Mercer Culinary Millennia: The Bread Knife for Effortless Slicing

June 24, 2022

It's easy to end up with a mangled loaf when using the wrong knife or poor slicing techniques. Not only will it be difficult to get a clean slice of bread, but it can also be dangerous. There's a lot of debate on the best way to slice bread. Some people swear by a bread knife, while others say that any sharp knife will do. But is there a special technique for using a bread knife? And is the quality really necessary for effortless slicing? 

In this blog post, we'll look at the Mercer serrated bread knife and find out how it can make the everyday process of slicing your bread easier than ever.

A Slice of Info: The Mercer Culinary Bread Knife

The bread knife from Mercer Culinary Millennia is well-received by professional chefs from all over the world. America's Test Kitchen also rated it the best serrated bread knife. Below are some of the key features of this lauded serrated bread knife: 

One-Piece High-Carbon Japanese Steel 

A quality serrated bread knife from Mercer Culinary has been honed and heat-treated. Despite not being hand-forged, the knife is lightweight yet durable. It is cut out from a large steel sheet and stamped, making it affordable. But make no mistake, this knife is made of Japanese steel, known for its long-lasting edge retention.

Raised Santoprene Textured Handle 

Mercer Culinary's bread knife has a handle made of rubberized Santoprene to get a firm grip, while it is also made of FDA-approved Polypropylene for economic durability. In addition, it has a curve in the middle where your palm can rest, so you don't have to grip the Mercer bread knife too hard. This makes the knife well-balanced and ergonomic.

Length Variations of Blade 

Would you use a 3-inch knife when you saw some bread? A good length for any bread knife should be 8 inches above. You might think Mercer Culinary only has one variation of bread knife under their Millennia collection. But this serrated bread knife comes in 8-inch and 10-inch versions. This gives you a good sawing motion to smoothly cut large loaves and fruits. 

29 Pointed Serrated Pattern 

The teeth at the edge of your knives are called serrations, and brands have different signature serrations—scalloped, micro, saw-toothed, wavy, or a combination of these. The reason behind this design is that the knife can bite into the food's surface easily without applying too much pressure as you would in a straight-edge knife. 

Insight From the Pros: Experts have also proven that a bread knife doesn't need a lot of serrations to get a smooth, clean cut. The lesser the number of serrations, the more evenly distributed the force applied to the knife. Thus, you can slice your squishy cheese or tough bread without wasting any of it. 

The Mercer Culinary created its bread knife with only 29 wavy serrations for even and easy cuts. As a result, there's no dragging or tugging when using this bread knife in any food. 

What We Love About the Mercer Culinary Serrated Bread Knife

Mercer bread knife in different sizes

The highlighted features will make you want to buy this bread knife immediately. However, there are four things about this knife that show exquisite craft and design. 

Versatile Effortless Cutting

You may call it a bread knife, but the Mercer Culinary bread knife isn't limited to soft and sourdough bread. You can slice rolls of mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, and loaded sandwiches into thin slices without pushing down too hard and destroying their structural integrity. Plus, you can make beautiful cubes and slices from large, watery fruits like melons and pineapples without your knife slipping. 

The serration, the blade length, and the textured handle altogether create the most dynamic bread knife that cuts everything like butter. 

Protective Finger Guard

The perfect combination of Santoprene and Polypropylene used for this bread knife's handle is already a top-notch quality. But since you are still pushing the knife forward, you still need something to stop your fingers from slipping into the blade. That's where the front quillon or finger guard enters. Plus, an added feature of the rear quillon for better grip and safety, preventing the knife from slipping when you pull the knife back.

Excellent Value for Its Price

Given this bread knife's amazing features and feedback, how much is the Mercer Culinary bread knife? This ultra-sharp knife only costs $24.40. You can purchase seven Mercer Culinary serrated knives for one Shun Classic bread knife, which costs $169.95. 

This is all thanks to its economical process of stamping and using affordable but strong materials for its handle. It's very affordable, making it a great option for those looking for a high-quality bread knife on a budget.

What We Don't Like About This Serrated Bread Knife

The Mercer Culinary Millennia can last many years if you properly maintain it. However, there are some downsides to this bread knife that some users find inconvenient and dangerous. 

Not Dishwasher-Safe

Mercer Culinary recommends washing your bread knives by hand with warm water and mild soap like most quality knives. You shouldn't toss the knife in the dishwasher or submerge it for a long time as this will lose its sharp wavy edge. And since it's still made of steel, the knife could rust and have oxidation stains if you don't dry it quickly. 

Moreover, you must avoid long contact with other metal cutlery or kitchenware as pitting may occur. This drawback is minor and can be solved by properly maintaining your bread knives to avoid dullness and corrosion. 

Sheath Not Included

Have you been a victim of accidental cuts from getting knives from drawers or just lightly touching its edge? If so, you should be extra careful with this serrated bread knife. After all, we picked this as our favorite bread knife mostly for its sharpness. Unfortunately, this knife doesn't come with a sheath when you purchase one. Instead, they recommend you buy their inexpensive knife guards, the same length as their bread knives. 

But some users pointed out that you can simply turn its hard plastic packaging into a makeshift sheath if you want to save a few bucks. 

Mercer Culinary Has Proven Their Point 

A chef's knife is considered the go-to knife of professionals and home cooks to cut an array of foods from fruits to meats. But if another tool is worth adding to your knife collection, it would be a bread knife. But not just any bread knife—you should buy a serrated bread knife that can make long cuts not just on loaves but also through thick-skinned fruits and more. 

The Mercer Culinary Millennia gave excellent points for providing a great bread knife for effortless slicing. It has a one-piece high-carbon Japanese steel and raised Santoprene textured handle with two blade length variations. This makes it versatile and perfect for all types of cutting, especially on loaves of bread. 

With its 29-pointed serrated patterns, the knife can easily cut through crusty loaves and squishy fruits without crushing them and leaves a clean finish. But although the knife is excellent for its price, it's not dishwasher-safe, so be sure to hand wash it after each use. Check out other sharp knives here at Knifescout!

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