Overall knife length: 9.25 inches

Edge grind profile: flat grind, single bevel

Blade type: fixed

Blade material: tool steel

Handle material: composition

Point style: drop point

Tang type: full (hidden)

Year: 1970s


  • Can have both outdoor and kitchen functions
  • Tough blade (HRC 60 – 62)
  • The simplicity of design makes it pop out


  • Bulky because of the length
  • The handle is mand-made and old. It could break easily when it falls.

Corbet Sigman Working Hunter

Around the same decade, the Gerber hunting knife was made, the Americans were also crafting the Corbet Sigman hunting knife. The Corbet is one of the stylish-looking old hunting knives that has a clip-point blade.

Corbet Sigman is built for the working hunter that knows how to take care of his game. The blade's grind profile is hollow, making it very sharp for any dressing, skinning, and cutting tasks. In addition, the clip point makes stabbing through flesh quickly. So if you're a working hunter who doesn't mind putting your hands to work, this knife is a great tool for you.

One thing that pops out on the Corbet Sigman design is the rivets. There are six small rivets on the micarta handles instead of the usual three, making the connection of the handle to the tang much sturdier than the three-rivet ones.

Blade length: 4 inches

Overall knife length: 8.66 inches

Edge grind profile: hollow grind, single bevel

Blade type: fixed

Blade material: Carbon Steel

Handle material: micarta (Composite)

Point style: clip point

Tang type: full

Year: 1970s


  • Excellent for treating your game
  • Blade and handle are very secure
  • Thick blade (.125 inches) could withstand heavy stabbing work


  • Micarta handles can be slippery

Marble's Trailmaker Knife

Estimated to be made around the 1950s, antique hunting knives like the Marble's Trailmaker are uncommon these days. The unique feature of this hunting knife is the length of the blade. At ten inches, this is easily a knife meant for the trail-making hunter who's not afraid to go big. 

The blade's length also lets you do precision cuts for just one or two strokes, and the cuts would be smooth on the edges, too. This knife is also the heaviest among the old-fashioned hunting knives on the list, with a total weight of 19 ounces. This is because of the full tang forge and the thick handle composed of a brass guard and an aluminum pommel. 

In any case, a heavy knife brings in more stability on the downward force. This supports the slicing power brought by the long blade.

Blade length: 10.37 inches

Overall knife length: 15.37 inches

Edge grind profile: convex grind

Blade type: fixed

Blade material: carbon steel

Handle material: stacked leather

Point style: clip point

Tang type: full

Year: 1950s


  • Long blade length is great for slicing and cutting big game
  • Convex grind profile makes this great for chopping large objects


  • A heavy knife may not be suitable for those who have a weak grip
  • A stacked leather handle may wear out if not taken care of

Go Practical When Collecting Old Style Hunting Knives

Old hunting knives aren't easy to come by. For one, they're old and rare. Their value is relative to how old they are. If the objective is for you to have a collectible knife that can also be functional, go for the Gerber C475 Hunting Knife. It's old enough to be called vintage, costs only around two hundred dollars, and has the features that support both kitchen and outdoor hunting activities. This knife is a practical choice to get started.

If you want to know more about knives, check out our blogs here.

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