Key Highlights of a Good Knife for Hunting and Fury Hunting Knives

June 21, 2021

Out for some hunting adventure? Among the various tools in your bag is a knife that is undoubtedly one of the top essential items to bring. What is hunting without a knife? It is simply incomprehensible. Hunting and knives are two inseparable things. 

But don't just bring any knife that's accessible to you. Put some more thought into choosing one. Is it good enough for hunting? Will it make the cut that you want? What even makes a good knife for hunting? If you're a little unsure about all of that, it's time to sit down for a moment and spend some time learning about hunting knives. This article will provide essential insights into hunting knives and a review of Fury hunting knives. 

How to Choose a Hunting Knife

Let's begin with the characteristics of an excellent knife for hunting. Look for these factors when trying to select the right knife.

The Material

Two types of material are commonly used for hunting knives. Here is a quick overview of their pros and cons for you to distinguish:

Carbon Steel 

Pros: easy to sharpen, cheaper than stainless steel hunting knives

Cons: extremely prone to rusting, requires regular treatment

Stainless Steel

Pros: resistant to rust, doesn’t need regular maintenance once sharpened, suitable for rainy hunting

Cons: More expensive, harder to sharpen, lags because it’s less sharp

The Handle

A good hunting knife has an excellent handle that is firm and comfortable to use. It also depends on the maintenance. If you're not very good at it, perhaps it's wiser to pick a more robust handle material. 

It’s Not About The Size

It sure is fantastic to have a large and attractive knife when you hunt. It makes you feel as if you're in some badass survival film, right? Reality check! A large knife might not be the best tool to bring. Sometimes, the smaller ones are easier to control than the huge ones. When looking for outdoor gear and tools, always choose convenience. 

The Blade Type

Here are three common types of blades used for hunting knives.

  1. Clip-point blades - An all-around hunting blade known for its thin and sharp tip. It is excellent for dressing and skinning.
  1. Drop-point blades - A thick and curved type that specializes in dressing and skinning. You will less likely tear into the meat because it doesn't have a distinct point.
  1. Skinning blades - The perfect blade for skinning animals, but you can use it for other hunting chores as well.

The Type of Knife

Learn about the different kinds of hunting knives and their purposes.

  1. Bowie Knife - Known for its double-edged blade, it easily cuts in any way or direction you want to and is also helpful for survival situations.
  1. Camp Knife - A classic, multi-purpose tool that you can use in most outdoor activities, such as hunting or fishing.  
  1. Boning Knife - A sharp-edged knife commonly used for deboning can also perform general kitchen chores.
  1. Skinning Knife - A knife with a sharp, curved blade made for skinning. Use this to precisely cut through the skin without the risk of tearing the entire game apart.
  1. Buck Knife - A portable, large-folding classic knife from the '60s. It's a versatile go-to knife for everyday life and hunting.

Fury Knives: An Overview

A manufacturing company named Joy Enterprises produces Fury knives. It is an outstanding manufacturer of Florida-based brands, namely Fury, Fury Tactical, and Fury Mustang. They also distribute for Muela, a Spanish brand manufacturing fixed blade knives and folders globally. Joy Enterprises started in 1941 and has become a top manufacturer of high-quality classic cutting instruments. 

What Customers Say About Fury Knives

Joy Enterprises has a wide range of hunting knives for your specific needs, and we're going to enumerate some of the key features that customers love about them.



  • Sharp blades
  • Unique design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great value for its price


  • Not the sharpest knife 
  • Needs sharpening

Fury Knives stand out best for their sharp blades and stylish designs. Reviews state that the stainless steel blades make excellent tools for hunting. The knives are generally small in size and compact to fit perfectly into small bags or pockets. Fury knives are super affordable—you can get one for as low as $5!

While it's sharp enough for hunting tasks, it's also not the sharpest blade in the block. Sometimes, a Fury pocket knife comes with a half-serrated blade (saw-like edges), making it susceptible to wearing out and difficult to sharpen once it gets dull.

Fury Tactical


  • Affordable pricing
  • Great for self-defense 
  • Full-tang construction
  • Secure sheath


  • The design doesn't fit all preferences
  • Not the sharpest hunting knife

Knife owners look for an affordable tool that can also fit securely into their backpack, which Fury Tactical knives are good for. Perfect for cutting and self-defense, this is a tool you can rely on while hunting. These knives are also constructed in full tang, so it's well-built and doesn't break easily.

Because not all knives are the same, some customers end up with a Fury tactical knife that needs sharpening right out of the box. It's not the sharpest, although it manages to get the job done.  

Fury Mustang


  • Affordable pricing
  • Pleasing designs
  • Sharp blades


  • The size is too small
  • Design not flexible for all preferences

Reviews on Fury Mustang knives state that the stainless steel blades have impressively sharp edges suitable for cutting tasks. The protective sheaths are made of nylon or leather. Like the two other Fury brands, Fury Mustang knives are affordable within the same price range.

The unique designs are a Fury trademark. A good example is the Fury Mustang Wildlife Collector's Series which comes in various animal designs (bear, deer, eagle, moose, wolf, and mustang). They have cool designs, but some people don't find them suitable for their taste. 


Choosing from a pool of hunting knives with promising features can be tricky.  However, the key to long-term success in using hunting knives is maintenance. If you get a good one, you must return the favor and make sure it stays at its best! Best of luck with your next hunt!

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