Here’s Why Misen Kitchen Knives Deserve a Spot in Your Kitchen

August 11, 2022

Has your current set of kitchen knives gone dull? Then you might be due for a fresh set! If you have pushed them to their limits, sharpening them may only delay the inevitable. You deserve new blades that feel great in your hands, perform well in any situation in the kitchen, and won’t hurt your wallet.

As one of the most affordable Misen kitchen knives, the brand’s 3-inch paring knife can serve you in any kitchen task. This paring knife bears the excellent quality you would expect from a reputable knife manufacturer like Misen without costing you an arm and a leg. Read our review and find out if Misen’s 3-inch paring knife deserves a spot on your kitchen counter!

Are Misen Kitchen Knives Good?

If you have been in the market for budget kitchen knives for some time now, you would have probably already encountered the ones from Misen. Most budget-conscious kitchen enthusiasts know Misen as a brand that consistently offers affordable alternatives to high-end German knife brands like Wusthof, Zwilling JA Henckels, and Victorinox.

While still far from being the cheapest option, kitchen knives from Misen exhibit a compelling value proposition. You get more out of its kitchen knives, noting the money you have to pay for them. The Misen 3-inch paring knife is a great example of the brand's versatile, high-quality, affordable knife. Learn more about it by continuing to the next section!

What Does the Misen Paring Knife Have to Offer?

misen kitchen knives - Misen paring knife

Three things set this Misen blade apart from cheaper knives on the market. First, it features a cutting edge that remains sharp for a long time. Secondly, it feels like a treat to use, thanks to its design. Lastly, Misen sharpened the blade at an unusual angle for this type of kitchen knife. Read more about its three unique features below!

Edge Retention That Lasts Long

The 3-inch Misen paring knife is made of Aichi AUS 10 steel, which lends its amazing properties to its blade. This type of steel contains a higher carbon content than other materials of knives in the same price range. The carbon steel composition ensures that your Japanese knife retains its sharp cutting edge longer. 

It still would be nice to keep a knife sharpener handy for stress-free sharpening, though!

Designed for Comfort and Control

When using a cooking knife, exerting absolute control is extremely important. Food preparation using a paring knife involves swift movements so that you can work with your vegetables and meat with precision. The 3-inch paring knife from Misen has a handle that makes a “pinch grip” a no-brainer. Moreover, the slight curves along the tool make holding it comfortable.

Features a Finer Blade Angle

Typically, manufacturers sharpen their kitchen knives at a 17 to 20-degree angle. Kitchen knives designed for Western kitchens bear cutting edges with more pronounced angles. The Misen 3-inch paring knife bears a finer 15-degree blade, resulting in finer slices. This blade angle is usually seen in oriental kitchen knives sold in the United States.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Misen Paring Knife?

misen kitchen knives - Chef chopping some vegetables

Will you be taking a Misen paring knife home anytime soon? It depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice. Consider the Misen paring knife's pros and cons before you take it home with you. We laid down three pros and cons to make your decision easier.

Pro: Perfect Size for Food Prep

The Misen paring knife comes with a sharp 3-inch blade. The blade’s length makes it perfect for all sorts of food preparation tasks, like peeling and slicing fruits, mincing herbs, and de-veining prawns. This 3-inch paring knife fills the void left by other kitchen blades like a chef knife, santoku knife, and utility knife. In a nutshell, this type of knife is best suited to do specific tasks in the kitchen.

Pro: Made from AUS-10 Steel

Produced by a Japanese steel company based in Tokai City, Japan, the Aichi AUS 10 steel is a relative newcomer to the kitchen knife industry. Despite being unknown to most people, including the average professional chef, Aichi AUS10 steel performs well in the kitchen and retains its cutting edge without regular knife sharpening. The AUS-10 strikes a balance between price and performance.

Pro: Encourages Pinch Grip

How confident are you when holding your kitchen knife? The 3-inch paring knife from Misen ensures you exert maximum control and feel confident while using the sharp tool. This blade has a bolster designed to encourage a pinch grip. If you’re new to kitchen knives, you should know that the pinch grip is the safest and most efficient way to hold one.

misen kitchen knives - Man in black apron slicing tomatoes

Con: Quality Control Issues

Quality control is an important aspect of production that knife manufacturers shouldn’t skip. Unfortunately, no matter how strict their quality control measures are, there will always be reports of factory defects. Such is the case with the Misen paring knife, as some customers reported receiving a Misen knife with scratches, chips, and other defects.

Con: Some Reports of Corrosion

Multiple reports from customers say that their Misen knife started having signs of corrosion after a few days of use. If you are considering buying it, you should assume the possibility that you may end up with a knife that gets rusted easily. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to determine whose fault it is if it’s judged on customer reviews alone.

Con: Durability Problems

Some customers say their Misen knife suffered from durability problems. For instance, one customer reported that their Misen knife got scratched and chipped when they put it in the dishwasher. The Misen 3-inch paring knife is rated dishwasher-safe, so this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

The Bottom Line

Misen-style blades are one of the remarkable kitchen knives on the market. Beginner and intermediate kitchen enthusiasts will get a kick out of these affordable yet sharp blades. They hail from Japan and are made from Japanese steel. As such, Misen knives let you experience using authentic Japanese kitchen blades without the exorbitant cost.

This quality knife from Misen features a 3-inch blade, performs well in any kitchen task, and can be bought cheaply. Sadly, this paring knife has negative customer reviews stemming from durability and corrosion issues. We’re left to guess whether it’s the customer’s or the manufacturer’s fault. To sum it up, the Misen paring knife offers great value for little cost.

If you’re still weighing your options, head to our kitchen knives section to discover more kitchen knives.

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