MAKO Kitchen Knives With a Twist: A Closer Look Into Linoroso’s MAKO 7” Chef’s Knife

December 3, 2021

Innovation is the mother of all things good. And modern society would not be where it is today without yesterday’s forward thinkers, who have put ideas into action. Today, with the technology at our fingertips, we continue to innovate everything around us. This golden age of technology and innovation even extends to the tools we use in food preparation. 

Knifemaking is an industry that moved with the times, and to this day, many of its pioneers are still in business. It’s not yet determined who makes the best kitchen knives, so the industry welcomes innovation with open arms. It might be because knives from past technology have also drastically changed both in quality and structure, even failing to meet certain standards set by the competition. 

One example of how the cutlery industry has improved is an up-and-coming company called Linoroso. The company prides itself on catering to the modern minimalist aesthetic that people are currently leaning towards. Their branding also explores new designs in cutlery—knives specifically. 

Their very eye-catching MAKO Kitchen Knives Series introduces modern cooks to modern tools with unique designs. And if you are looking for a new knife to add to your kitchen staples, here’s what you need to know about the MAKO knives by Linoroso.

Linoroso MAKO 7” Chef’s Knife

When you search for a “Mako knife” on Google, you will be bombarded by the usual case Mako Lockback knife results. However, these knives are very different from the MAKO Series by Linoroso. 

The usual case mako knife you’ll find on Google is made for outdoor activities. From the way those knives are structured, you can already see how useful they are for things like cutting fishing lines or cleaning fish and game, and many others. Those knives are what you would expect in a typical outdoorsman’s backpack. 

Linoroso’s MAKO Series knives, on the other hand, are made for cooks in the kitchen. As a result, the chef knife from this collection is especially known to be versatile and efficient in cutting up ingredients from meat to vegetables. These knives are marketed towards home cooks and even professional chefs as a new tool to improve their kitchen. And it looks promising even at first glance. 


  • Inclusions: In-Drawer knife block
  • Product dimensions: 14.9 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 1.81 lbs.
  • Material: full-forged high-carbon German stainless steel
  • Handle material: full tang casting + plastic
  • Rockwell hardness: 56+

The Handle

Needless to say, the most remarkable feature of this chef’s knife is its handle. Instead of the conventional vertical oval handle, the MAKO chef knife has a handle that gets flattered farther from the blade. 

Because Linoroso has identified a problem with the conventional handle, this unique design was made for just one thing: to improve the cook’s grip on the knife's handle. 

When cooking, especially in a professional setting, you need to prep all kinds of ingredients with varying degrees of thickness. Mincing, dicing, and slicing them can be tiring after a while. And overworking your hand can cause you to lose your grip on the knife and injure yourself. The same goes if you are cutting wet ingredients and your grip slips from the knife. 

Linoroso saw this exact problem—the conventional knife handle shape doesn’t steady our hands. So the solution they thought of was to create types of kitchen knives that you can grip firmly but comfortably, especially towards the ring and pinky fingers. And thus, the MAKO chef knife was born. 

The handle of the chef knife is not just for show too. The whole knife is made with a full tang. This means that the handle and the blade are connected right from the forging process. So it’s not likely to fall off, unlike other knives with handles connected to the blade by welding. It also has a forged bolster to boast!

The Blade

Of course, the most crucial part of a knife is not the handle but the blade. The handle is the sidekick, and the blade is the superhero. So for a killer sidekick handle on this MAKO chef knife, you can definitely expect a powerful superhero blade.

The MAKO chef knife’s blade is forged from high-carbon German stainless steel. For context, a forged knife like this is miles away from the quality of a welded knife. Forging is a labor-intensive process that involves tempering the blade again and again until perfection. And this knife is proof that buying forged knives is worth it. 

German steel is characteristically different from other metals made in other countries in terms of the metal used. German-made steel, especially if they are high-carbon stainless steel, tends to keep an edge longer than other metals. This is proven by the different German knives sold all over the world. And it is a well-known fact that German steel blades are some of the best kitchen knives in the world. 

Additionally, this MAKO chef knife is sharpened by hand to ensure quality. So you won’t need to search Google on how to sharpen kitchen knives for a very long time. Reviewers of this knife were actually pleased by how sharp the knife is from the get-go. And the knife angle is also perfect for several kitchen functions. In addition, it allows for easy sliding along with the cutting board. 


Have we said enough to let you know how great the MAKO chef knife is? It even comes with its own in-drawer knife block. So better make space in your kitchen because it definitely belongs there! 

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