Marbles Hunting Knife: Making an Impact Throughout History

October 26, 2021

Hunting knives can be traced back as far as the prehistoric era. They were the best tools in killing animals successfully for human consumption and were also utilized as weapons for self-defense. As the Civil war ended, the waning popularity of hunting knives was revitalized with tiny utilitarian blades, heavy-duty folders, and the Bowie knives in the lead.

Active hunters in the 18th century never thought that hunting knives could still use an upgrade and evolve into a better, more functional tool. Then came the talented Webster Marble, who single-handedly promoted the hunting knife as a must-have part of outdoor gear. Until today, many hunters enjoy the convenience and functionality of Marbles hunting knives, their outdoor companion.

Why do you need to have a Marbles hunting knife? Scroll deeper and find out more about this handy tool.

Types and Features of Hunting Knives

Hunting knives come in different types and with different features. If you are not an outdoor person, you probably don't see any point in having a hunting knife. But bringing a kitchen knife during camping or any form of outdoor activity can be quite a hassle, which is why you might need to get one for yourself. A pocket hunting knife, for one, to easily skin and debone animals and even cut ropes and plants while you are out there in the wild.

So here are some common types and designs of hunting knives you can add to your arsenal:

  • Bowie Knife. Popularized by Jim Bowie, the Bowie knife design is a large knife originally used for combat and has since evolved into one of the earliest hunting knives. It typically comes with a clip-point blade widely popular with hunters and cowboys in the late 19th century. Many hunting knives were designed after this type.
  • Camp Knife. It is a type of knife perfect for campings because it is multi-purpose and designed to accomplish outdoor tasks. A camp knife has the attributes of other hunting knives but mainly differs in the drop point, which is bigger.
  • Caping Knife. This knife is perfect for making animal trophies. The caping knife has an upturned point that provides great precision when cutting an animal's neck.
  • Hunting Dagger. A hunting dagger is meant to kill and has a sharp blade. It is usually long since its goal is to reach an animal's heart easily when pierced.
  • Boning Knife. Separating the meat from the carcass easily is the main purpose of a boning knife. It has a narrow flexible blade similar to a fillet knife.
  • Skinning Knife. Skinning is a tedious process, and to perfectly separate the skin and hide, a short, thin blade that curves is important. The skinning knife has those qualities while also being extra sharp. That said, you have to ensure that it also comes with a grippy, non-slip handle for added precision.
  • Buck Knife. A type of hunting knife prominently used in the 1960s, a buck knife is perfect for hunting, boasting multiple functions. It is manufactured with clip points and is usually used as an all-purpose pocket knife.

Hunting knives can also possess one or combinations of the following features:

  • Setting. You can select between a fixed or folding hunting knife. A folding hunting knife allows you to save more space, and it is really convenient for outdoor activities.
  • Knife Sheath. The hunting knife sheath is commonly made of leather. It protects the knife when not in use.
  • Blade Style. There are three main blade styles for hunting knives—these are drop point, skinning blade, and clip point.
  • Serrations. It is uncommon for hunting knives to have serrations, but they may come in handy in field dressing some animals.
  • Handguard. A handguard should prevent your hand from slipping during skinning or deboning. A Bowie knife is known for having a non-slip and ergonomic handguard.
  • Gut Hook. A gut hook is another kind of blade usually utilized for field dressing. It has a sharp semi-circle created into the spine, which allows hunters to break animals' skin.

The Rise of Marbles Knives

Webster Marble was born in 1854, and he was responsible for the greatest developments in the cutlery industry. Marble was an excellent hunter and a professional timberman. His outdoor experiences and dissatisfaction with the available hunting tools during his time led him to upgrade hunting tools like knives and rifles to a whole new level. Marble's genius formed a new standard in hunting essentials.

Marble created his first personalized hunting knife in 1900 and called it the Ideal Hunting Knife. The personalized hunting knife was composed of a thick steel blade with hollow-ground reliefs carved on both sides. Its lengths started at 4 ½ to 8 inches with a handguard that protruded down on the cutting side of the blade. The handle was made of stacked leather washers.

The Expert Sheath Knife was introduced in 1906, and it has 5 and 6 inches blade length. This one also comes with a flat ground blade with a slight clip-on straight-backed. Originally, the Expert was designed for professional guides, hunters, and trappers. A shorter variant of this knife with 4 inches blade was created and nicknamed the Sports Knife. The Girls and Boys Scouts of America adopted the sheath knife as part of their official camping tools.

What was considered as Marble's greatest contribution was unveiled around 1915 with the Woodcraft Sheath Knife—a 4 ½-inch wide and upswept knife with a flat-ground blade perfect for trappings and hunting. Marbles and his knives were unstoppable during the 20th century, and other cutlery makers copied them across America.

The dawn of World War II saw the creative genius of Marble. With the Ideal Hunting Knife as a prototype, its militarized version was born and known as the legendary USMC Fighting/Utility Knife. However, the war greatly affected Marble's enterprise because other manufacturers sold cheaper yet quality knives. European smiths offered way cheaper military knives and flooded war-torn America. In 1957, Marble's company made a huge comeback with all Navy and Air Force pilots using its survival knife. This survival knife was made of a 6-inch saw back blade with a fully sharpened false edge steel crossguard.

The Buck 110 Lockback design gained momentum in 1965, and Marble's hunting knives were considered old-fashioned. In 1976, Marble halted most of its knife production and even sold the trademark to a foreign company. Today, Marbles hunting knives are considered one of the best and are still in high demand.

Marbles Hunting Knives Online

You can acquire Marbles hunting knives online by looking for active sellers like Amazon and eBay. If you are a hunting knife collector, you absolutely want to have a vintage Marbles hunting knife as a part of your collection.

marbles classic hunting knife

Here are the best-selling Marbles hunting knives you can buy online:

Marbles Folding Lockback Pocket Hunting Knife

A multi-purpose folding Marbles pocket knife perfect for hunting and outdoor adventure. It is super light, and you can carry this knife wherever you go. The ultrasharp and durable blade can give you an instant animal kill. The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel that ensures super hardness and edge retention.

Marbles Turkey Clasp Folding Hunting Knife

This foldable pocket knife has a total length of 5 ½ inches with a 4 inches stainless blade. Be mesmerized with the blade's artwork—a massive turkey in an outdoor scene etched in the knife. This hunting knife has smooth black bone handles and embossed silver nickel bolsters. Get this piece with a deluxe cigar box packaging.

Marbles Stacked Leather Combat Bowie Knife

Feel like a legend by acquiring this combat Bowie knife made from stainless steel with a 10.75 inches blade length. The clip point blade is silver in color and has a plain edge. This piece comes with a stacked leather handle, brass guards, and leather sheath.

Marbles MR396 Small Hunting Knife

This is a classic hunting fixed blade knife with 6 ¼ inches overall length, a 3- inch steel clip point blade, and control ridges. In addition, the handle is stacked leather with a silver nickel finger guard and aluminum pommel. You can have this knife with a brown leather sheath embossed with the Marbles logo.

Marbles Fixed Blade Skinner Hunting Knife

This jigged horn hunter variant has a satin finish stainless steel clip point blade, and its handle has a stainless steel guard with an aluminum pommel. The overall length of this hunting knife is 9 inches and comes with a leather sheath stamped with Marble’s logo.

Marbles Outers Stag Bone Hunting Knife

Perfect for deboning deers, this hunting knife comes with a 4-inch steel full tang satin finish and clip-point blade with integral finger guard. The stag bone handles have brass handle pins, and you can keep this knife in a brown leather belt sheath.

Marbles Gladstone Knife

Another part of the Marbles classic designs, this Gladstone hunting knife is approximately 1 ¼-inch-long and known for its sharp blade. Hunting and outdoor activities are better with the Marbles Gladstone Knife.

Marbles Trout and Bird Finger Ring Knife

Birds and fishes are also very challenging to acquire, but with Marbles trout and bird ring blade neck knife, you have an increased chance of hunting these animals. The one-piece blade is made of 420HC stainless steel with a total length of 5 ½ inches. The handle has a finger ring pommel for absolute control. The knife also comes with a black metal beaded chain and black hard molded neck sheath.

Marble's Brown Checkered Wood Handles Full Tang Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

A new piece of Marbles hunting knives, the blade is made of fine stainless steel with a clip point blade. The handle is made of a checkered wood handle and a full extended tang. It has a lanyard hole and a black nylon belt sheath.

Marble's Genuine Damascus Steel Blade Hunting Knife

The Damascus steel is perfect for skinning and field dressing, with a jigged horn handle. It also goes with a stainless guard and stag pommel, giving the hunting knife an overall length of 8.63 inches.

Until today, Marbles hunting knives are in high demand—the brand has become a legend for so many hunters and other people who love the wild outdoors. Weapons and multi-purpose tools like hunting knives are important if you want to survive in the wild.

The Takeaway

Hunting knives have many purposes, and it can help you prepare food during camping and hunting trips. There are hunting knives that are foldable and pocket-size that you can carry anywhere you want. Unlike hunting knives, kitchen knives are longer and can be quite a hassle when you bring one during an outdoor escapade. Hunting knives are always known for their ultra-sharp and durable blade.

Purchasing Marbles hunting knives allows you to preserve history and revive the brand's popularity that once revolutionized the cutlery industry. Select the best Marble hunting knife for you and add it to your cart now!

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