Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Knives: Is a Ceramic Knife Set Worth It?

June 16, 2022

Ceramic knives are less popular than stainless steel knives, but don't underestimate them—they can still do the job. Ceramic is a great choice for people who want a sharp blade that doesn't rust or corrode. Compared to traditional steel knives, ceramic blades stay sharper for longer, making them ideal for precision slicing and dicing. 

In this blog, we’re putting the spotlight on Kyocera, a leading brand in ceramic kitchen knives that offer a range of quality blades sure to meet your needs. Continue to read to find out about its clear-cut features and more! 

Features of the Kyocera Ceramic Knife Set

ceramic kitchen knives Kyocera Knife set - 3 Kyocera knives, Santoku knife, utility knife and paring knife

Since 1894, Kyocera has produced knives and cookware for many households and restaurants. However, these ceramic knives have more to offer other than their unrelenting sharpness.

Three Different Knives in One Set 

Some knife brands release ceramic knife sets with not enough variety; often just the same knife in different sizes and colors. But Kyocera ensures that each ceramic knife is unique to the other. This 3-piece ceramic knife set, for example, comes with a 3" paring knife, a 5" utility knife, and a 6" Santoku knife. 

Lightweight Built 

The Kyocera knives weigh half the equivalent of metal knives. Its zirconia Z206 blades and ceramic formulation made it possible for these knives to be so light. As a result, you don't need to add weight to the handle to achieve proper balance. Plus, there is less resistance when you slice. 

Razor Sharp Edge

Making precise cuts is made easier with these ceramic knives. But a Kyocera knife creates a whole new level of intense sharpness. All knives in this set have ultra-sharp blades, but the utility knife has an additional micro-serrated edge that allows you to cut tiny hairs on your meat or fibers on your tomatoes.

Ergonomic Handle

If the Kyocera has a dangerously sharp blade, how about its handle? This knife brand used resin to create its curved handles. Thanks to its contoured design, the knife sits nicely in the center of your palm. 

What We Love About These Best Ceramic Knives

Kyocera ceramic knife set - utility knife with micro-serrated technology

Given its features, this Japanese knife brand has captured our attention. But there are more specific reasons why you want to have this ceramic knife set in your knife collection. 

Long-Lasting Sharpness

A ceramic knife is known to be sharper than your traditional steel knives. But the Kyocera's edge retention is unbeatable that buying this ceramic knife set will last you for years. 

Non-Reactive Blade 

Do you often get rust on your steel knives? You don't have to worry about oxidizing or rusting with Kyocera ceramic knives. In fact, you can slice citric and salty ingredients in a humid environment, and your ceramic knife will not rust or lose its sharpness. 

Perfect Gift

The Kyocera ceramic knife set is sleek, beautiful, and versatile—qualities that any homemaker or cooking enthusiast will love. In addition, the knife set comes in two neutral color variations (black and white) that will go great in any home. It's also the perfect gift for a food-loving friend on special occasions. 

What We Don’t Like About the Kyocera Ceramic Blade Kitchen Knives

Like any other ceramic knife, there is one downside to having this lightweight and super thin ceramic knife set. The Kyocera knives are brittle. Despite its sharp blades, you can chip them if you use them on tough food parts like bones. You also don't crush cloves of garlic with these knives. Otherwise, you'll be expecting a kitchen accident. 

Fortunately, this is no secret to chefs and homemakers. Even Kyocera is aware of these and puts do's and don'ts on their package. Nevertheless, with proper care and handling of these knives, you don't have to worry about breaking them. 

What We Expect With This Kyocera Set in the Future

Kyocera knives are easy to use and so light that it sometimes feels like you're using a toy. So if you hold it at its blade, which happens a lot in the kitchen, you can easily cut yourself. Kyocera will need to put additional safety features on its knives. 

They have a storage block you can purchase with or separately, but it would be great if Kyocera packages these knives with sheaths or covers for people who can only store them in drawers with the rest of their kitchen utensils. 

A Blade Above the Competition

Is Kyocera worth buying? Absolutely. Not only is it tagged as Amazon's Choice, but the Kyocera ceramic knife set is also well-received by both newbie and professional cooks. You simply can't ignore knives that are easy on the wrists, can create precise cuts, and are resistant to rust, stains, and, most importantly, dulling. 

If you're looking for an affordable set of knives that will make food prep a breeze, Kyocera is the brand for you. For more sharp knife reviews and buyer’s guides, explore more from Knifescout. Happy cooking!

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