IKEA Kitchen Knives Review: The Affordable 365 8-Inch Chef Knife

February 10, 2022

IKEA is a go-to place for do-it-yourselfers and mail order enthusiasts.

What made IKEA so popular is that they deliver low-cost but high-value products, particularly furniture. But can that hold the same with their kitchen tools?

IKEA intends to turn our doubts around with their 365+ series—a range of IKEA kitchen knives and tools that offers low price but high quality, just like the furniture they sell.

IKEA Chef Knife Chopping Board

In Focus: The 8-inch IKEA Chef Knife

This 8-inch chef knife is part of the 365+ series of IKEA kitchen knives. We're focusing on the chef knife because this is what most people would buy if they're looking to stock up on some kitchen essentials. Let's check out the salient points of this low-key, modernist chef knife.

Point Profile

The drop point style of this IKEA knife is designed for many functions in the kitchen, such as chopping, mincing, and dicing vegetables and food ingredients. The pointed profile is broad, making it ideal for puncturing large and soft food items, such as a watermelon.

Grind Profile

The full flat grind is a common profile for any chef knife, and this IKEA meat knife is no different. This type of grind is straight, with a very little bevel on the edge. It optimizes the knife for clean, straight chops and slices. Allowing you to slice a piece of meat perfectly.


The aesthetic value of the IKEA knife is simplistic. The polished silver knife has only a black IKEA logo on the blade's face, and the dark lines on the handle give it a sophisticated yet modern feel.


One-piece design

A knife designed with just one stainless steel material forming the blade and a handle is resource-efficient. What's great about the design is there's less maintenance involved. You don't have to make sure the handles are well-oiled, and you don't have to worry about the handle cracking or breaking. And like a full tang knife, the one-piece design is strong.

Slip-resistant handle

IKEA placed line gaps on the handle for a more sturdy, slip-proof grip. This can be exposed to slippery substances like water or oil, and you would still grip this without it flying off your palms.

Thick handles

The handles of the IKEA stainless steel chef knife have just the right thickness. As a result, anyone can comfortably handle it. No matter the size of your hand, the IKEA handle will suit your grip.

Strong steel

The entire knife is made of X50CrMoV15—German steel with 56 HRC on the Rockwell hardness scale. It contains 0.5% carbon and 15% chromium, making this material heavy on corrosion resistance and edge retention.


  • The knife design is minimalist and straightforward. The one-piece IKEA kitchen knife design just looks amazing and feels comfortable to handle. It also keeps the weight light due to it having only one material.
  • It is very sharp. We ran it through a paper test and tomato test, and it slices through without much effort. There's no need for you to exert effort on pushing the handle downwards because the weight and the sharpness of the knife will help you out.
  • It is durable. Any one-piece cutting tool is very sturdy. It is less likely to break in half because it's almost like a full tang knife with fewer materials encumbering it.


  • The handle striations can become a dirt trap for small food particles. A combination of dust and liquid could form dirt inside these lines, and it may have to be cleaned often to retain its good condition.
IKEA Chef Knife Kitchen

Affordability Meets Quality

IKEA has proven itself when it comes to delivering affordability and quality in the products they offer. That all applies to their chef knife.

Priced at just $20.00, this knife is something you can easily take off the shelf and put money down. You ought to, because, at that price range, IKEA gives you more than any run-off-the-mill chef knife in the same price range. It's durable, it's stylish, and it's very sharp. If you're not buying this for yourself, give this as a gift to anyone you care about. It's a quality present that wouldn't hurt your pocket.

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