The Best of JCPenney Kitchen Knives on Amazon: Cuisinart 15-Piece Classic White Forged Triple-Rivet Knife Set

March 25, 2022

The kitchen and knife are inseparable: you need high-quality knives to be the master of the kitchen. 

Let us look at one of the top-rated knife block sets you can buy in JCPenney and Amazon: the Cuisinart kitchen knife set. It is a must-have if you're an aspiring cook, and it contains every possible knife to make a dish that fills the stomach and pleases the eyes.

Keep reading to know our thoughts on the set!

JCPenney Cuisinart Knife Set: A Cooking Essential

A sharp knife is a chef's best friend. Thus, investing in a premium knife is a wise decision if you're a serious home cook. 

If you’re searching for a high-quality knife set, Cuisinart’s 15-piece Classic Forged Triple-Rivet knife set is a great option to consider.

Cuisinart Triple White Cutlery Block Set

Kitchen Knife Set Inclusions

Cuisinart’s 15-piece knife set contains a chef's knife and other essential kitchen knives and cutlery. Every set comes with a wooden block where you can store and organize your knives. In addition, each knife has a sleek and modern design, enhancing the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

  • 8-inch chef knife
  • 8-inch slicing knife
  • 7-inch santoku knife 
  • 5.5-inch serrated knife 
  • 2.75-inch bird-beak paring knife
  • 3.5-inch paring knife
  • 4.5-inch steak knife, 6 pieces 
  • Kitchen knife sharpener 
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Wooden block

Blade Material 

The blades used on the kitchen knives are high-carbon German steel. German steel blades are usually stainless steel mixed with chromium to make the knives exceptionally resistant to rust and corrosion. 

In addition, German steel knives are significantly harder than other materials, so you won’t have to worry about dents and chipping. They can also slice through tougher meats and bones with no problem. 


Some kitchen knives are difficult to use because of their design and build. For example, they may be too thin to allow a firm hold or too slippery to use in wet environments. 

Cuisinart designed this kitchen knife set with the user’s safety in mind. Each knife has an extra-wide bolster so that you can safely hold it with more control and stability. In addition, the knives feature a full-tang blade secured with stainless steel rivets to ensure that the blade stays in place, preventing any accidents. 


You can get this Cuisinart kitchen knife set in other variations if you don't like the white set. An all-black matte set is available, as well as a stainless steel set. 

You can also customize the blades you want to include in the set. You can opt for them to be serrated, fine, or plain. 

Downsides to Consider Before You Buy

Before investing in these cooking knives, let’s look at some of the downsides you may encounter. 

German Blade 

The German blade is exceptionally hard, scoring 56–60 on the Rockwell hardness scale. But because of the chromium mixed in the blade, you'll have to sharpen your knives more often. 

If you want a knife that can retain its edge longer, Japanese-made knives are your best option. Japanese forged steel doesn't need much sharpening; however, you still need to regularly sharpen your kitchen knives so that you can use them for a longer time. 

Not Dishwasher-Safe

Take note that these kitchen knives are not dishwasher-safe. Putting them in the dishwasher causes the blades to stain and accelerates rusting.

Many customers mistakenly toss their knives in the dishwasher and later find the blades ruined. Unfortunately, if you accidentally put them in the dishwasher, the warranty is automatically void, so you won't get a replacement blade. 

Knife Handle 

Although stainless bolsters secure the full-tang blade, the handle material is lightweight and feels like cheap plastic. Some users report that the handles tend to crack or split open after a few months of use. In addition, they claim that the triple-white version looks very different from the product image. They found scuff marks on the knife as if they had been used.  

If you're looking for higher-end knives, check out other JCPenney kitchen knives.  

Final Thoughts 

Premium-quality knives are a must-have for any cook. However, different kitchen tasks require different knives; cooks also have varying preferences on steel material, handle, weight, and other factors. Fortunately, the Cuisinart kitchen knife set can cater to many kitchen needs.

We hope this review has narrowed your list in your search for the best kitchen knife set. If you want to learn more about kitchen knives, check out our other reviews and buying guides. 

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