Be Inspired To Slice and Dice With Florentine Kitchen Knives Kedma Gyuto

September 13, 2021

To some people, and perhaps yourself, cooking is more than just an everyday task; it is a burning passion fueled by a love for food, flavors, and the sheer delight in people's faces when they take a bite of your delicious meal. This must be how chefs view their job. Indeed, it isn't easy to cook, slicing, dicing, and cooking meals all day, but that passion can be enough to keep you going.

You deserve a knife that is durable, usable, and can keep up with your hard work and dedication. We have a recommendation that fits these characteristics and more—the Florentine Kitchen Knives’ Kedma Gyuto. Let’s check it out!

Our Recommendation: Florentine Kitchen Knives Kedma Gyuto

In a sea of chef’s knives with excellent blades made with high-quality materials and handles that are a comfort to grip, we recommend the Florentine Kitchen Knives’ Kedma Gyuto because of its design, blade, handle, and sheath—it’s quite the all-rounder.


The Kedma Gyuto is a Florentine chef knife that is above the wide range of chef’s knife choices in terms of quality and design.

Knife artisans forge the blades by hand, making each Kedma Gyuto the only piece of its kind in the world. That said, they still follow a single inspiration, which is Tel Aviv, Israel, and the Middle Eastern patterns. These are featured on the blade, knife handle, and sheath.

Tel Aviv, Israel, is where Florentine Kitchen Knives founder Tomer Botner grew up before moving to Barcelona, Spain. The founder has vowed to always keep a piece of his heritage alive through each and every blade his company makes.


The Kedma Gyuto is a 9-inch all-around knife you can use in place of the chef's knife. The high-carbon stainless steel blades make it robust and capable of cutting and slicing tough ingredients like meat and portioning fruits and vegetables into desired measurements. In addition, the blade's edge curves upward to the blade tip, which allows you to rock the knife for faster mincing of herbs.

On top of the efficiency in food preparation, this knife is also comfortable to handle because of its sleek 2-inch width blade and 170-gram weight—it is fairly lighter than any other chef’s knife, which can weigh up to 255 grams.


Most handles you see from different chef’s knives are made of plastic, rubber, titanium, aluminum, or steel, but the Kedma Gyuto handle is made of hardwood. Although there are other cooking knives from different brands with wooden handles, this knife’s handle still stands out because of the wooden discs with varying shades of brown that artisans stack by hand one by one.

The handle mimics a Tel Aviv Middle Eastern vibe with its disc patterns and colors, a beautiful result of traditional knife forging techniques. Other designs of Florentine Kitchen Knives feature different colors of blue, red, green, and white. You can have your gyuto customized with these exquisite designs.


The Kedma Gyuto also comes with a wooden sheath that matches the brown shades of the handle. When covering the blade, the knife emanates a natural, earthy vibe that is pleasing to the eyes. If you have a couple of knives in a cabinet, it would be easy to spot the Kedma Gyuto because of its unique design and color.

Aside from its beauty, the blades are also kept inside the wooden sheath as a safety precaution. Ensure to dry the blade to avoid corrosion before putting it inside the sheath, as it doesn’t have holes to allow the blade to dry—a minor disadvantage that is easily overshadowed by its excellent qualities.

Why Kedma Gyuto Should Be Your Top Choice

There is a colorful story behind each blade.

Open your knife drawer, and you’ll notice all knives are the same, but if you want something that is unique and rich in history, the Kedma Gyuto is a solid choice. As you use it, you’ll be reminded of the process it took for that knife to come about; that it was forged, sharpened, and handcrafted by artisans. Also, you’ll have a piece of Tel Aviv in your hand.

It can be customized based on your preferences.

The off-the-shelf Kedma gyuto has a simplistic, natural design, but if you want to go all colors with the handle and the sheath, you can always choose to customize. Florentine Kitchen Knives customization is available on their website. With a few clicks, you can choose from a selection of blade, handle, and sheath designs and send an order.

Florentine Kitchen Knives is a trusted brand.

Last but not least, the Kedma Gyuto is made by a brand trusted by chefs of different Michelin Star restaurants and even Gordon Ramsay! With this social proof, you can skip reading the review, and rest assured that you have one of the best kitchen knives there is!

In Closing: Florentine Kitchen Knives’ Kedma Gyuto is a Keeper

If you want to buy a chef knife, Florentine Kitchen Knives’ Kedma Gyuto is a must-have tool. With each slice, you know that knife artisans perform their tasks as passionately as you do in another part of the world.

Food preparation and cooking can be a form of art. So, continue honing your skills while enriching your passion with a knife that is also an art form in itself—one that keeps you inspired in slicing, dicing, and simply enjoying your love for food.

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