Kershaw Kitchen Knives: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

June 4, 2021

Are you a home chef who loves preparing food for your family? Your recipes and specialties must be heavenly, and people can’t stop praising and commending everything you serve. Then, you must be a master chef incarnate.

A talented person like you should have kitchen tools and knives that fit your extraordinary skills. Give the Kershaw kitchen knife set a try. They might be just the tool you need to make your food preparation even better.

This article will help you get to know the brand, the kitchen knives, and the kitchen knife set they have. In case you decide to buy something from this brand, you already know to purchase wisely.

The Story of Kershaw Kitchen Knives

When you hear of Kershaw, Kai will also come into the picture because the two companies worked together as early as Kershaw’s founding days. Together they forged knives to achieve the powerful brand image Kershaw has now.

The two businesses met almost 40 years ago, and they are clearly meant for each other. Back then, Pete Kershaw, Kershaw founder, was looking for a supplier to grow his knife business. At the same time, Kai was expanding its exportation of knife materials all over the world, including America.

Today, the two names are still inseparable. Kershaw is a brand under Kai USA Ltd, and it still develops different knife technologies to make kitchen activities more manageable and comfortable. Kershaw also partners with custom knife makers to grow its knife collection.

Product Highlights

You can assess all kitchen knives through the quality of their blade and handle. On the other hand, the design makes every knife unique.


Kershaw blades use different steel materials to ensure that they have razor-sharp and corrosion-resistant blades. Here are some of the materials used in the blades.

  • Carbon stainless blade

There are many benefits of using carbon stainless steel on knives. Foremost among them is carbon stainless steel being the toughest among other materials. It is also easier to whet and hone than others.

  • Stainless blade

420J2 stainless blade: This blade type is reliable for precise cutting because of the sharpness it provides. This material makes Kershaw knives free from stains from different kitchen ingredients.

AUS-6M stainless blade: Some blades of the brand are made of this material, allowing them to retain sharp edges and become corrosion-resistant.

1.4116 stainless blade: Many Kershaw knives use stainless steel. Because of this, any machine can easily work the blades, but they will still have the durability to handle complex kitchen tasks. The 1.4116 stainless steel blade enables Kershaw knife edges to remain sharp and free from corrosion.

  • High-carbon stainless blade

Many knives under this brand use high-carbon stainless steel, particularly the high-carbon SUS420J2 stainless steel blade and Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless blade. If you have knives that use this kind of material, you have the best kitchen knife set because your knives will not lose their sharpness quickly. Also, you have knives that are unbreakable.

All these materials are beneficial to the life span and functionality of Kershaw knives. The differences between carbon steel and stainless steel are almost minimal; both of them make excellent knives. If you need more details, when purchasing knives, you can check the blade material used and weigh which one is best for your kitchen tasks.


The handles of these knives are as high-quality as the blades. Kershaw uses different materials to ensure ergonomics and comfort in performing kitchen-related tasks.

Polypropylene handles: Many things about polypropylene make it a perfect handle material. The primary benefit it brings to Kershaw knives is its chemical resistance. In the kitchen, you use different ingredients with varied chemical compositions. You do not need to worry about your knife handle wearing out from these ingredients because of polypropylene.

Antibacterial chemical for knife handle: This feature is unique to Kershaw knife handles. Many of their knives have handles that have antibacterial chemical properties, ensuring clean food cutting, mincing, and slicing.

Nylon handles: Nylon has numerous benefits in manufacturing. When used to make knife handles, nylon produces durable and easy-to-grip handles due to less friction on the hands.

K-Texture rubber on handle: For improved grip, K-Texture rubber is the material used in some knife models. You do not have to worry about your knife slipping when preparing slimy and wet ingredients.

Kershaw Knife Set Variants

Kershaw offers several knife set variants, so you can choose from the different models depending on your style. There are colorful knife sets, classic ones, and more.

Most of the knife sets are the fruit of Kershaw’s partnerships with custom knife makers and Kai.

Kershaw Luna


Luna knives have a unique side blade texture because knife makers hammered them in their finishing stage. You can buy the Luna paring, utility, santoku, citrus, and chef's knives separately. They also come in sets.

Luna knife sets

  1. Four-piece steak knife in a set
  2. Six-piece knife set including a chef’s knife; utility, paring, citrus, and honing knives; and a sharpening knife
  3. Three-piece knife set including utility, paring, and chef’s knives

Kershaw Pure Komachi 2


You’ll love Kershaw Pure Komachi 2’s design if you want to have a colorful set. All the rainbow shades are included in their knife sets, although you can also buy them separately.

Pure Komachi 2 sets

  1. Nine-piece knife set including colorful utility, paring, santoku, bread, specialty, citrus, and chef’s knives
  2. Four-piece serrated steak knife

Kershaw Emerson


The Kershaw–Emerson collaboration gave birth to many stunning and high-quality tactical knives. No wonder the collaboration also produced kitchen knives with the same style and class the tactical knives exude.

The knives have classic silver blades and black handles. When covered with black sheath, the aesthetics is impeccable. The actual blade performance is even better.

Kershaw Emerson Knife sets:

  1. Three-piece knife including a paring knife, serrated bread knife, and chef’s knife

Kershaw Wasabi


The Wasabi design is known for its single- and double-bevel knives, which are useful in precise cutting.

Kershaw Wasabi kitchen knife sets

  1. Five-piece knife set including utility, paring, and chef’s knives and sharpening and honing tools
  2. Eight-piece block set including seven kitchen tools—utility, paring, nakiri, specialty, and chef’s knives; shears; and sharpening and honing tool

Kershaw Kai Pro


As the name itself suggests, the Kershaw Kai Pro is useful for kitchen tasks that need professional cutting. Its durability enables you to use the knives as long as there are ingredients to cut.

Kershaw Kai Pro knife sets

  1. Three-piece knife set including utility, paring, and chef’s knives
  2. Seven-piece set with separate sheaths and a knife roll for the utility, paring, chef, bread, boning, filleting, and specialty knives, as well as a kitchen knife sharpener and honer
  3. Six-piece steak knife with bamboo knife storage

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all these details about Kershaw knives, you are ready to go shopping and choose which knife set fits your kitchen cutting, mincing, and slicing tasks. Almost all the knives are sharp, durable, and capable of handling all your needs, so the design has to be the tiebreaker. You can choose from colorful knives, classic silver blades with black handles, or knives that have artfully hammered blades.

Whichever your choice is, ensure that the knife sets will serve your needs.

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