Make Your Next Precise Cut With Made in Sheffield Kitchen Knives

May 26, 2021

Knives are made to cut precisely into things. While they can have more than one purpose, the precise cutting ability is a quality that makes a knife excellent. A knife is arguably the most essential tool to complete any kind of work in the kitchen setting. A kitchen knife is always needed, from preparing ingredients to consuming the completed dish.

This article introduces one of the most precise cutting knives in the market. These are made in Sheffield kitchen knives, and we'll discuss the essential information about them.

Get to Know More About Made in Sheffield Kitchen Knives

Whether you’re trying to complete a good kitchen knife set or simply looking for a kitchen knife for your next kitchen work, Sheffield knives might be a perfect choice. Here’s what you need to know about this brand of kitchen knives.

About Sheffield

Sheffield has a long-standing reputation of being home to some of the most skilled cutlery manufacturers. As early as the 14th century, it was already prominent for knife production. By 1600, Sheffield was acknowledged by the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire is the second cutlery production center in England, following London.  

Sheffield Made Knives for Kitchen Use

Here are the notable brands that manufacture the prominent Sheffield steel kitchen knives. From robust blade and handle materials to classic designs with a purpose, Sheffield knives might be the kitchen tool you’ve been looking for.

Taylor's Eye Witness

Taylor's Eye Witness is a manufacturer of various kitchen tools, such as kitchen knives, tableware, kitchen accessories, and more. The company started manufacturing cutlery in 1838 and is now one of the most trusted brands producing Sheffield-made knives. Their knives are classified into three ranges:

Professional Range

Comes with: carving fork, sharpening steel, starter set (3 pieces), and block set (5 pieces)

Blade material: high-carbon stainless steel

Handle material: Fibreglass and ABS

Taylor's Eye Witness Professional Range is noted for its handle design and blade type. The blades are hand-honed and made of high-carbon stainless steel. The material makes these knives robust, wear-resistant, and sharp enough to exert little effort. The handle has an elegantly shaped contour that prevents the knife from slipping away.

Furthermore, Taylor's received an award as "An Outstanding British Product" from The Design Council for the overall classic design of this series.    

Heritage Series

Comes with: scissor and shear

Blade material: high-carbon stainless steel

Handle material: wood oak

The Heritage series is made in celebration of Taylor's' 175 years in the knife-making scene. Since 1830, expert cutlers have hand-tested these knives, granting a long-term reputation for excellent quality and craftsmanship.

The high-carbon steel blades come with full-tang and a strong bolster. This combination makes the knives super durable and reliable for cutting/chopping tasks.

The design is made to bring back childhood memories, with a classic retro touch that can fit traditional and modern kitchen settings.

Premier Collection

Comes with: signed presentation gift box (signed by craftsman)

Blade material: Sandvik 14C28N

Handle material: Mexican Bocote wood timber

The Premier collection is a limited edition of Taylor's. The knife’s blade is made of Sandvik 14C28N, a type of Swedish martensitic stainless chromium steel used for high-quality professional cutlery applications. It is incredibly robust, corrosion-resistant, and has an excellent edge. It is not your typical kitchen knife.

The handle is made from an exotic type of wood called Bocote. The material has unique grain patterns that kind of reminds you of ancient times. It is visually appealing, durable, and comfortable to use. 

Samuel Staniforth

Samuel Staniforth manufactures raw materials for the professional cutlery industry. They started in 1864 and became an innovator of steam-powered knife forging machines. Samuel Staniforth is a reliable supplier of modern and traditional tools for the professional—from an excellent kitchen chef knife to a reliable sharpening product. The series is divided into two types of handles.

Chef Range (Wood/Black)

Comes with: block sets

Blade material: Molybdenumhigh-carbon stainless steel

Handle material: traditional rosewood / Semprene bonded black

Samuel Staniforth's chef knives are designed with Molybdenum high-carbon steel blades for extreme sharpness and excellent strength. They are fully forged to make precise cuts, perfect for fruits and vegetables. The bolster features a round shape to perfectly balance the knife and ensure it does its job in the kitchen well.

David Mellor

David Mellor Design is a manufacturer of cutlery, craft pottery, and kitchen essentials. It started in the 1950s with David Mellor, a reputable manufacturer, designer, and shopkeeper. He used to train as a silversmith, specializing in metalwork, and has won awards for his cutlery expertise. David's son Corin Millor, an interior and product designer, succeeded the company in 2009 and continues to manufacture professional modern tableware and kitchenware collections.

David Mellor's Sheffield kitchen knives are made of Martensitic stainless steel blades, making them robust and corrosion-resistant. The knives are classified into three ranges:

Rosewood Range

Comes with: boxed sets

Blade material: Martensitic steel

Handle material: Indian rosewood

Rosewood makes gorgeous and robust knife handles. Indian rosewood is porous, crafted around holes that require maintenance to prevent debris. It has a rich color range with mostly darker shades (dark purple, black streaks, light and dark brown) for an elegant look. Rosewood is durable with a fragrant scent, making it a good choice for knife handles.

Provencal Range and Black Handled Range

Comes with: available in boxed sets

Blade material: Martensitic steel

Handle material: acetal resin

Acetal resin handles are warm and comfortable. Compared to other plastics, acetal has low moisture absorption, is more robust, and has excellent machinability for effortless kitchen work. With resistance to high moisture, heat, and chemical resistance, the strengths of acetal resin make an ideal material for creating knife handles.   

Final Thoughts

Sheffield-made kitchen knives are great choices to complete your best kitchen knife set. They're made from a city with a long history of cutlery expertise. However, knives are at their best with proper use and maintenance. Ensure you're always keeping the knife clean and sharp with a reliable kitchen knife sharpener. We look forward to your more precise cuts!

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